Zombie war Pay props system exposure to denial-of-money players

Zombie war

Recently, Hammerpoint was exposure to the media “zombie war” paid props system.
First of all, in the game will not sell high-powered weapons and props. Money players can lose hope. Secondly, in the game, most of the props are on sale need to use the in-game virtual currency to buy, and virtual currency can’t be bought with real world money, players must search and earn in the game. When you start the game, you cannot buy anything.
In addition, in the game also has a “gold coin”. Players can get it in the game and can also buy them. The props that players use all the gold to buy are clothing, image and so on, in addition to can enhance the visual effects, so you cannot get any advantage. There are some rare props found in the game world, and never will appear on store shelves.
The sale of props in the game, includes the type of ammunition, food, drinks, bandages, tools, clothing, appearance, and medicines. According to demo staff revealed, the greater number of bullets and bandages, the more you will obtain huge advantage.

Ten classic zombie games in history Resident Evil is leading

The Walking Dead
“The Walking Dead”
The game is the most innovative, is been on sale according to “season”.
“The Walking Dead” no longer put Rick Grimes for leading role, followed the “reunited with family” task route, the game story will follow an escaped prisoner – Lee Everett under the guardianship of police helplessly encounter zombies. Everett’s partner is a seven-year-old girl Clementine, according to the Telltale revealed that the small girl will play the role similar to Everett moral guide people in the journey.
It is different from Rick Grimes who fought his way in the original work, the leading role will do the exact opposite, killed all the way, so in some places or critical moment, they should meet the role of TV series such as Lilly and Glenn.

Day - Z
The “Day – Z”
This is not a new independent game, is just a homemade MOD of the “Armed Assault 2”, but this MOD caused a storm once released on the Internet.
The background of “Day – Z” is the main island of black Russian in the “Armed Assault 2” the original version. This is a 225 square kilometers of the coastal region, from the mountain, the field to the urban and rural areas, in the game all have, basically equivalent to a miniature east Europe country. The weather is random variation, and will affect the player’s action. Around the world, however, the virus and plague lead to most human becoming into zombies, players will play survivors, what they need to do is to survive in Russia.

Ten classic zombie games in history Resident Evil is leading – part four

Dead Rising

The “Dead Rising”
Cutting grass game in zombie world, the “Dead Rising” is shown.
Zombies and shopping mall, the two things are combined together perfectly. Parts of the open scene in game more improve the game of the realism. Although the subsequent works also brings a lot of new and interesting elements, only the “Dead Rising 1” can be called on the works advance whole era. Many of the secret and classic zombie stories together are created the grand terrorist game.

Dead Island
The “Dead Island”
The game first attracted the eyes of players is depended on its trailer. The trailer of “Dead Island” was shot very aestheticism and grieved, which has attracted the eyes of many players, although at last the game is not so good in players’imagination.
The game takes place in a tropical paradise isolated island of Papua New Guinea, the player will play the one of them who will have on holiday here. Due to the global plague and abuse of genetic, lead to the people in island becoming into zombies, players in the game must be as far as possible to escape the zombie chase, and try every possible method to survive. In addition, the player will also slowly explore the secrets of the island with development of the plot.

Ten classic zombie games in history Resident Evil is leading – part three

Biohazard Code Veronica

The “Biohazard Code Veronica”
It is not orthodox sequel but better to than orthodox sequel.
This game was once regarded as the most excellent one in the “Resident Evil” series, whether picture or the story is nearly perfect, is really good work.
In the game, players will act the familiar two leading role Claire and Chris, and will be struggling to survive in an overseas island. The story describes Clare is in order to search for missing brother Chris, when Claire went into Paris institute of Umbrella company to survey but was arrested and sent to the island. At same time, when Claire tried to escape from island, the island suddenly happened on variation. Due to the mysterious organization taking biological weapons into the island, the facilities in island almost completely destroyed and trapped in the great confusion. In addition, in this game, Westcott who was mystery in life and death will appear in the game.
The “Plants Vs Zombies”
You don’t misread, leisure game can also enter this list. And, if you put it as simple leisure game, it would be a mistake.
Terrible zombie will invade into your home, and your only defense way is your planting plants. Armed your 49 species of plants, and switched their different functions, such as cherry bomb or tough cannibalism flowers, which will be more rapidly and effectively blocking zombie during the invasion of the road. Different enemy and different playing constitute five different game modes, and the sunset, heavy fog and swimming pool and other obstacles that increase its challenging difficulty, so the game fun is endless.
Game totally has five kinds of mode, including adventure mode, little game mode, puzzle mode, survival mode and garden mode, as many as 50 adventure mode scenarios, from day to night, from the roof to the swimming pool, scene is variety. The game has 26 kinds of different zombie enemy, including zombie driver driving car, the game is more challenging. 49 kinds of powerful plants different from each other, and can collect coins to buy pet snail and other optional items.

Ten classic zombie games in history Resident Evil is leading – part two

The “Left 4 Dead 2”
As the sequels, it released after the original published a year, Valve did not do anything in other ways, but still keeps high level of gameplay.
It feels more comfortable that playing terrorist survival games with friends together. Valve is also aware of this problem, and has brought us the “Left 4 Dead 2”. Fun and simple game mechanisms, and numerous exciting game scenes, give people a kind of brand-new feeling. And very perfect AI, it’s enjoyable.

