Game market sales ranking in 2012 in United States

Call of Duty Black Ops 2According to NPD’s latest data, the host of Microsoft Xbox 360 shipments reached 1.4 million units last month of 2012 in U.S. At the end of the generation cycle, this host still showed high vitality.
No doubt, the Xbox 360 is Americans favorite game host, in the past 24 months, either Sony or Nintendo cannot shake its status. In fact, the money Americans spend on the Xbox hardware, update, and games totally have reached $ 1.27 billion. Such a huge figure is really amazing.
Microsoft is very proud of that sales of 1.4 million units are twice as much as the host machine ranked second. Sony is sad. “We hope that 2013 is a year of the Xbox 360. We will continue to expand the infinite possibilities of the product on this platform.”
In the aspect of hardware, Nintendo Wii U is 460,000 units of December sales, the total sales volume is up to 890,000 units in the United States. 3DS sales reached 1.25 million units in December. The total sales volume has exceeded 7.7 million units.
In software, Activision and his “Call of Duty 9” are the biggest winner, just it was listed in November, but not surprisingly won the sales champion of the 2012 year.
NPD counted TOP10 game sales in December, 2012,  in the United States:
1, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”
2, “Just Dance”
3, “Halo 4”
4 “Assassin’s Creed”
5, “Madden NFL 13”
6, “Far Cry 3”
7, “NBA 2K13”
8, Spyro: Giants
9, “New Super Mario Brothers 2”
10, “FIFA 13”
NPD counted TOP10 game sales in 2012 in the United States :
1, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”
2, “Madden NFL 13”
3, “Halo 4”
4 “Assassin’s Creed”
5, “Just Dance”
6, “NBA 2K13”
7, “Borderlands 2”
8, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”
9, “Lego Batman 2”
10, “FIFA 13”

Gstar2012 Blade and Soul won four awards of the Korean games

2012 Korea Game Awards held award ceremony last night, the new online game “Blade and Soul” that is developed by NCsoft has become the biggest winner this year, won the highest honor Award the Presidential Award, and the game sound, screen, and role the four major awards.

Blade and Soul
“Blade and Soul” has been developed for more than six years, was held open beta in Korea in June of this year, soon had the result of 150000 people online at the same time??, and then seize the first list of Korean Internet cafes games, the camp of the game in the third quarter of this year in South Korea revenue reached 32.7 billions KER.
Next to the the President’s Award is the best game award that is gotten by the WeMade’s combination of cute female angle style mobile game “Viking Island”. In the aspect of Excellence Award, Ndoors’s new game “the Three Kingdoms” is produced by the producer of the “king of the world” is the online game winners; mobile phone game winner is “AniPang”; large machine and table games project “scissors , stone, cloth action “; the single game project is “DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE”.
In technical writing awards, in addition to the project winners screenplay planning to “the Three Kingdoms”, the game sound, game screen and roles the for three other awards are obtained by the “Blade and Soul” award.
Popularity Award, the award-winning online game is “Heroes Union”, single project is “Diablo 3”, the phone game compared to AniPang “.

What the worst electronic games in the first half 2012–part two

Sixth: "Steel Battallion: Heavy Armor"
Rating: 3.0
The Comment: it is a nightmare in every aspect
Spitslot: this game supports four people online; do you want to share the pain to your friends?
Fifth: "Ninja Ryuukenden 3"
Rating: 3.0
The Comment: it is the worst action game in game history, which also makes many Fans disappointed, also makes new players no want to play.
Spitslot: are you new here?
Fourth: "NeverDead"
Rating: 3.0
The Comment: it’s boring, and makes people pain, and disappointing. Conclusion: don’t buy.
Spitslot: a shooting game has that effort that makes others laugh to suffocate.
Third: "the Orion: Hunting dinosaur"
Rating: 2.0
The Comment: it is no meaning to buy this waste game
Spitslot: hello, I’ve just come from 1999 and bring this game.
The second: "the Gettysburg: Reshipment Conflict"
Rating: 2.0
The Comment: the issue of game is an insult for consumers
Spitslot: take the steak as example, the game is just the raw meat just cutting off from cattle with the blood and grim hair!
The first: "Amy"
Rating: 2.0
The Comment: you can’t even endure more seconds
Spitslot: every time you fall off the handle, can have the same idea: how the producers created the game?

What the worst electronic games in the first half 2012–part one

Now is in the midsummer, whether you are on holiday at home or work feel pain because of this hot summer? Recently, the famous Europe and America game media IGN elected 2012 the worst 10 electronic games until now according to the edit and player score, with their wonderful "spitslot", do you want to see their "spitslot" skills? Let me see:
The tenth: "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City"
Rating: 4.0
The comment: it’s very boring
Spitslot: it has great difference between collateral relatives and illegitimate child, and unfortunately the game is the latter.
The ninth: "A song of ice and fire: a game of Thrones"
Rating: 4.0
The comment: the simple picture, poor interactive and endless BUG
Spitslot: if you believe me, you most only need 30 minutes to play the game that the developers want you to play 30 hours
The eighth: "the Blood Furnace"
Rating: 4.0
The comment: the operation is trivial, the action is heavy, and you don’t know what the game wants to express
Spitslot: the game lens is always in the correct position the same with the broken neck.
The seventh: the "Ridge Racing VITA"
Rating: 3.0
The comment: it’s completely no content, more like a demo version.
Spitslot: I play an hour and then seek for the other content in game menu, and the firmly believe the makers design a hostile entrance.