Aion online newbie rapid upgrade 1 and 30 level

1-9 level: Birthplace. Do not fight in front of mobs.. go down, the more their two dozen strange, considerable experience, will soon rise to 5, it is to maintain a belief challenge high-level, more 3 will not work, we should be more two most efficient, another point is that any team requests are rejected! Single brush is the fastest (except guard and law enforcement), but lower levels when these two career single brush cannot see it much difference.

9 level : The system automatically pop up the transfer task, note that this task is exactly the experience of 9-10, so just 9, immediately do the task, (a very frustrating task ah people) do after the task assigned to the pc point can reach the main city Elyos – Elysium up.

10 level : Congratulations on your map to reach the second piece, are our family day main city, in the city cannot run ah, or get lost drop ~, just go see yet? Saw no? Is this point he allowed nyc next task (several, sent outport that do not pick up,) point he took out a mission run around after a pass, they quickly flew Belt on it!

10-15 level: In the Belt of wild brush ah brush, this time for it, you can team up, ( not 10 previously could not group, the group of non-efficiency) at this time the team is also one thousand Wan another group of six groups, three were the following is the best choice! See for yourself what kind of job it output a nurse occupational groups is super efficient, and where the nurse is not white given, the output is not low, but also increase the blood, or the chopper team 2-3 people, full output, since the Guzi, after that there is a mine, also 2-3 person team, where brush, brush to 15,

15-20 level: Tulu Xin outpost! Is this, and set a six person team, warrior (guard, sword star can) +3 output (must be less) + Output / Custodian + cure, there is a recommended alternative team – team is six choppers team, with or without nanny can be, (requires good technique, do a group of six people who lead a strange) in this team brush to 20
20: System Task: Stigmata Stone mission profile for friends do not know about it, I think you will brush in the brush 18JY time over a triangular stone to it, following a career dedicated XX, Blessings, which is Stigmata Stone , bordered it will be more of a skill, oh, every level has three kinds of occupational 20-30 Stigmata stone, but only insert two, so choose well, do the following on the task bar, after you finish ‘ll learn how inlaid stones, bordered by K key, you will discover new skills

20-25 level: on the map to find space in any pc then transferred to the Datai Obo Moss, but do not underestimate this figure, there are a great chance to have the blame will fall blue outfit, there are several small boss out of the blue weapons (specifically will write other articles, which introduces upgraded) to which the resurrection point tied to this, because 25 before going in practice, the brush is not recommended that undercut pig, because that strange thick skin, it is recommended to Bird man, is the map top left corner there is a revenge Canyon, where bird man, a good fight, but were robbed of relatively suck 25: Abyss task (Orbis task), done after practice you can go into the abyss grade.

25-30 level: abyss, the abyss of the strange strange wild fortress than a good fight, it is recommended Islands, which is to fly out to right, flying about, flew a large island called Er ~ Wings Islands The island has two pc to do a mission to pick up a brush after it is repeated in this task pc has risen to 29 or 30 will do,willing to go the abyss there is a point is inside Airth – Kardan mining field, here is 28-30 JY strange, will be out a lot of equipment, it is recommended six people team with 18JY like, you can chopper team, but also can be a normal team, which can also be directly brush to 30.

Do not want to brush elite within the field can also be Airth wild brush strange, do not blame the wild abyss strange good fight.

30 level, the beta stage rushed to head off! To open 45 level.


Aion online professional product system

Avon business skills with other MMORPGs no difference. Through three steps to Aion Gold achieve the target article: Preparing Raw materials / ingredients; materials processing; goal finished product (success / failure). Probability of success depends largely on the player’s skill level manufacturing. If the player is not successfully manufactured, items will disappear all manufacturing materials.

Prepare raw materials / ingredients

Raw materials needed for manufacturing goods can be divided into the following four categories:

Raw materials collected from the wild for the manufacture of goods must first be defined before (ore -& bars / stones, wood -& paper, edible materials -& food). The initial production skills in several stages, including the most refined skills.

Manufacture of articles in Aion is worth noting that raw materials. Sale of materials and other business skills from the materials obtained are interconnected. For example, if you need [thin belt], you can get the appropriate business skills, but you can also be purchased from the appropriate NPC obtained from the NPC to purchase this material only drawback is the price higher, and create their own Materials needed skills upgrading will make you feel pleasure.

Materials processing

Ready for processing materials for gamers does not need special equipment to make tools. However, the player must find the corresponding equipment, which can be found near the city corresponding NPC. And manufactured items need to be patient. Players must pass three steps: material preparation, manufacturing / refining process, manufacturing final goods. Every step of the probability of buy aion kinah success or failure. So, before you proceed to manufacture goods, they have to hoard raw materials.


