Yummmmm in DOTA love following you – part two


ClinkzIt has agile talent and quick speed, can sneak for long time, it shots particularly fast in short time, and always suddenly appears in front of you, in a word, it is really the yummmmm.
Whether is knocked down from positive C, or from position E, the barathrum is a simple and rude yummmmm, it will rush out to knock down you from the shadow when you do not pay attention to.
He won’t lost vision, how fast you are, how fast he can be also, can always firmly follow you, he is very wretched, he is not interested in knocking down you, only interested in the wealth, in his eyes, only has gold.
Don’t look down upon the fit of the two yummmmm, they can always set the trap in a corner where you do not pay attention to and wait for you to swallow the bait, so it is impossible for to defend effectively.
Rikimaru is most good at attacking others from behind, obviously this yummmmm also have special hobby in chrysanthemum, he is good at hiding his shape, even if has anti implicit, his small body also provides convenient for sneak attack.
Now, the yummmmm in DOTA I have introduced, after you reading, what do you think of them?