Neverwinter online Basic knowledge

PA: Power Attack, damage neverwinter money to hit the attack mode

IPA: Improve Power Attack, more powerful than the PA, but more is not easy to hit.

SA: Sneak Attack, some monster this immunity.

Kama: Single sickle, monks allied weapons will not be canceled when empty-handed various advantages.

Santa: Katana, no more talk about it.

Unreal: Someone asked me what is this stuff. FEAT, spike special.

Spell failure spell failure: because armor wearer caused while casting a certain probability of failure, neverwinter AD heavy CPI highest, followed by the armor. Prevent the full armor of Master appears.

Exemption: can be understood as some kind of attack on your own ability to resist, or that the value of your own advantage. Using method throws whenever the situation needs to be done, the number of dice adds your own exemption, if higher than the DC (test), which is a difficult, you will be successful against attack or effect. If less, then you’re on the move.

Tenacity: a very strong warrior body, his tenacity exemption will be high, need to confront some of the physical circumstances, such as illness, poisoning, can easily be resolved out.

Will: the thin body of the Master, his will be likely to exceed the soldiers, some of the people against the spirit and will of an impact on the situation, such despair, such as confusion, etc. it is not easily affected.

Reflection: Agile people can get out of the trap emitted Sting, an enemy with arrows, or even lie down and jumping neverwinter Astral Diamonds to escape the magic damage.

Guild Wars 2 Eight Ranger team to beat monster suspending as goldsmith

Eight Ranger

Recently, there are players in “Guild Wars 2” have found a strange phenomenon, 8 rangers dressed in the same clothing, together with the same pet teamed to beat monsters, when they attack monsters, the skills they used are also the same, game media Gamespy that reported this event outspoken pointed out that this could be another masterpiece that goldsmith studio did.
These Ranger are not only the same race and armor, but also use the bear as a pet, the most important is that their IDs are similar Kfhfghgb, Jgfhftgf,, Lhvcnbvb these meaningless letters, after the players carefully observed, the routes that they beat monsters are also basic fixed, in addition, Gamespy also pointed out that the reason they are the same armor, is because they use the most fundamental and most ordinary armor to maximize the reduction of the cost of repairs. When they were struck down by monster, often there will be naive players to pull them up, or even if they also suspect these Ranger, but saving people can gain experience, why not do it?
Although a client of “Guild Wars 2” needs to be paid $60, if do so, it is very likely to be suspended account, but the fact is, they can purchase the discount client through the online store, and they do not seem to worry about being suspended the account, because they really are not suspended account, Gamespy pointed out that many of them have been in level 40, and what are ArenaNet doing? Perhaps they feel that they have not enough evidence to prove that these people are goldsmith.

The “PlanetSide 2” three career orientation as well as advantages and disadvantages analysis – part two

PlanetSide 2

Light stormtroopers
Jet propeller is the unique equipment of light stormtroopers, and can be upgraded to strengthen performance and playability. In zeughaus of light stormtroopers also has flash ray and smoke mine, and, C – 4 is also the equipment that light stormtroopers often used, imagine that after install well C – 4 jet propeller, use it to leave quickly, as through the dedication of the god of death of the federal express sent.
Light stormtroopers armor and firepower is common, but has good maneuverability, this also is default professional after novice join the game (when didn’t create role) and players who like flying a plane should also consider this profession, just think, your plane was about to crash, press the E key to leave vehicle and then use jet propeller to safe land on ground, it is good idea, isn’t it (and you machine other professional can only, tears streaming down her face with a ground plane.
Advantage: jet propeller brings great flexibility, excellent middle-distance combat ability, and can use C – 4 to blow up the key facilities of enemy.
Disadvantages: armor is a bit weak, is apt to cause the tragedy if operate mistake when fly in the sky with propeller.
Combat medic
Obviously treatment is the primary responsibility of the combat medic, they can use such as treatment grenade even and resurrection grenades through upgrading unlock skills, maybe in the future there will be treatment station and treatment of shield and other skills, an interesting skill of combat medic is to use virus daub agent to treat of his teammates and at the same time erode the enemy.
Combat medic wears medium armor and can carry assault rifle or shotgun to make contribution for the team, notice that they don’t use the light machine gun but assault rifle, which makes them range and power are stronger than light stormtroopers.
Advantage: therapy, fire powerful assault rifle, and medium armor provide good protection.
Disadvantages: it is easy to be beat and easy to become the goal of sniper when treat.