Good news – The Secret World can be free to play three days

The Sevret WorldAlthough the “Secret World” gets about 200000 of the sales volume after putting on sale, and also has a relatively stable players group, this result is still far less than the expected of producers, Funcom stock is also falling.
Under the situation, Funcom also begins to adopt some ways to attract more players, recently they declared all new user can enter the game and free experience game three days, in this three days if players finish 30 task can be free to play another two days and obtain 1200 game mall currency, these mall currency was worth about $10. In addition, if the players can cross the first copy in the free time, can obtain a unique ring, this ring will provide additional experience addition for the players.
The CEO in Funcom before still said in recent an interview they are considering making game transformation to free, perhaps it is a start that the activity free playing three day they released.

The Secret World–the dark forest scene is introduced

"The Secret World" will be on sale in early July and operated, Funcom game company is doing a lot of news propaganda. In a blog of this company has just released, game production personnel introduced the task area called "dark forest".

The Secret World
In this village "Harbaburesti" that are defiled by vampire, and behind a lot of farmland around the village, there is a foggy and very mysterious forest. The forest is dark and deep, once was the birthplace of the magic story. It is said that it’s the place where the Iele sings to lure man, the old witch Padurii lures children, and eats them a feast; here at the same time it’s the place where god blesses, and Mosul tells the magic story.
The forest was the forgotten biological shelter, a safe harbor that was trusted and respected by people. Here was the home where the ordinary person and the mages peaceful coexistence, mutual understanding, and live together.
But when the vampire broke the old armistice agreement, rushed out in the dark of night, all the myths and peace are all broken.
And now, that fairy story becomes the horror story, those native people in the forest either become the mob, or run away from their homes.
A vampire slayer organization called "Draculesti" also came here, and what the players need to do is into this piece of wasteland and carrying out mission after the vampire army arrival.
When you read this, are you moved? "The Secret world" will be released on July 3th; the players who participate in presale today can get into the game to experience.

"The Secret World" will be opened on June 29th

Today "The Secret World" will be listed; the game did a lot of the news propaganda in the Internet. First was the game of the creative director Ragnar Tornquist accepted the media interviews. He talked about the current Settings of the game, and the adjustment before them finally opening the game.
The game website Gamespot released a new propaganda video would last six minutes, in which shows a few big scene of the game, including the Savage Coast, Transylvania, and Egypt.
In addition, Funcom also updated some really important news about the game releasing time in the official BBS. First of all, those players who purchase the game can officially land game servers at noon on June 29th in the eastern time of United States. However, the players who purchase the game much earlier can also "much earlier " land into server than other players, as well as those who buy "Grand Master" game package.
Finally, Funcom decided to reduce the monthly fees of the game in order to enable it to be the same with "the unification price standards of European", the price is 11.49 Euros (include VAT).

The Secret World
It’s a good news, isn’t it? Let us be looking forward to its opening.