Guild Wars Necromancer mainstream adding points

I rank 36 Guild Wars 2 Gold, the main play Necromancer, recently used this build, I feel very good, there are symptoms of the outbreak, there are AOE, controlled, highly mobile, basic per game is the highest scoring team.

Why choose deputies horn it? New versions expand the scope of the horn 5, this skill has too many features: the first provides mobility, 25 seconds cd, 13 sec Turbo, who said Necro short legs? Second, once per second injury is not very high, but there are extra crit, with the sigil of earth crit bloodshed and burning of dps upgrade is quite clear; there is a 1% per second is also very life force good; cheap GW2 Gold most important is crippled once per second on bleeding symptoms of burning and other key provides protection against melee restrictions also good, with a large baby’s crippled, maimed relaxed on the whole to the opponent. Horn 4 new versions also has a skill critical buff: Cannot block, so the addition of a NEC block therapy can be interrupted guard skills.

Why does double coat of arms? New version signet of spite strengthened a lot, minus cd also strengthened symptoms injury, passive 180power also very good; plague signet, turn symptoms skill in the new version of the form of strong symptoms more important, Takeout instantaneous break stun, dead This spiritual nirvana.

Why do double Servant? First, insects and large babies are the two highest dps minion, with trait in 30% of the minion damage, big baby about 900 +, 1100 + worm looks. Because there is a lag of NEC injury symptoms, so often encountered when 1v1 himself lying on the ground, the opponent has been symptom consumes dead, two servants basically make sure you win each downed fight. In addition, these two servants of the action Buy GW2 Gold skills are also quite useful in many insect Teleport can jump high on the map, such as forest of Nefhel midpoint of the highlands. Big baby’s assault generally used as the upper hand, one second knockdown pick horn three seconds daze, followed by fear, ideally would control the opponent seven seconds or more.

As a Necromancer player, I feel the new version of the Necronomicon very strong, but I think it is very healthy NEC strong game mechanics, NEC such a job should be designed to teams carry, because of the limited capacity of NEC life insurance, fire was set to be very escape life. As long as there is a group fight broke career eyeing neck. Even seconds cannot afford, but also interferes with the NEC’s output. A lot of people complain about NEC OP. Symptoms hurt OP, because they put in a high-output unbridled NEC. To make an accurate analogy, played dota friends should Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold know. Team battles faire excellent output Ranger carry such consequences. A society cannot be designed as a necromancer neither the output was not any life insurance career, the last version of the symptoms Necro is really not as good as in all aspects of engineering symptoms. There is a sense that is contagious.

To sum up, I hope the new version of NEC’s rise will make more players to understand and develop Necro this career.

Time Magazine rated Top Ten Games Guild Wars 2 becomes the unique

Recently, the U.S. “Time” magazine voted the best game of the year 2012, in which “Guild Wars 2” beat all other PC games, obtained the title of Best PC Game of the Year, “Guild Wars 2” is also the only one of the best games list top ten of network games.
The author who discusses and elects the article said, “Guild Wars 2″ dynamic events system is done very exciting, it is deserved to win the title: ” all events occured in real time, which is also given to “Guild Wars 2″ a real-world feeling, the gameplay is throughout the game world, it is very fascinated, which also makes other online games can’t reach.”

Guard Wars 2In addition, another 9 games in the list (according to ranking) includes “XENOBLADE”, “XCOM: Enemy Unknown”, “Shame”, “Assassin’s Creed”, “Papo & Yo”, “The Last Story” “little Big Planet”,  “Halo 4”, and “Torchlight 2”.
The following are the reviews of “Time” for “Guild Wars 2”:
“Guild Wars 2” is few in number of the game that may be beyond your expectations, but can break you calm life, like a meteor hit the satellite. You can call it a pinball machine of network games (“Guild Wars 2” renewed to promote the development of the online games), no matter what you do. “Guild Wars 2” allows you to keep the fun every minute. You can join the snow battle, start to look for eggs as predators, hide-and-seek with guns and  protect their homes under the attack of ice insect, save the village under the claws of the bears, and destruct the portal of Chitauri family in “Avengers”. As Bono said, regardless of your living, these dynamic events and more games are played in real-time, which make this “Guild Wars 2” like a real world, and its ubiquitous playable that you also cannot experience in other online games.

