Return to the 2003 Blizzard WOW information station decade ago – part3

Early Warlock only had human and orc two major optional races, main skills were sacrifice, the confrontation magic (evil demon spell, not the counter) and summons demons. Warlock positioning has not changed much, at essence, changes in later are just the strength of the adjustment, and increase or decrease of skills.
Early Druid optional races are the Night Elves and Tauren, this situation has continued to cataclysm. Druid was to be positioned as a mixed vocational skill from the beginning, mainly skills were transfiguration, healing and moonfire. They represent the wild, restoration and balance respectively. This design idea has also been extended to today.
Up to the early, fighters have kinds of optional races were human, dwarves, night elves, orcs and tauren (no souls). While the position more inclined to tank human shields, the two skills – Shield Slam and defensive posture more emphasis on defense. Whirlwind is output skills, has been retained for the soldiers until now.
The early mage only had an alliance of humans and dwarves. Dwarf mage is later removed, and is replaced by the souls. The earliest mage has indeed legendary stealth skills, but when the thieves came, they stole the Master’s masterstroke, the icon of the Ice Barrier earliest belonged to the Ice Barrier. In addition, the fireball is the master output skills from the initial.

Return to the 2003 Blizzard WOW information station decade ago – part2

six racesSix races
In the first “World of Warcraft”, only six players can be optional races. Union had human, night Elf and dwarf; the tribe and orcs, tauren and souls.
The models and textures of the various ethnic have little distinction with later, but still retain many traces of “Warcraft III” style.
The shape of the human (especially the ratio of hair and upper and the lower body) may make today’s players stunned.
night elvesNight elves
The first night elves were taller and slender than now, and even a bit weak. But we did not find any sex shadow of the shape of the female night elf before.
Dwarf Uncle modeling has no big changes in the later, but the dwarves aunt has large changes, waist becomes a slender, and also has kindly expression.
We can find particularly significant “Warcraft II” shadow from orcs, it is extremely stupid and brutish, there is no trace of “humanity” in the whole body from top to bottom. Later Orc retains masculine characteristics, but add into a little “wisdom” element. People can feel that they are also the feelings of the race.
In six races, the only change is the Tauren, from the very beginning to the present, this model has never had a change. And to some extent, can think Tauren is a one-time design of the most successful race.
Early souls, the height is even shorter than now, even more than short, and the proportion of the various parts is disorder, but the basic cast action is moulded. From this chart, we can see the hero: Shadowfang Keep had some strange monster in the original design. These translucent creatures never appeared in later versions.
Six career
In early “World of Warcraft” only had six professions, hunter, warlock, druid, warrior, mage, and shaman. Talent system at this time has not even designed.
The optional race of early hunters had night elves, dwarves, orcs and tauren. Main skills are pet-related. The three core skills are divided into: beast track, and appease the beast and tame beast. From here, we can be considered in the subsequent three-line talent. Beastmaster lasted the hunters early design ideas.

Return to the 2003 Blizzard WOW information station decade ago

“World of Warcraft” so far has been around for eight years, but in fact, WOW can be traced back to 10 years ago the first time.
Early in 2003, Blizzard had produced a “World of Warcraft” Official information station. From this early version of the site, we can find many differences about this online game, world-renowned in the subsequent eight years at the initial design stage.
“World of Warcraft” in 2003, only six races and six careers, major monster only had 13 kinds, in which many professional positioning and skill set were also greatly different from today. The pattern and area of all the continents of the world of Azeroth are different from now.
early mapAzeroth World Map
Early Azeroth World Map
There are still wide differences between initial Azeroth and later closed beta stage of 45 levels. Although the earliest Azeroth was divided into two continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms in accordance with the records of the novel the same with later, every continent actually was divided into three regions. Kalimdor was divided Into Northern Kalimdor, middle Kalimdor and South Carolina Slim; Eastern Kingdoms were divided into Lordaeron, Khaz Modan and Azeroth. Concept of Kalimdor island over three blocks was later faded until it disappeared, but the eastern part of the King’s geography has been remained now. However, more intuitive point of difference is the shape of two mainland has a very large difference with later.
early map1The officially released Azeroth map
Contrast with two pictures, you can clearly see the difference. Kalimdor north-south span is shorter. Two peninsulas of the Azshara also are yet to be extended; The Strait between Lordaeron and Khaz Modan is also wider and Storm Bay area is greater than later.
They are not only the different shapes, also the number of areas is initially set is also very little. In addition to the six main cities, there were only six opening areas: Duskwood, Stranglethorn, Westfall, Ashenvale, Feralas, Stonetalon Mountains Felwood. If refer the left scene shot carefully, it can be found in large or small differences from later in many regional in art design.

