How innocent the computer games—the shooting cases are due to them (part three)

The Columbine campus shootings case and the Duke Nukem

Eric Harris and Dylan Kleiber
On April 20th, 1999, in the Columbine high school in Jefferson county of Colorado, United States, two young students Eric Harris and Dylan Kleiber equipped with guns and explosives, to enter the campus, killed 12 students and a teacher, cause other 24 others injured, then the two people committed suicide.
The two gunmen have very big enthusiasm in the “Duke Nukem” and “Wolfeniten 3D”and other violence electronic games, which led to the American society widely discussed and the influence of attention for violent video games.
From these above examples can see, not only domestic, in the world scope, the games still have not been accepted by the mainstream culture, whenever there is violence, as long as the murderer has little relation with the game, the effort of game will be amplified by a lot of media. As the players, we will also more or less feel helpless and angry. But believe that more and more people know and love the games as the games more and more accepted by the public, the unfair treatment to games will b likely e less and less.
I want to say how innocent these games are, everyone should be responsible for their action.