How to get more than one drop in Diablo 3

Before the player finds Diablo 3 BUG: cheap diablo3 gold one time drops eight yellow dresses? Right, teach you how to get more than one drop. Here to update all professional use!

Note: Only the elite monster with a life- link attribute can use.

Using the method: kill monsters with blue names, try to let the blood to maintain a balance in the monster of the few remaining blood, give blood less BUG skills on blue were strange, and then use the same range of skills to kill all high injury blue name, the system will give you many times to kill judge, reward you many times and repeatedly falling BUFF.

Monk: The best card of the occupation, burst palm Glyph role in the duration of up to six seconds, ability to survive itself, with poly strange skills, card it is very easy way is to put all three were strange blue hit 10W blood around (stay well ahead of refined gas), and then give blood at least the bird burst on the palm (I used to have on each high success rate) and then let them get together, punches up call, a land gold loaded!

Hunting magic: have to say, in a separate card BUG SOLO difficulty when monks are indeed higher than high, but we DH have an advantage, because we are remote! And our sticky bomb is remotely diablo gold skills taka place in the blasted FARM when superiority manifested! The curse of the tower we can stand on the stage BUG point, the amount of blood per blame adjusts the equalizer, and then gives each of them put their heads adhesive bomb, and then call up a few electric ball, a ground gold!

Master: I have no Master number, but my friend’s Master Card Blasted use this BUG Taka very happy, not a laser blast Glyph Glyph that ‘s a 35 % chance of explosion, pit father too, Master there is a left- skills, like asking what energy pulse, there is a monster explosive energy Glyph fried 70% weapon damage, first snowstorm of the monster’s blood to adjust the equalizer, the best pressure to low, because 70% of weapon damage the effect is not very good, and then put on a high damage hands and arms, throw a pulse in the past, a place gold!

Barbarian: Cleave, on this one skill is not very good, very difficult, because he himself is an AOE skill that you made to achieve a smooth pixia to go, three empty hemocyanin only one was killed, while the other two are Cleave triggered explosions killed, very difficult, you relaxed state of mind, it will be, or there is no way.

Well, the whole career simple to use written down, I wish you many lay equipment, in addition to despise yourself muffled fortune, but also hopes that as soon as possible out of harmony with BLZ improve buy d3 gold next game environment. Etc….? Whether I forget something…..?


Diablo 3 Monk Skill Admiralty break analysis

1.0.4 later, with Blizzard monks gas consumption for cheapest diablo3 gold skill enhancement, hands monks gradually boarded the mainstream arena, one of its core skills is a very characteristic Admiralty breaking skills, while his hands flow Monks low barriers to entry, but also for god farm installed high-efficiency characteristics, make it necessary for the Admiralty itself and its rune effect breaking a deeper understanding, and thus better able to optimize our skills to select.

Need to affirm is that this analysis does not include testing the fourth Admiralty break runes to faint light ( generated after crit stun )

The goal is to test the hell A3 sin of the heart, the monk body of the equipment is only one called ” lu ” low- grade dark kin stick.

I put the Admiralty remaining runes into three bell: common type ( no Rune ( 390% of the initial damage, 45 straight AOE, 75 gas consumption ), light the wall ( initial damage increased by 566% ), condensable gas shock ( consumption gas down to 40 points), burst light ( 430% of a wide range of AOE), ancestors pillars ( 280% of the initial damage, 2 seconds delay up 280% damage ).

The first is the common type, although the Admiralty breaking skills presentation is the damage caused by 390%, but its essence is 3 consecutive 130% weapon damage, which is almost three times damage produced simultaneously, these two are very different look micro, but in actual use has a very different effect, and its follow-up 45% of the straight path AOE damage, and between the initial injury, there is a more obvious cheap diablo3 gold short intervals.

Admiralty common type of injury is also the initial range AOE, this range is greater than the AOE bell shrouded range.

The heart of the evil in the figure by the Admiralty damage, observe, you will find an extra lap on the field Admiralty pattern, Admiralty initial damage AOE range should be that of the actual coverage pattern, you can see this range is quite objective Admiralty follow a straight path and a straight path AOE is the width of the diameter of the width of the bell, so a normal Admiralty can result in three different types of injuries, as well as the range of the clock pattern and the overlapping portion of the linear path ( 390% + 45 % = 435% damage ), outside the scope of the clock pattern range (390 % damage ), while outside the scope of the clock on the straight path (45 % damage ). So hit the bell, I try to make the main target is within minutes.

Belonging to a wide range of light burst AOE, can be seen from the above analysis, the most basic goal of Admiralty time can cause up to 435%, while the burst of light waves that will be affected by the harmful effects of their region, a wide range of light burst.

The figure is the maximum range of burst waves, it can be seen burst covers almost the entire screen, light, of course, we should have found in the course of, burst wave is not circular area AOR, only the path in the shock wave burst, before cause harm, and this shock wave will be blocked by the wall, the other a BUG is that this shock wave can not change the level of movement along the ground.

You can clearly see the location of the monks were all above the light cover off, although there is no blame, but in fact, which indeed can not high -lying position than the monk monster damage.

1. patriarch pillars is entirely a waste, buy d3 gold to take him to the wall and light compared his only advantage is probably caused by delay range of 280 % damage than ordinary Admiralty AOE range so little. Only in very exceptional circumstances, the total damage caused by the ancestors pillars brighter than the wall height. But also ridiculous 2S delays. We have absolutely no reason to use it.

2. For high damage skills, the same injury several times more to manufacture than a single manufacturing helps us to improve the efficiency of the elite FARM. Monks are not DH, no archery, for crit is not controllable. High single injury may cause a lot of damage overflow. When the explosion injured the higher crit rate is lower, such a spill would be more serious injury, if the actual DPS Similarly, the lower the proportion of injuries overflow FARM Obviously the higher the efficiency ( cite a simple example, suppose that the monster’s blood is 3, A ‘s DPS is one, but he is not two seconds 2 damage, B is also one of the DPS, but he was 1 damage per second, the two DPS same, but a needs to be resolved 4S monster, and B is only 3S) the use of ordinary type Admiralty obviously overflow can reduce the damage ratio.

3.light barriers, light burst and condensable gas shock has its own advantages, light barriers can cause 611% weapon damage range of damage, and the damage is more stable and easier to second strange. The burst of light waves greater range, clear mobs is undoubtedly the most efficient. But the damage more uncontrollable, he was more susceptible to influence whether or not crit more vulnerable to the impact of the terrain.

Condensable gas shock wave is also promising, for example, if you do not use the passive increase precision gas cap, when you are full of refined gas, the shock wave can be released only condensable convicted + Seven + Admiralty even strokes, but also for those one Seven almost able to second strange, condensable gas shock undoubtedly more efficient than the other two. Additionally, the biggest advantage is condensable gas shock he improves the utilization of refined gas ( light barriers at each point within minutes of refined gas is around 8 % weapon damage, and condensable gas shock is 10% ), so that we can have diablo3 gold buy the opportunity to use other gas consumption skills.