Beat or not beat Warcraft 5.1 courage points can be used for promoting device

World of Warcraft

Players who are familiar with the “World of Warcraft” all know the courage point, point of justice, honor points, conquer points and other kinds of point can be used to exchange equipment or other items in the game, so beat points is the daily task that a lot of players do after the full level, in U.S. server testing, the upcoming 5.1 patch has a new purpose – to make these points to upgrade equipment levels.
According to reports, the players can spend 750 courage or conquer points to improve four grades of equipment level, they can be upgraded to 2 times, besides, you can spend 1500 justice points or honor points to increase equipment level by eight grades, the approximate rule is courage points and justice points can upgrade PvE equipment, honor points and conquest points are used to enhance the PvP equipment, now I do not see what the equipment can not be upgraded, but each piece of equipment most can be upgraded by eight level.
This may be good news for players, who have no team or do not have time to play, raid or even “black face”, they can make up for the shortage of these equipment level through these points, they can especially some of the copy of the hero level and random raid lowest equipment and other requirements. But there are also players think that it is excuse clearly of Blizzard allowing players to constantly beat monster, and continuing to do daily task, we have previously reported that 5.1 will open a new faction and new daily task, if the function that using the points to upgrade equipment level really came to a formal service, will you beat it or not?

World of Warcraft appears BUG players will be punished if enter into the copy in advance

Recently, it claimed that the “World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandanria” appeared BUG, players can advance into the two copies of the “fear of the heart” and “Yongchun Station” that have yet been opened, and there is society already getting through random team mode, obtaining 483 equipment. According to the announcement on battlenet microblogging, at present, the related vulnerability has been repaired, and the official will punish the action of destroying the game balance.

World of Warcraft
After this week maintenance, three BOSS random team mode will be unlocked after team copy “Magic Mountain treasure”, according to the unlock progress official released, the “fear of the heart “and” Yongchun Station” will be unlock in early November. But players find that under the team copy “Magic Mountain treasure”, choose to send out copy and then go to entrance of the “fear of the heart “and” Yongchun Station”, you can go directly to the two copies that have not yet opened.
It is exposed many guilds have gotten through random team mode, and members got 483 equipment. This led to discussion of a lot of friends.
Today, battlenet published announcement on microblogging: We found that some players in advance entered into the copy of the “fear of the heart” and “Yongchun station” by using BUG. Because the two copies are not yet opened, affecting the balance of the game. We had fixed this problem and made a comprehensive survey in the situation of the use of the BUG into the copy. For any breaking game balance behavior, we will be dealt severely, punitive measures, including not limited to recover all the violated items, froze accounts, etc, for players these punishments are considered as more severe penalties.
Dear players, do you support sternly dealt with players who enter into the two copies in advance?

Mists of Pandanria – conquer points limit

Recently, we see some players have doubt about the getting mode of the upper limit of conquering points. Getting methods of conquering points limit are divided into three categories:
* Rating battlefield – rating battlefield default conquers points cap is 1650, which can be improved the limit with the increase of rating battlefield integral, by joining rating battlefield to do higher challenge to make limit raised.
* arena – arena default conquers points cap for 1350, which is ascended with the increase of the arena integral.
* Random warfield – random battlefield default conquer points limit is according to the above two upper limit. It will match according to the lower limit of the above two conquer points. For example: if a player does not play rating battlefield, but through a high score arena team makes his weekly conquer points cap raised to 2000, then his random battlefield conquer points cap will be up to 1650 because of his rating battlefield conquers points cap.
Be aware that this is not a recent change. The ceiling system has existed in the 4.2 patch of “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm”. The recent online correction has revised the higher limit between  the two of random battlefield conquer points.

2012 World of Warcraft 5.0 Halloween achievements – Headless Horseman combat

5.0 Halloween Headless Horseman combat!
During the Halloween, in addition to funny candy and Shape-change, the headless horseman will also appear, riding his ghost horses come in the secluded green of wildfire. Incidentally please open the sound of the big game, iconic laughing of the Headless Horseman will make you impressive! And use headless knight’s helmet more can sound the laughter the same with headless horseman!

