COD Black Ops 2 also has been revealed the same with Halo 4


According to the latest news, the game mirror of the Xbox 360 version of “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” has been revealed to the Internet, which, it is following Microsoft “Halo 4”, recently again release event of heavyweight game work.
This time, the original revealed mirror is first uploaded to piracy web site by a user named “BAD2 BoN3”, the users said that the mirror image can be operated perfectly in host machine after tested, wand need to point out specially, this “BAD2 BoN3” user is the same “Halo 4” leak.
Affected by this, it is predicted that the detailed stratage of the game, and even the final outcome would have appeared in the next few days. This will undermine the gaming experience of the players who are willing to buy genuine games to a certain extent.
At present, Trayarch studio and Activision have begun to find the reason for the game mirrored leaked, and as far as possible to reduce the losses caused by the spill, after all, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” for game developers and publishers, are the most important one of the game works this year.
According to previous news, “Call of Duty: Black Ops” will be officially landed PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms in November 13th, 2012.

Whole analytic the armor skills in the "Halo 4" game

After the "Halo: Reach", "Halo 4" will again offer an amazing multiplayer experience, I believe the "Halo 4" won’t let you disappointed.

Halo 4
After add into the new armor ability, the tactics bag, support upgrading and the armor custom function even including new cooperative game model–Spartan mission, the "Halo 4" will allow you to experience the best multiplayer experience on Xbox 360 platform.
Promote bag
The official calls this "M805X" push package mobile accelerated system in aim to assist the user to get the higher speed in the battle, quickly shorten the distance between the target and them and escape from danger in seconds.
Strong light shield
This "Z-90" strong light shield originally involved by the pioneers, after opening, will reject a large of photons that can form a strong shield but need consume energy; it can effectively cut off into the bullets that are shot up to the wearer, it can protect the whole body of Spartan after opening.
Prometheus optical system
Prometheus optical system is another technology that is designed by the pioneers, it can help users better distinguish the enemy position; at the same time also can faintly appear enemy who wears the optical camouflage. This short range optical system can be effective distinguish the enemy’s figure, at the same time also can detect enemy that hides in the back of the bunkers.

optical system
Holographic bait
This type of "T-27" holographic bait sometimes is referred to as the "holographic bait", it can imitate the wearer’s appearance to set up a holographic reproductions, let the enemy not know what to do, but also give the chance to wearer to launch the attacks.