I have to make my weapon! Wisconsin profession allows players to manufacture metal weapons such as long-handled weapon, sword, sword, dagger, and scepter. Weapon forging material is usually obtained from the raw ore. The ore is also associated with forging armor.


How to make jewelry, bow / stick it… gem processing method allows players to manufacture jewelry, wooden weapons and various other objects. Now and stick through this professional manufacture. Gems and timber are usually made of materials.


Can make potions / Magic Roll / magic weapon! Pharmacy by restoring life and man while the player’s life play a crucial role. Alchemy of great benefit for law career, this job can produce high-quality law books and talismans. Use the herbs, wood and stone monster’s soul.


Excellent food makes me stronger! Cooking food and produce can provide role buffs. In the fertile continent of Atreia is easy access to material things. Common ingredients include fruit picked from the trees, caught fish from aion kinah the lake, obtained from the seaside and clam meat from monsters found in countless other materials.

What games are popular for use for reference – part four

9. “Uncharted”
Learn from the game: “Tomb Raider”

Uncharted and Tomb Raider
Although Ms. Laura’s adventurous career is more or less affected by the “Indiana Jones”, “Tomb Raider” created a unique adventure style introduced “Uncharted” into a new realm.
In addition to the small pistol, the two games are focused on exploring the wild world and ancient ruins. Ibesides, the ultimate mainline and sudden extension also have a good balance.
10. “Angry Birds”
Learn from the game: “castle attack”

Angry Birds and castle attack
“Angry Birds” is called the God of leisure game industry, but the basic concepts are almost entirely from a Flash game castle attack “transplant, only the king and the guards have turned into a pig, that’s right, even a pig is just a king pig!
“The Castle Attack” also has the same addictive game system. Players throw rocks to attack the castle, triggering the collapse and explosion. “Angry Birds” cleverly borrowed combating mechanism, with cartoon style and touch-screen systems.
Moreover, “Angry Birds” have unlimited potential, we can say that there are countless derivative works to be developed.

“Elder Scrolls OL” demo experience worth expecting

ZeniMax Online in May of this year published a number of relevant game details about “the Elder Scrolls OL”, and players have different repercussions for the game content. Recently, media reporters in the United States visited the game studio. During the time, he also was fortunately to demo the “Elder Scrolls OL” that currently is still in the development, and released some interesting features of this game.

Elder Scrolls OL
According to the reporter demo and introduction, “Elder Scrolls Online”, here we referred to as TESO) is some different from the most current games on the market, here the different means, all the career can be equipped with any type of weapons and armor. In addition, all the character skills are divided into two kinds, one is public class skills, the other is additional skill. Getting public class skills is according to the proficiency of combat way that players use, the combat way refers to the what kind of weapons player use, is single hand + shield, or dual wield or hands, etc. And obtain additional skills are according to players attribute points which are distribution to players three main attributes – health value, manual value, the proportion of mana value to determine. For example, you add most attribute points to the physical value, the character will get passive skills that movement speed increases and recovering health value and life value skills after killing the monster. Because skill system is such continuity characteristics, therefore truly reflecting the characteristics of a profession is the only one professional exclusive skills. For example, the career dragon knight, it exclusive skill is altering reality.
If you had played the other games of the “Elderly Scrolls” series, so you’ll soon understand the operation mode of TESO. WASD is used to move characters. The mouse controls face direction. Space key is jumping. Shift key is used to accelerate running. Fight control also is the same with the former the “Elderly Scroll OL”. Click the left mouse button waves weapons, press the mouse left key is storage force, hold the right is blocking an attack.

Diablo 3 1.05 patch formally launched adding into purgatory machine – part four

Career changes and other details
Career changes are complex and much. Players can find their career changes in the PTR patch notes.
Other detail worth your noting:
The probability of legendary items dropping is doubled.
The legendary items will show an orange beam of light to the sky, you will not fail to see legendary dropping.
The floor and corpse such the environment objects will be changed at the item level and monster level.
The storybook is no longer green, lest you excited you get the legendary suit.
In the selection screen, players can arrange the order of the hero.
In the chat window, text color is changed, and they adjust the font size, window to use is more convenient and humanization.
Added auction house event prompts function.
Rearrange flag design interface, classification also has been greatly optimized.
The time of identification of rare items is reduced to a second, but the legend article identification time is added up to 4 seconds.
Now the upper limit of overlay forged material stacked is to 500.
In the place of blacksmith, you can convert the lower level foring materials to the next level with a ratio of 10:1.
The purgatory difficulty no longer drops items below the level of iLvl58.
Rings and necklaces can now generate iLvl 63-level attributes.
Blood cells curing bonus will play effect in players syrup.
Goblin will play a sound after found a player.
Fixed much BUG, including modifying some rare/champion monsters refresh to complete the corresponding achievement for players.