StarCraft MMO finally succeeded in raising

I believe there are a lot of players hope “StarCraft: Universe” this online game will be final online. Upheaval Arts game studio had planned, before September 10 the game can reach $80,000 fund-raising goal of game development, and on the final day, they can do.

It also means that, with this $ 80,000 financial support, players have the opportunity to finally be able to get started playing the game. To be honest, from fund-raising project is closed in less than 24 hours of the time, the game still remains less than 1000 U.S. dollars did not arrive, and this had a lot to pinched the cold sweat. However, in the final sprint time, by virtue of the efforts of the majority of players, finally reached a $80,000 goal.

Well, in this online game made of module, what does it contain exactly? It is understood, then the player will see eight game content career, players will see the vehicle, custom character models, different levels of difficulty of the Boss encounters, game strategy database, a comprehensive narrative story line by the voice, crafts game content and so on.

In addition, upheaval Arts Game Studios also said that when the initial beta. All content will be free for players to use, and the future production team has launched a subsequent update will consider the appropriate fee.

Blizzard confirms Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm BETA testing is beginning

Today, Blizzard Company formally published official statement in the North America battlenet, they confirmed to open the “Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm” the BETA testing. In the statement, blizzard clearly said that players will be able to randomly broadcast live Jacob’s ladder, screenshot and game interpretation, etc.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the SwarmThe following is the official statement of blizzard North America battlenet:
“Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm” Beta testing is beginning! The Beta test will be only for part of the professional players, ashes players, winners of the competition in game hall, and explicate and open multiplayer fighting test. The opening Beta testing is not bound by confidentiality agreement, so get Beta testing qualification, you can be free to lively broadcast Jacob’s ladder, screenshots, or interpret of “Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm”, etc, please act on now!
Then we will invite other players to take part in the Beta testing, but please first make sure you fill in “application of Beta” in your battlenet account. Apply for battlenet account and add “Starcraft 2” game will help you have the qualification that is selected to join in the swarm of heart Beta testing. But we can’t ensure that all the applicants can have Beta testing qualification.
At the same time we also open Beta testing qualifications to parts of fans sites and community, please continue to pay attention to “Starcraft 2” community.
For those people who have entered the Beta testing, we thank you very much for you help us test the “Heart of the Swarm”. If you are interest in joining our Beta testing, we wish you good luck and hope to meet with you as soon as possible in the game!
Note: battlenet customer service does not provide you with Beta testing; please don’t ask for help to customer service to the problem of the “Heart of the Swarm” Beta testing qualification, thank you!