Dead SpaceThe “Dead Space 2”
Strictly speaking, although the monster in the game is not “zombie”, but it is a perfect survival kind of terrorist game from the game theme, atmosphere and other aspects.
The selling point of game is mainly science fiction and horror. The leading role of previous game Isaac Clark again shows in the sequel. In this game, he uses plasma cutting machine and other more new weapons, new items, tries to fight his way and escapes from the necromorph this group of terrorist monster. In addition, the new game appeared new role assisting Isaac. In this game, not only new adds more and more terror necromorph, also have more tortuous, and more abundant story plot, and new DLC waiting for players.

Ten classic zombie games in history Resident Evil is leading

These games should be real high-quality goods in zombie works, the “Resident Evil”, ” Left 4 Dead”, “GRave Defense”, “Dead Space” and so on, they all became classic of generation in such works.
Here’s the ten best zombie theme games in the history, remember that you must protect yourself when play them!
“Resident Evil 2”

Resident Evil 2It is so-called peak work of “Resident Evil” series, is also a kind of survival terrorist game quality.
On September 29, 1998, new police officer Leon went to work in police station of Raccoon city. But, after entrance to the city, he encountered the zombies that have been infected the T virus. At the same time, S.T.A.R.S. player Chris sister Claire, in order to find the lost brother also came to the Raccoon city, and also met zombies, therefore, two people erroneously met.
After the meeting, the two people planned to go to Raccoon city police station together, but on the journey suffered a car accident, two people were separated by the fire disaster that was caused by oil tank truck explosion. Two people on both sides of the flame promised: they respectively found the way to the police station, and then meet there, then, the double story line began…
“House of the Dead: Overkill”
Mechanical dialogue and voice always make some terrorist themes second-rate movie failure, but “House of the Dead: Overkill” fortunately has not such the fate.
The scene in the game is closed, and game content is endless gunfight, quality is also slightly out of date and seems to be deliberately close to classic type of zombies games. But the whole mechanism still is more attractive, and easy to be remembered.

Exposure the “State of Decay” will land on PC platform – part two

Driving like GTA
The vehicle in game are divided into more than 10 big kinds, from muscle car, pickup truck to compact car, every kind has many different color and different types of vehicles. Driving the vehicle is rather similar with GTA, first of all different models have different operation feeling, and the voice of the engine also is different (the voice will attract the attention of the zombies), under the support of CryEngine3, physical effects of automobile driving and impact tend to true: such as a sports car has fast speed, but it is very easy to damage in full of obstacles and debris way, and a 70s pickup car although can’t make you to experience as quick as flash feeling, it can easily roll a group of zombies.

State of Decay
The world has been changed, you need to make a decision, and your decision will affect the world in turn
Your behavior and choice will influence of the world, and then will produce different content, and in addition quantity of zombie keeps increasing will also cause greater threat to the world. You need to decide where to establish shelter and with who, you need to establish relationships with other players, and find materials with teams, and even set up a supply line. You and your teammates also need decide to look for what materials and supplies according to the actual situation of shelter. You need more decide to whether kill them before large group of zombies attacking your shelter, or strengthen the defense of shelter to be against their attack.
Home system
When say shelter, we have to mention home system. This system not only provides the players with more interesting content, but also promotes the establishment of players’ community and collective; after all, you are a person and cannot survive. The official only show an early version of the home construction video, although they do not explain the system how to work, we can probably see players can need to choose what facilities and where to build according to the circumstance, besides players can plant vegetables, repair wall, etc.
When the “State of Decay” just released, developers adhere to the game will only release in the host machine platform, but now official website has clearly published the game will also be landed on PC, to compete with “The Wars Z”.

Exposure the “State of Decay” will land on PC platform

The online games the zombies is theme will compete in the next year, “State of Decay” that is produced with CryEngine3 engine by the Undead Labs studio will be landed Xbox360 and PC the two platforms, and “The War Z” will be landed PC later in this year. Today we come to see its competitor “State of Decay”.

State of DecayIt is not important that how the disaster to start, the important thing is how you will survive.
“State of Decay” is third person action game of the open world, this cruel world has no law and does not have the rule, it is same with “The War Z”, the goal is not to kill one thousand of zombies or beat other 100 players, but is survival, food, water, shelter, ammunition and others are necessary of sustaining life.
This is action game, shooting is only part
The big difference from the first person “The War Z” is that you may not destroy zombies with guns. In the game world arms and ammunition quantity you can found is very limited, so making personnel developed a set of action system, including jumping out of windows, jump on roof, etc., can also use a variety of melee combat weapons such as stick and baseball bat to combat.
As for how to fight, developers give the option to players, you can drive small trucks to roll gadabout zombies on the road, you can go into the local police station to know zombies and take various powerful weapons, and you can also sneak into the grocery store to take away all kinds of food and supplies without battle. The world is a sand board, so you can fight and survive in your own way.