Headless Horseman
The lair of the Headless Horseman is in the Scarlet Monastery, you can go to Scarlet Monastery tomb area, to find the altar of the Headless Horseman, to summon it. Remember, he only appears on Halloween, miss this festival, you have to wait until next year!
In the Halloween, in the depths of the tomb area of the Scarlet Monastery there will be appear a special Headless Horseman shrine in the form of a huge pumpkin head. Through the interaction with shrine, players can summon it from the back of the soil.
1, you who must be over level 89 can play the copy of the Headless Horseman.
2, in pumpkin head of copy can summon up the Headless Horseman.
3, the way of beating the Headless Horseman is still the same as in previous years, DPS Headless Horseman ontology, after head separation with body, it’s easy to kill it.
4, after defeating the Headless Horseman, his soul will be released, and will drop a 470 item. In the reward baggage of querier of copy can burst out a broom flying mount, you can start to play Harry Potter. Enjoy Halloween gifts now!
Note: Players do not need to run into a copy, just use random team to fight with festivals Boss. Boss only drops the ring, the rest of the article only are from the daily reward bag.

World of Warcraft patch 5.1 will be released courage point can upgrade equipment

Blizzard has revealed recently, the "World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandania" will have the first major content updates.
The patch 5.1 the update brings will develop story, add new task and factions, the introduction of the underground battle of capital city, and also improve the pet combat system, and allow players with courage points to upgrade equipment.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandania
Blizzard said the update marks will have more content in future.
5.1 version content exposure before
Pandaria and conquer war
Although members of the alliance and horde has been busy in exploring Pandaria mainland, Garr Rouc and Varian have been gathered the forces, prepare for endless disputes in the lost continent. Players who did task in the pandaria mainland will see both sides of the army enemy at this strange mainland, which let both sides conflict again fierce. New daily task area and prestige will be opened to riskers involved in the dispute.
Fighters’underworld gang
The increasingly popular underground fighting field in Stormwind and auge RuiMa will provide strong fighters the challenge to the most powerful of the most dangerous creatures of the opportunity in "world of warcraft". The first rule of fight is you can’t talk about fight, the second……
Improvement of pet combat
It got some UI and other aspects of improvement in pet combat system, including ascension the method you capture the quality of pet.
Upgrade items
You will be able to use the courage points to upgrade equipments you have. Continue to do task
Black prince Raggio is very interested in the conflict of the south coast of Pandaria. He will certainly provide for players with new mission, as a part method of getting legendary equipment.

Mists of Pandaria first week sales of 2.7 million sets 10 million subscribers

Since September 25th, the global first massively multiplayer online role-playing game the latest expansion–”World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria” has been online one after another around the world. Today, blizzard entertainment announced that has millions of players joined the battle of Pandaria mainland. In the first week of the expansion online, the expansion has sold about two millions and seven hundred thousand sets. And the “World of Warcraft” global paying subscribers have arrived 10 million.

Mists of Pandaria
“In “Mists of Pandaria”, we joined a lot of new content and new characteristic function in the game, in addition, we also set out to develop the core values of “World of Warcraft” – the game discovery and the fun of the game itself,” blizzard entertainment co-founder and chief executive officer Mike Morhaime said:” we tried our best to develop this expansion, see the result, and hear countless positive feedback from the player, we feel exulting.”
“World of Warcraft” development team is trying their best to set out to make the first important content patch after the “Mists of Pandaria” online. More details about the content patch, including its latest characteristic function and online time, will be announced in the next few weeks.
In the “world of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria”, the horde and alliance warships fought again in the lingshore of a piece of lost continent, which marks opening a new era in the Azeroth exploration and conquest. As players rushing on this piece of mainland coast full of exotic scenery and began to explore its secret, they will meet the brave new allies, uncover the ancient mystery, and trigger simmering conflict and combat between tribe and alliance in the mysterious battlefield far from hometown.

Mists of Pandaria will be listed next week

Mists of PandariaBlizzard has announced recently that the latest expansion of “World of Warcraft” “Mists of Pandaria” will be synchronization listed on September 24 in the world.
At that time the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Britain, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and China Taiwan in these regions will be held the grand celebration starting, development team members will also put down their work, go to various regions to sign sale in the scene.
In Britain, starting activities will be held in “Paris coffee” in London Coventry Street at 8:00 PM on September 24th of the British daylight saving time. At the appointed time, will have stage show to add the fun, and also have mysterious special guest and a large number of rich gifts.
The price of the game standard version retail CD is 29.99 pounds, exclusive collection version price is 59.99 pounds. In addition to game CD, the latter will also include the interview DVD and blu-ray double disc, game music CD, 208 pages of official setting books, flying mounts and pet baby, and theme mouse mat.
It is good news, and we can imagine that the scene will be grand, so players who love playing “World Warcraft” can go to the sale site at that day to see. Let’s be looking forward to!