What games are popular for use for reference – part three

6 “Gunstar Heroes”
Learn from the game: “Contra”

Gunstar Heroes and Contra
Not to say that the “Contra” is the ancestor of the horizontal version of the pass game, the latter games are all imitation works, but this Sega “Gunstar Heroes” is too similar.
This is the first work of the treasure, is also one of their best works. As a classical action games, Gunstar Heroes has almost all the charming elements. It perfectly combines the CONTRA hot shooting and the HD version of passing of fighting action together. In addition, two very cute heroes, enemies like animation performances and magnificent SEVEN FORCE, are all the success key of this work. “Gunstar Heroes” once made me addiction, after that no game can reach this environment.
7 “World of Warcraft”
Learn from the game: “Everquest”

World of Warcraft and Everquest
Before “Everquest”, there is no game has such a huge MMORPG fantasy game world. How the Blizzard is to derive of inspiration from it?
“Everquest” offers players a variety of options, allowing the player to understand them what to do in that universe, and make friends, familiar story. Depicted in Azeroth, Blizzard tries to make all players easy to accept, supplemented by single-player missions, multiplayer co-main. WOW picture and characters EQ did not dare to imagine.
8 “war machine”
Learn from the game: “A Time to Kill”

war machine and A Time to Kill
The “war machine” can be said to set off a frenzy of bunker actual game, but it is actually not the first.
In 2003, a “easily forgotten” military theme shooting game “A Time to Kill” is the ancestor. Compared to other shooting games with hitting and running, this time players hide behind the blindage, shooting with awkward movement.
Epic Games find his screen advantage and the game mechanics to greatly attract widespread attention, and also do the game more fascinating, are full of playability and explosive.