The introduction of Monster Hunter series famous monster

Big Griffin is “Monster Hunter” series famous monster, affectionately known by gamers sheep library teacher. Not only because it is a transliteration of the name “sheep library database”, but also because it is the only game in the debut of the first flight of the monster. Players in the process of hunting for it, can learn many basic operation, judge, go places, to avoid for the future can be a powerful dragon kind of monster hunting and lay a solid foundation. So hunting big Griffin, as many novice hunters advanced on the road to a required course, but it is big griffin speaker teachers. Today we are going to bring griffin is obtained after hunting big booty, big griffin suit the original painting.

Big griffin suit faithful reproduction of the big Griffin’s physical characteristics, the overall tone of orange-based, this is a large griffin skin color, combined with a pattern of cyan, this is the big griffin wings membrane color. And large packages for large griffin feature of the show are the most concentrated head, and through a hat, the large griffin will open ear performance vividly. After reading the original painting, is not that great teacher’s style library database.

Big Griffin as “Monster Hunter OL” in the debut of the first monster with only the ability to fly, its biggest feature is the huge beak and generally able to unfold like an umbrella lizard ear. When it is felt that it was the site of the invasion, they will open their ears intimidate each other. This is because the big griffin own personality though timid, nervous but once up, they will be passing through its territory as the enemy of humanity is also subjected to attack. Big griffin main means of attack is that it was a large beak, usually used to dig the soil broken wood tool in the battle demonstrated a remarkable lethality, continuous packing, would cause quite a lot of damage to the hunter. In addition, there is a large body of griffin and dragon flame like bags, in anger, it will spit a fireball to the target to vent his anger burned taste, but having a hard time. In addition, a large griffin will use his body as a weapon hit the target, like a timid person, once tense, will reckless crazy toward the opponent, which is its most neurotic personality good expression.

Detailed explanation of character creation in Star Wars The Old Republic

Sith Warrior – Jedi

The assisted DPS in game, provides the close combat output and act as Vice-tank role. Both are the most popular roles in Star Wars movies and in the game, players will be able to experience the power of the Force.

Francis Judge – Jedi Consular

Healer in the game, provides the team with BUFF and the restoration in in the battle, although the use of weapons as a lightsaber, fighting capability is weak. Judge could release signs Sith lightning skills. The Jedi Consular is more use of the force itself.

Imperial Agent – Smugglers

Remote DPS in game, get hidden effect through the use of the terrain, and enhance the role remote attack, is the main DPS in team battle. This type of career play is quite interesting, players need to find a special place on the map to get to make their own specific secret BUFF.

Bounty Hunters – Star Wars

MT in the game, although the use of a remote firearms class weapons, this does not affect the type of occupation of a team battle BOSS firepower to attract a major role in the game, after all, they are equipped with armor is the highest defense of all other occupations inside the.

The next column is the figure of the role players, was divided into four categories, remote DPSJiao small, ordinary type, strong type and strong build type. The following is the role of the players in the background, for example, in the screenshot is the name of the player who had been selected mercenaries. But what impact of the role background to the role we are still unknown.

Although only one shot, we have been able to clearly understand the whole process of character creation. As to whether the player’s facial features change here speculate after setting up these basic attributes, you can fine-tune the interface into the face, after all, no player will want to only have distinction on body.

The combination of death and supernatural fighting 2Necromancer Secret

“Guild Wars 2” from the formal sale closer, the Guild Wars 2 Gold extraordinary quality MMORPG has so many players who look forward to this rich content, excellent picture for a long time. But in the beginning, “Guild Wars 2” legendary adventure, you need to face the choice is: Occupation. In all eight kinds of occupations, including a variety of combat will be the perfect way to blend into the darkness deadly combination, that is death and outsider forces commander “Necromancer”.

“Necromancer” and “Guild Wars 2”, like other professions, there are several methods of combat. He not only be able to use melee weapons but also in the distant chant dark spells. Their spells can not only cause direct damage to the enemy will attach different negative effects, such as “bleeding” will make the enemy continued to lose the value of life, and “disability” will make the attacker’s movement speed is reduced.

These abnormal state with the skills so that “Necromancer,” the battle to fully neutralize opponents. Only in the face of multiple targets, will allow the “Necromancer” feel the pressure. May be even so, “Necromancer” is also able to call out the bugs, and the specter of war to help themselves.

In the beginning, “Necromancer” is Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold the default treatment skills summon a “demon blood”, it will draw the enemy’s health supplement to the Summoner. After activating this skill, it will become another trick that lets Devil Summoner sacrificed to greatly enhance the value of life. With the experience of the acquisition, “Necromancer” can also summon other demons, including a pair of small but quick action of the monster, and remote attacks flesh worms.

In addition to these summons, “Necromancer” You can also use tags and springs to control the surrounding environment. Spring will be around there, affects both teammates and enemies. Markers can be placed at a distance, free activation.

“Necromancer” The most interesting part of the skill is his ability to absorb life. He was able to extract him from the body life force, this unique energy will be provided to the Death Shroud skills, so that “Necromancer” cast powerful spells or summon unique monsters.

And other occupations, “Necromancer” There is tremendous potential. Take advantage of the skills with negative effects, reasonable call, with the Death Shroud skills, “Necromancer” has a Buy GW2 Gold surprisingly powerful capabilities.

