Are you curious about the ending of 10 classic games – part two

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2
At the end of the first game, we know that the Reapers are still a threat. But this is not considered to tantalize, is it right? In the “Mass Effect 2”, in that suicide journey, Normandy members were in order to destroy the Reapers to make great sacrifices. Regardless of whether you received the Mirage people’s praise, the final outcome is a team of Reapers walking toward to the direction of the Milky Way, whether you are very curious about how the last step of this game trilogy will be to splice this outcome?

Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2
“Modern Warfare 2” still is about the war between Russia’s extreme nationalists and the Western world. Especially the group 141 once again is required to deal with the most dangerous tasks. Lance Corporal Joseph Allen undercover operation was found to be a result of the tensions between the two countries. The task of this period is more dangerous.
Captain Price, as an ex-convict, has become the principal leaders of this battle. Under his help, avoid several crises in Washington, DC. Soap captain went to Makarov, but found their commander. General Shepherd had betrayed them.
In the last scene, Soap captain pulled out a knife inserted in the chest straightly threw into Sheffield eyes. The game ending is finding a safe place to cure Soap. So if we want to know the ending, we should be prepared to buy “Modern Warfare 3”.

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Famous game payment platform was attacked by hacker

According to media reported, our online game payment platform PlaySpan was just attacked from the hacker, and these network games that have business with this platform have been affected in different degree because of this. It is reported, in some online games with the uncertainty name, players online account, encryption password, and E-mail all have been stolen.

After detection the situation of hackers attack, PlaySpan locked all users account, and closed the PlaySpan Marketplace platform. In addition, when the company began to thoroughly investigate the hacker attacks, at the same time, the company also requires users to change the account password.
A spokesman of PlaySpan Company said: “for the intrusion events of hacker, leading to the anger and inconvenience of our customers, we express our sincere apologies. We are very clear, PlaySpan platform business depends on the trust of the majority of customers, and the security of the platform is the major event that we need to consider. At present, we are trying our best to strengthen the overall security of PlaySpan platform.”
Happen on that thing, I want to say these hackers are abhorrent, at same time we need to more think of our net safety and improve it.

Silkroad online – to level 60 is so easy

Recently I’m playing game silkroad online,I have to say it is not easy to power level 60. now I will share with you some of my experience.

Tips 1:
Well… If there is someone find that I have to go to practice because it’s too far …  I found… ( I just want to tell those who don’t know , so pls dont laught at me  ) In fact, you just point you to the location of the sky … Yeah… Is the sky … Once he will have to run the range can not always mad point road … Then to turn the direction word, can directly use the keyboard arrow keys to turn! But don’t press the up key, otherwise he will stop.

Tips 2:
Bow with your major weapons on the shortcut keys. I was the first for playing much blame, blame to you, is the time when the arrows shot Change , people would go there” taxi” monster with attack … And on the slide will follow on after a hair bows to attack … That is to say … When you get to the strange knock on the head on … Add a former hair bows, you can through my screenshots to see before I attack very detailed magic back there after a small arrow with the past. But the less an archery but slide spike … Very cool oh!! But if it is a knife or stiletto can shield, it is not recommended to use the knife sword The same to a relatively high level is not very suitable, shortcut keys are placed here, there and put the weapon switching. This method is generally applicable to the following 20, leveling crazy, and the operation is flexible wisdom

Tips 3: I don’t know if anyone has already found … That is to buy plural consumption goods.. only Ctrl + left key can directly purchase the maximum ….and  sell something is Ctrl + left keys… Can sell directly to stores to pull over.

Tips 4:
When you buy some items consume ,because every time the number of inputs and trouble? Introduce a new method for you, oh good, you can try, the method is very simple. You go to the pharmacy to buy the first bundle of blue, and then you press the enter What will you find?
In your inventory and a bundle of blue, the number is the same Oh, again to try.

PS: of course that will be relatively less money  in your inventory . Ha-ha Three and four tips for more convenient, mainly to see the various that you will  like how to operate in game .

Tips 5:
I believe many people would die to wait for rescue when they are in a terrible situation, after the discovery of windows no one see problems? Finally had no choice but to choose to start, the results are out of the game, no team. In fact, as long as the left his head icon, will jump out of the state selection. This can be avoided to the problem of landing, to find people team!!
This is what I have summed up during my playing, if you have some other tips,you can also contact me, so that we can share with the next step. By the way,here to share a website which was said more wonderful.

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