Diablo 3 1.05 patch formally launched adding into purgatory machine – part three


Changes of global system


1, defensive skills are changed
Simple to say, the Blizzard weakens all the occupations defense skills. Because of such Sorcerer’s energy armor and barbarian roar these skills, almost every barbarian or magician player can choose them. So Blizzard thinks these skills are “too popular”, so abandon them. The specific numerical modifications can be seen in career changes.
Meanwhile, Blizzard also again weakened monster damage. At first they said that this is in order to compensate for the weakening of the defensive skills. But we now know, after having monster power system, you can actually choose weaker monsters than before to beat, or choose powerful monsters that can kill you in a few blocks to challenge.An old saying, everything is decided in mind. The key is how much ability you have!
2, crowd control skills are  changed
The magician has a kind of zippo called unlimited frozen, before a madman iced diablo  to death with unlimited ice ring in that era of “Purgatory dead dog”. At that time he was scared to miracles, and later Blizzard made related modifications. However, unlimited ice has been retained as a kind of mainstream Build. Now, Blizzard decides to change group control skills.

Diablo 3
We know, in “World of Warcraft” control skills are diminishing. The similar skills can only be used three times in a short period of time. But in Diablo 3, this kind of thing cannot appear. Therefore, changes of the Blizzard crowd control skills are:
– Added control resistant, monster is controlled several times in a short period of time, will be decreased controlling time. However, not decrease to immunity, but decreasing a corresponding proportional value. This value is not the same for each difficulty!
– Remove control skills debuff that originally was imposed on each difficulty. For this, in purgatory difficulty, you first release control skills to monster, this skill will receive full 100% control time, if you continue to use, time will begin to decline, until descending to the same degree with the previous version.
So, on the whole, this change to crowd control skills, is not weakening, but strengthening. Blizzard only changed the algorithm of crowd-control skills. Perhaps, Blizzard has another stratagem but not published.

2012 Halloween pumpkin carving contest officially began

Blizzard has released the 2012 Halloween pumpkin carving contest news:

pumpkin carving contest
Halloween has finally arrived, and we have ready for “directly access to the heart of the festival”. If you are keen to pick up a knife to chop, cut, scratch and stab something, and then you may be pleased to learn that, since October 11, the Blizzard of 2012 Halloween pumpkin-carving contest has officially begun! Take out of your magic axe, Spectral Blade, chitin claws and other imaginative tool to create unparalleled pumpkin lights as Blizzard theme. If you are not yet unclear the concept of unparalleled, you can check out winners of last year to get some inspiration.
We will select 10 of the most dazzling pumpkin as winners, and each will receive a”World of Warcraft Monopoly” Collector’s Edition!
Do not delay, do it immediately! The ninth pumpkin carving contest will be end on October 29, so please be sure to read the contest rules and qualifications in event page, and directly act on.
Do you take part in the Halloween pumpkin carving contest of last year? If not, can join in this contest, I always think happy is the most important!

Can only playing World of warcraft in Win8

Although Windows8 will be formal released on October, but to the new operating system, it is not suitable for playing games, even the valve boss Gabe Newell also said that Win8 is a “big disaster” to all the games. But blizzard software engineer Darren Williams don’t think so, however, he said world of warcraft will be operate on Windows8 very well.
Williams specific mention “Mists of Pandaria” can be run in Win8, although compared with Win7, Vista even XP, Win8 in dealing with the game has deficiency of the theory, blizzard will fully support the system in the future. Williams said “We haven’t used Win8, but in the future we will transfer it, we will support players to use operating system. ”
Although most players never doubt warcraft can be operated on the new system, but earlier blizzard’s executive vice president Rob Pardo said that Blizzard also don’t think Win8 have much good advantages to attract many customers. But then again, if Windows8 really like talking about that is not friendly for players, will you abandon to use Win8, as many people skip Vista?

Why the "Diablo 3" can obtain sales miracles– analysis the reasons (part one)

"Diablo 3" is able to create such sales success not only depending on the game itself high quality. So, what are the favorable factors creating prerequisites for "Diablo 3" success?

sales rank
"Diablo 3" as the blizzard entertainment popularity game "Diablo" series of orthodox sequel, broke through 3.5 million copies in first sale on May 15th of this year, the first week sold more than 6.3 million copies, becomes the first day and the first week highest sales in PC game history. These data can make blizzard proud.
Developers and products—double brand accumulation
Blizzard entertainment statue is very important in today’s global game industry, the "Warcraft", "Diablo" and "Starcraft" the three series established its unshakable king status in the heart of players. Due to the rigorous attitude of blizzard to game development, its games are mostly very high quality, because of this reason blizzard has a large number of loyal fans in the global scope, and also make a gold sparkling gold-lettered signboard.
And the "Diablo" is one of the blizzard game series, when the first released "Diablo", players are deeply fascinated by ARPG unique charm, with the "Diablo 2" releasing, even it creates immortal classic in the history of the ARPG game.
Now after 11 years, "Diablo 3" with the "blizzard product" and "series orthodox sequel" the double labels, makes full preparation, before releasing, it has been almost in "an invincible position", and this is precisely the most important factors that "Diablo 3" can get the success.