Final Fantasy 1 Introduction

Final Fantasy the first work, at December 18, 1987 sales of this game and many components are preserved. The game screen and the system now, it is very simple. However, at the time, the game’s combat animation is unprecedented.

Japan is the world recognized by the big game country. For this reason, every year in the boutique and garbage is very much. To cultivate these were already numb masterpiece players in mind for a place, but not so simple. Although at the time of sale of FF1 attracted the attention of some players, but the sales results are not satisfactory. It’s no wonder. At the time, the mainstream market is being RPG like Dragon Quest Heroes game occupation. FF did not like such a strange game like fame and sudden success. It is impossible. Fortunately, however, the game still has some attractive places.

The emergence of some systems can be said that Final Fantasy was a mature system prototype. Unique role reversal, airship and unique animated battle screen, coupled with its character was designed by the famous Japanese illustrator Yoshitaka Amano, as these are the signs into the Final Fantasy series. (Apart from Yoshitaka Amano Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy characters are involved in eight other external settings.)

The story takes place in an ancient medieval era, the era of rampant swords and magic. Tells the story of the formation of the world’s four crystal fire, earth, water, wind being taken away, lost glory of the world is surrounded by darkness, gradually deserted. Is predicted to be selected as “Warrior of Light,” the four young people on the road. In today’s story, seems somewhat old-fashioned, but it has its own unique side. Space conversion and a lot of fascinating puzzles.

In fact, most say is crystal generation of the system. Is its establishment, only to transfer the system appeared three generations ? Light in the crystal, the game characters who can be transferred and learn magic. This formula in addition to the stone-based six, seven, eight, but are key to the game. Previous three protagonists are basically to protect the crystal – the support of the world stuff. Four generations, Crystal’s status began to change.

Shaiya classic weapons big check

Weapons is not only a tool to fight the battle, but also it is the absolute strength of Competition Warriors Cheats. Famous 3D fantasy online game “Shaiya” World War is the eternal theme, four big races fight for their own beliefs, strong duel, who is the last king? Here we went into the fantasy world, enjoy down “Shaiya” the world features the classic weapons bar.

Execution Double Axes
Overbearing execution Double Axes, the face of armed barbarians Juhan execution Double Axes, the kind of momentum but myself, let the enemy tremble with fear. I ask, who can resist it?

Soul diming by
Far attack drone inbred Safe soul are always highly hunters alike. Apart from the attack on the good performance, and that the enemy of the soul Watch mysterious force, irresistible.

Dragon Soul Staff
Dragon Soul Wand Master hearts of countless treasure, quiet blue longan, dragon seal with unruly soul, no extraordinary strength, absolutely can not control it.

Ti Oswald Rangers
Full power of the United Oswald Rangers murder is such a two-edged weapon, once owned by white wizard archer, very quick deadly arrows that will be forever in the hearts of the enemy nightmare.

Who the hell roarer
It is known to attack the fastest hell roarer who has a blast-like high attack speed and lethality, fighting, full power!

Titan Warhammer
Titan Warhammer symbolizes strong fearless chivalry, only the most distinguished knight can use it freely, and only the strongest knights before they can play out its super-potential, guard the world, against a foreign enemy.

“Shaiya” fantasy world charm everywhere, various characteristics of a hero magic highlight different temperament. Not want to miss, it will come and experience it!

Mobile game giant 3D hero fighting spirit

Internationally renowned mobile game developers, “Iger Las” effort to build – across iOS & android platform 3D MMORPG hand travel giant system “heroic fighting spirit” a new piece of information, “King of the World,” a comprehensive on-line! ! !

“Hero fighting spirit” exquisite picture, realistic 3D visual effects is the biggest highlight of the game! ! ! In the new 2.0 version, “Iger Las” is bold use of a newly developed 2.0 particle engine, advanced super-parallel instruction GCN architecture, dynamic lighting effects …… 3D rendered picture again epoch!
Whether visual or instant PK, let “screen stiff, stiff movements, round PK” are ashamed!

Dodge, penetrate, kill … hyper-realistic combat flu, low profile can also enjoy 3D visual feast! The new “Hero war spirit” absolutely beyond your imagination! ! !
PVP athletics, team killing … is an essential element of RPG games in the “heroic fighting spirit” and is likewise essential! “Hero war spirit” as early as the beginning of the game design has been different.

First voice systems, no longer need to miss typing chat, while the voice command, while common blow up, so the battle was happy!
“Hero war spirit” film “King of the World” for the first time to achieve a cross-service team play, and the “global inter-service war” are brewing! Seen inter-service warfare, have not seen the inter-service team, and even tour page, or even side trips have not had, “Hero fighting spirit” to do so! Just to give players the most passionate, straightforward battle experience!

Free choice of hundreds of different maps, thousands of sets of equipment to create their own, all controlled by you! PVP and PVE perfect combination of six career perfect setting, the perfect show hundreds of maps for the players the ultimate gaming experience! Guild system, national gameplay, PVP arena, multiplayer dota, strategy tower defense …… classic gameplay mixing bold innovation, and allows you to fully enjoy the fun of multiple battle!

Ice and Fire fighting to kill the game, and then to “zombie war” open, “Hero fighting spirit” challenge play from uninterrupted! Innovative gameplay, detonated referendum battle boom!

New piece of information, “king of the world” 60 ban, wonderful rich 60 play fully open; “Indiana Jones” VS “Dead Rising”, “dark areas” PK “Lord hegemony”; fresh copy landing, competing supreme glory!