Neverwinter online Basic knowledge

PA: Power Attack, damage neverwinter money to hit the attack mode

IPA: Improve Power Attack, more powerful than the PA, but more is not easy to hit.

SA: Sneak Attack, some monster this immunity.

Kama: Single sickle, monks allied weapons will not be canceled when empty-handed various advantages.

Santa: Katana, no more talk about it.

Unreal: Someone asked me what is this stuff. FEAT, spike special.

Spell failure spell failure: because armor wearer caused while casting a certain probability of failure, neverwinter AD heavy CPI highest, followed by the armor. Prevent the full armor of Master appears.

Exemption: can be understood as some kind of attack on your own ability to resist, or that the value of your own advantage. Using method throws whenever the situation needs to be done, the number of dice adds your own exemption, if higher than the DC (test), which is a difficult, you will be successful against attack or effect. If less, then you’re on the move.

Tenacity: a very strong warrior body, his tenacity exemption will be high, need to confront some of the physical circumstances, such as illness, poisoning, can easily be resolved out.

Will: the thin body of the Master, his will be likely to exceed the soldiers, some of the people against the spirit and will of an impact on the situation, such despair, such as confusion, etc. it is not easily affected.

Reflection: Agile people can get out of the trap emitted Sting, an enemy with arrows, or even lie down and jumping neverwinter Astral Diamonds to escape the magic damage.

Shaiya classic weapons big check

Weapons is not only a tool to fight the battle, but also it is the absolute strength of Competition Warriors Cheats. Famous 3D fantasy online game “Shaiya” World War is the eternal theme, four big races fight for their own beliefs, strong duel, who is the last king? Here we went into the fantasy world, enjoy down “Shaiya” the world features the classic weapons bar.

Execution Double Axes
Overbearing execution Double Axes, the face of armed barbarians Juhan execution Double Axes, the kind of momentum but myself, let the enemy tremble with fear. I ask, who can resist it?

Soul diming by
Far attack drone inbred Safe soul are always highly hunters alike. Apart from the attack on the good performance, and that the enemy of the soul Watch mysterious force, irresistible.

Dragon Soul Staff
Dragon Soul Wand Master hearts of countless treasure, quiet blue longan, dragon seal with unruly soul, no extraordinary strength, absolutely can not control it.

Ti Oswald Rangers
Full power of the United Oswald Rangers murder is such a two-edged weapon, once owned by white wizard archer, very quick deadly arrows that will be forever in the hearts of the enemy nightmare.

Who the hell roarer
It is known to attack the fastest hell roarer who has a blast-like high attack speed and lethality, fighting, full power!

Titan Warhammer
Titan Warhammer symbolizes strong fearless chivalry, only the most distinguished knight can use it freely, and only the strongest knights before they can play out its super-potential, guard the world, against a foreign enemy.

“Shaiya” fantasy world charm everywhere, various characteristics of a hero magic highlight different temperament. Not want to miss, it will come and experience it!

Famous game payment platform was attacked by hacker

According to media reported, our online game payment platform PlaySpan was just attacked from the hacker, and these network games that have business with this platform have been affected in different degree because of this. It is reported, in some online games with the uncertainty name, players online account, encryption password, and E-mail all have been stolen.

After detection the situation of hackers attack, PlaySpan locked all users account, and closed the PlaySpan Marketplace platform. In addition, when the company began to thoroughly investigate the hacker attacks, at the same time, the company also requires users to change the account password.
A spokesman of PlaySpan Company said: “for the intrusion events of hacker, leading to the anger and inconvenience of our customers, we express our sincere apologies. We are very clear, PlaySpan platform business depends on the trust of the majority of customers, and the security of the platform is the major event that we need to consider. At present, we are trying our best to strengthen the overall security of PlaySpan platform.”
Happen on that thing, I want to say these hackers are abhorrent, at same time we need to more think of our net safety and improve it.