The Pandaria appear–blizzard will take part in Games Com fair this year

Blizzard entertainment announced the squad this year that they take party in Games Com fair. Games Com is the largest, the most authoritative, and the most professional comprehensive interactive game software, information software and hardware equipment exhibition in European, certainly will gather many top game giant such as blizzard.
First of all, on the first public open day of show, also is on August 16th, blizzard will show the eye-catching opening animation of "World of Warcraft: Pandora’s fog" on the live huge screen, after the 70 levels of Illidan, 80 levels of Arthas and 85 levels of wing of the death, which hero will be in the latest expansion of level 90? Let us wait and see!
And the visitors who are in the scene of blizzard will have the opportunity to be personally demo three pillars game of blizzard: the World of Warcraft: Pandora’s fog", "StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm" and "the Diablo 3". Are you moved?
As the fourth expansion of “World of Warcraft", "World of Warcraft: Pandora’s fog" open a new level 90 the highest rating, the new race pandaria, new professional "monk", and of course, has the new map area "Pandora". Players in the show can personally experience these new elements to feel the pleasant sensation when play the level 90 pandas monks in "Pandora".           
The player will be able to represent the Terran, Zerg or the Protoss to join the fight, and experience the latest Multiplayer of "StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm". "StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm" is the latest expansion of the best real-time strategy game "StarCraft 2" in the history.
In a word, the Games Com this year is expected!

The Blizzard responses and accepts the “Diablo 3” suggestions that a player says

A player of the “Diablo 3” puts forward to some improvement suggestions, Blizzard spokesman Bashiok responses and is sure of most of the suggestions.
1) As an auction user, I want an “only list the direct purchase price goods” tick box, so I don’t need to use the low efficiency search methods.
We also have such an idea! This change in patch 1.0.3 should have been ready.
2) As a player, I want to move and adjust the size of the chat box, so that I can put it on the place where I want to be.
If possible we would do so, and we now explore the method to realize the function. The problem now is that the way we deal with user interface system leads to modifying will be a tough challenge. So your question becomes when we can solve it. Recent patch may be impossible.
3) As a player, I want to let the font in chat box become big or small, so that I can make font better display in my resolution.
This change will realize in 1.0.3 patch!
4) As a player, I’d like to a way that disables the background story text in a chat box, so after dialogue, I don’t need always to turn pages.
This option already has in the game! Voice-> in a chat box shows task dialogue.
5) As a player, I want to let my former followers follow me automatically when I start to play the single player game, so I don’t have to go back to invite him.
Good idea. We will explore.
6) As an auction house user, I hope to be able to repair my items in auction, so I can sell and don’t need to entrance into the game.
We are modifying, so you can sell the damaged goods in the next patch.
7) As a blacksmith, before decomposing, I want to be able to know what level the items is, so that I can know what material it breaks down.
The problem we have discussed, but now there are no specific plans. In general, we still have some better problem need to focus on.
8) As a player, I want to let my pet or minion don’t go against invincible goals, and go to attack the weaknesses goals, so that I can kill faster.
Yes! We are exploring the way of solving this problem. Due to the problem of dealing with the monster state, it’s a little bit difficult to deal with, but it won’t be difficult.
9) As a player, I would like to hidden article experience when reach full grade, so it won’t take up unnecessary screen space.
Our user interface is not modular, so even if just want to keep those pixels also has a lot of work to do. At present, we still have some more important things to do.
10) As a player, I want the function that only I accept the friends will automatically join my game, so that I will be not surprised my good friends are not “recent player” when play game.
Well, it sounds like a reasonable request. We will explore.
11) As a player, I want to automatically switch the next best potions type after I use up my current potion in the game, so I won’t be redistribution in the long time fight.
Yes, we think potions button can become more “intelligent”. This change is in our wish list, but we also don’t know when we will put it in priority.
Do you think how the suggestions are? I will introduce more advice in next passage.