Rift the United States new version is on-line


“Storm Corps” is the latest expansion of the “Rift (microbiology) “, and it was finally formally online today.
To celebrate the arrival of this moment, game maker Trion Worlds released the brand new video of this game, in order to celebrate the “Storm Corps” formally launched.
It is understood that the game update will make the role of the level cap to 60 this time, will add a lot of new content with sneak element into the game.
In addition, the game producer Scott said in an interview, the “Storm Corps” is a dynamic game content, and its huge content will make players feel incredibly, so they thank the players for the support of the game here.
It is a good news, players who very like this game can play well, I am looking forward to the game can be online in other servers

Rift expansion new original painting show of horror monster

Magic theme online games “Rift” the next large piece of information “Storm Corps” will be formally launched on November 13, recently game official Trion Worlds released a few concept original paintings on the official blog to show the monster that will appear in this piece of information.

As shown in the picture, the characters that are recruited in the universe by the evil lords Cruci in the expansion of “Storm Corps” are element followers. The names of the monsters in the four pictures are: Shade Giant, Animator Cahail, Empyrean Arbalest, Architect.
In this piece of information will be added into two blocks of the New World, respectively are: Dusken (one piece of mainland enveloped by an atmosphere of terror), Brevane (the birthland of Telaran civilization). Besides, the new expansion will also be added in a new main city. In addition, the player’s character level cap will reach to level 60, and  players will also join the brand new apartment system.
When you read these, are you looking forward to it? I think it is worth you playing.

Rift the first test releases the core gameplay – part two

The soul talent system
In addition, the soul talent system also is a core feature play of “Rift”. The system can provide players for thousands of different combination of talent allocation. In the personality reflected an aspect of professional roles it is more different. But the other side of its richness represents the complexity of their play. It is critical that how to do well players early guidance.

beat monster
During the first test, the “Rift” will start the Hall of Fame, this is a players plan throughout the entire life cycle of the game, players who have influent in the game will be included in the Hall of Fame, and become part of the history of the game. The first players of the Hall of Fame will be produced in the first test, including the first to enter the server, the first to kill a monster, the first to complete all of novice tasks and other different achievement.
In the aspect of download of the client, the first test of “Rift”, in the meantime, provides about 6.5G the full version of client and 100M micro client, its aim is lowering the threshold of the players download the game, so that players enter into the game to experience faster. The game company said, in the future, the game will launch a mobile terminal, through phone APP, anytime and anywhere to get the information of friends and the Association and involve in the game to get the game resources.
It is learned that since the “Rift” in U.S. server online, it maintained more frequent update speed, and almost every month there will be a small piece of information updated version, keeping version updates progress, in fact, is very important for ongoing experience and retention of users in the game.

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Rift the first test releases the core gameplay

Today, the United States 3D fantasy online game “Rift” that is developed by Trion Worlds that took five years to research and development, opens the first beta at 19:00. This test uses the latest 1.9 version client of the U.S. server, the highest level will be up to level 30, in addition, players can explore the area, play copy, etc, but the senior Map and senior copy are relatively difficult for players.

rift system
The most important feature of the “Rift” is a dynamic world, in the game provides the rift system, the world incursions events, etc. From its setting point of view, wild rift invasive is different from routine PVE and PVP. Field interaction of the players will be strengthened to a certain extent. Players during the game, at any time will encounter huge cracks appearing in the sky, and this rift will bring six enemies from different planes. These enemies will make a huge impact in the original environment of the game, if not to control them, places where players often kill the monster will be attacked daily, even occupy of all the task villages where players are in. Thus each time when players are on-line games, is likely to face a different game enviroment. The game environment itself is changing, need the players to respond and adjust timely.

The Rift the Storm Warriors new expansion pack will be issued

The “Rift” will welcome its first expansion pack on the November 13th, the “Storm Warriors”, today the official published the latest promotional video of the expansion.
In the “Storm Warriors”, Telara mainland area will increase 3 times, and add two pieces of continents – Dusken and Brevane. With the bigger world, the content of the games will also correspondingly increase, especially the monster in the game, some of the monster volume will become abnormal huge, the players will experience it in the game in future.

RiftIn this expansion the player’s upper level will increase 10 levels, and then join four new talent (each career is added a new one), and, certainly do some small changes, such as balance and adjust professional skill. Another important new content is building system, developers have not yet revealed housing system details, but if the system can combine with production system will greatly enhance the system depth and gameplay.
The “Rift” is developed by the TrionWorlds company and it took five years in developing it, the total investment amount reaches $50 million. At the same time, during the testing, more than 1 million players participate in this game. The game mainly described the Lala world faces the collapse fate due to four party forces fought, in order to the hope that make the legendary kingdom to resurrect, players will try to bring peace to the world, so as to become a legendary hero.

Buy the “Rift” the expansion will free get the originated content

Trion Worlds are preparing for the next large expansion pack “Storm Legion” of “Rift”, in order to the benefit of players, new players buy the client of the new expansion will free get all content of the previous versions of the “Rife” game.

the new expansion pack
The “Storm Legion” expansion pack that players buy will include all game content of the original version of the “Rift”, and players can only spend money on buying the expansion pack but can get all this, this also can say it  is a kind of strategy that this company attracts new players to the game.
In addition, Trion Worlds also prepared some favorable activity for the old players–buying the new expansion will get discount. So, the old players cost only part of the money, can experience the new game content, the higher character level, better handicrafts manufacturing content, and new talent.

the new expansion pack
It’s good news for the players who like playing this game. I believe in the future, the number of the players playing the “Rift” will be more and more.

Detail news of “Rift” soul tree makes you play happily

In addition to the Champion, Paragon, Riftblade, the soul tree of “Rift” has another five kinds of soul.
Beastmaster is good at animals called; the summoned strange animals will assist the Beastmaster to against the enemy, greatly increased combat advantage. At the same time, Beastmaster and his partner can share each other’s ability to strengthen their own through links to support team members.
The characteristic of Paladin is strong barriers-shield in its hands; it defends their teammates from the enemy’s powerful attack. In addition to their own strong ability of the defense, the Paladin is also good at using various counterattack skills, and improves his side teammate’s defense force through the blessing of god.
War lord belongs to supporting soul, is good at using various powerful roars skills, can inspire and strengthen damage of his teammates, and weaken the enemy morale, which let us in the dominant party.
Void Knight can absorb the enemy’s magic attacks and thereby counterattack, also can invalid the weakening magic that the enemy releases on his teammates, even will reflected back weaken effect to their enemy. Void Knight also has the ability to collect magic to attack the enemy actively.
The characteristic of Reaver is doing all kinds of combination attacks with the melee power and death energy. For example give death energy on the weapons, which can make the enemy weaken and lose the ability to resist. Reaver is good at using one-handed weapons and shields, can continue to weaken the enemy and make the attack invalid until it exhausted.
Super high free collocation; cater to all kinds of combat demand
Choose fighter professional players, in the game can choose three collocations from eight different soul talent; players can consider choosing high powerful Champion and the faster Paragon, which can become the high output damage soul combination; or choose Beastmaster and strong defensive ability Paladin with your own summoned animal, become the strongest combination.
In a word, you can accord to you own will create a personality and characteristics warrior.