Guild Wars 2 Eight Ranger team to beat monster suspending as goldsmith

Eight Ranger

Recently, there are players in “Guild Wars 2” have found a strange phenomenon, 8 rangers dressed in the same clothing, together with the same pet teamed to beat monsters, when they attack monsters, the skills they used are also the same, game media Gamespy that reported this event outspoken pointed out that this could be another masterpiece that goldsmith studio did.
These Ranger are not only the same race and armor, but also use the bear as a pet, the most important is that their IDs are similar Kfhfghgb, Jgfhftgf,, Lhvcnbvb these meaningless letters, after the players carefully observed, the routes that they beat monsters are also basic fixed, in addition, Gamespy also pointed out that the reason they are the same armor, is because they use the most fundamental and most ordinary armor to maximize the reduction of the cost of repairs. When they were struck down by monster, often there will be naive players to pull them up, or even if they also suspect these Ranger, but saving people can gain experience, why not do it?
Although a client of “Guild Wars 2” needs to be paid $60, if do so, it is very likely to be suspended account, but the fact is, they can purchase the discount client through the online store, and they do not seem to worry about being suspended the account, because they really are not suspended account, Gamespy pointed out that many of them have been in level 40, and what are ArenaNet doing? Perhaps they feel that they have not enough evidence to prove that these people are goldsmith.

Massive new content Guild Wars 2 released Halloween promotional video

November 1th of each year is the our tradition of “Spirit Festival” – Halloween. The major game companies all see this holiday as a good opportunity to attract players, holding the various forms of interesting activities in the game before November 1. Arenanet game studio is no exception, in the eve of Halloween this year, they prepare the activities called “Mad King Shadow” for the players of “Guild Wars”.

Halloween wallpaper
Here, the mad king, in “Guild Wars 2”, is a tyranny king ruled a country. 500 years ago, the tyrant was killed by his people. At that time, the people in this country, under the rule of the mad king, suffered a great deal of pain. It is said that the people were in order to let off the accumulation of anger over the years to decompose the body of the king. The king’s soul was banished to the underground hades. However, a specific day of the year, his soul will return to earth, and that is Halloween.

Halloween wallpaper
The celebration of “Mad King Shadow” of the “Guild Wars 2” continues from October 22 to November 5. In the first four days of October 22, 26, 28 and 31, 2009, will bring additional surprise for the players.  Arenanet released a promotional video of Halloween activities for the majority of players, and Halloween-related games the original painting and wallpaper.

Guild Wars 2 cancels account verification locks IP to ensure safety

Guild Wars 2

Security the topic has been the major event that the “Guild Wars 2 (reserve)” needs to face, in order to be able to let the players play in a safe game, they introduced double verification system when the game began to test, one of which is require players who use IOS, Android or WP system equipment to be account verification before into the game, it also becomes more tedious steps when the players are in the process of verification.
According to insiders released, ArenaNet that is the producers of the “Guild Wars 2” game plans to remove the additional code when players enter into game through the authentication system of the mobile equipment in the near future, this also means that the players will no longer input the trival digital later when log in the game.
Meanwhile, ArenaNet said they will lock players IP address, in order to be able to make the game more safety, which can exempt from identity verification when land in game.
Are you still worried about the “Guild Wars” account safety? If you read this article, you may not have that anxiety.

The Guild Wars 2 announced new content PVP league need paying

Even if the “Guild Wars 2” PVE content have greatly improved, but the PVP is still the core content of the game, a lot of players play this game is because of its unique PVP system. Recently the game designer Jonathan Sharp released an article about the PvP in the official website, for players explained some PvP content newly adding the game in the future.

Guild Wars 2
At present, the players can match in organized automatic league. In free league, players can be random team to compete for good drop reward, and random team is good for players to find playmates. In the league, there are eight teams to race, but only the top four can get the rewards treasure box, honor and level rankings. Soon, players will be able to participate in automatic league that is paid. The admission tickets that enter into the pay league can be found in precious box is free league reward, also can be bought in stone shop or gotten when the players have new PvP rankings, as a reward. Each team participates in pay league will obtain the rewards, but, fours team that show well will get better reward.
What is the better way than improving skills in the rent custom arena? Players can hire custom arena with password protection, mixed operations and setting custom map rotation. Sharp says, with pay league and custom arena on-line, players will focus on other places that makes the “Guild Wars 2” PvP become better.

Introduce Guild wars 2 legend level weapons can only get through production syste

The “Guild Wars 2 (Reserve)” is as an action online game, equipment is not everything, but who don’t want to get good equipments? The game has been listed to be operation for more than a month, and a lot of players have also been full level, began to collect all kinds of equipment, recently ArenaNet particularly introduced the legend level weapons that players are very concerned about.

Guild wars 2
The legend level weapons can only obtain through the production, so it is impossible to get them only through continuous beating copy, if want to make equipments, shall know that required materials, this is the key point, because players themselves need to try to find out the formulation and preparing materials, which is accord with the core thought of game to encourage players to explore, certainly, you can find another player’s research results and strategy in all kinds of BBS.
Produce the legend of level weapon, first need to get exotic level of lead weapons (of course your corresponding production skills need to meet the requirements), then need gift which they can get in many areas of the Tyria mainland, different gifts can make different weapons, the last is to be ready for all kinds of ores, wood, trophy and karma points.