Final Fantasy 14 celebration of closing server will be held today

The old versionof “Final Fantasy XIV”, which is still running, will soon become a thing of the past. Sci Kuier Enix announced, in order to welcome  the arrival of “Final Fantasy 14” version 1.0 “A Realm Reborn” of the November 11, “Final Fantasy 14” will be held a grand celebration of closing server on the 31th of this month in the game, later the whole game begins to transform to the new version.

Final Fantasy XIV
This ceremony is called “The Seventh Umbral Era”. After that, the players need to wait for some time until the new version of the on-line, players will be able to enter the server in the new version. In that time, the player’s character data will be saved, and then transferred to the new version.
In addition, Enix will hold the limited closed beta activity for “A Realm Reborn”, players who want to participate in the closed beta of the game, the players can go to the official website for the qualification test. “A Realm Reborn” will bring significant changes to “Final Fantasy 14”. The game is not only adding new characters created function, and a new currency system, but also the launch of the PS3 version.

What differences between DOTA2 and the DOTA

As the orthodox sequel of DOTA series, it is said “DOTA2 (booking)” will try to restore DOTA, and take care the operation habit of the old players, but after all the engine is different and times is also different, some things in the game will certainly be changed adapting to the times, first let us see what changes are there in game.

1, game lobby
In order to clear their own ambitions, and also in order to profit, DOTA2 certainly will not be played like DOTA as a free WAR3 map. In match mode, before players can enter into the game to decide the choice of the hero, and we can see, the hero will wear different types of equipment to change the shape, and of course, these equipments do not influence the hero property.
2, screen mobile
Players who are familiar with WAR3 newly contact DOTA2 engine will certainly be a subtle feeling, in addition to the game screen becoming more real and gorgeous, in the scroll of the screen, it also has different feeling with WAR3, when move screen, there is a slight acceleration sense, which is one of the things most likely to affect the operation of players.
3, the operating mode
If you do not use the “changing key tools” in DOTA, all operating buttons are fixed, so that one of the biggest disadvantage is that you must be familiar with the skills of each hero shortcuts and to ensure the accuracy to press. But when entering the DOTA2 times, the set of skill keys is adopted the setting of QWER (EF) the same with LOL, players can also set into preferences button in setting.
In addition, in the game skills upgrading is no longer like in WAR3 clicking the yellow “+” sign to learn, but the first click the yellow tips on the head portrait, and then select the appropriate skills, compared to directly click to upgrade skill in LOL, this set seems a bit complicated.

Star Wars OL players will be subject to a number of restrictions

Recently, BioWare game companies released a promotional video for a “Star Wars: The Old Republic”, introduced after the game transformation of free online games in future, what changes it will make in the game.
In addition to some well-known free functions that players are familiar will be added to the game. “Star Wars: The Old Republic” would limit players to create characters. It is understood that the game after the transformation of the free online game, the races that the player only can be free to play include: human, mechanical Terran and Zabrak.

the Cartel Market
In addition, previous renewal players of “Star Wars: The Old Republic” will get many benefits, BioWare will not only reward the players used to renew some special title, but also give them goin that they can be used to purchase props in the micro-transaction store. “Star Wars: The Old Republic” micro-transaction store is called the Cartel Market, the promotional video of the game also introduced all of the items sold in the store.

Diablo 3 1.05 patch formally launched adding into purgatory machine – part three


Changes of global system


1, defensive skills are changed
Simple to say, the Blizzard weakens all the occupations defense skills. Because of such Sorcerer’s energy armor and barbarian roar these skills, almost every barbarian or magician player can choose them. So Blizzard thinks these skills are “too popular”, so abandon them. The specific numerical modifications can be seen in career changes.
Meanwhile, Blizzard also again weakened monster damage. At first they said that this is in order to compensate for the weakening of the defensive skills. But we now know, after having monster power system, you can actually choose weaker monsters than before to beat, or choose powerful monsters that can kill you in a few blocks to challenge.An old saying, everything is decided in mind. The key is how much ability you have!
2, crowd control skills are  changed
The magician has a kind of zippo called unlimited frozen, before a madman iced diablo  to death with unlimited ice ring in that era of “Purgatory dead dog”. At that time he was scared to miracles, and later Blizzard made related modifications. However, unlimited ice has been retained as a kind of mainstream Build. Now, Blizzard decides to change group control skills.

Diablo 3
We know, in “World of Warcraft” control skills are diminishing. The similar skills can only be used three times in a short period of time. But in Diablo 3, this kind of thing cannot appear. Therefore, changes of the Blizzard crowd control skills are:
– Added control resistant, monster is controlled several times in a short period of time, will be decreased controlling time. However, not decrease to immunity, but decreasing a corresponding proportional value. This value is not the same for each difficulty!
– Remove control skills debuff that originally was imposed on each difficulty. For this, in purgatory difficulty, you first release control skills to monster, this skill will receive full 100% control time, if you continue to use, time will begin to decline, until descending to the same degree with the previous version.
So, on the whole, this change to crowd control skills, is not weakening, but strengthening. Blizzard only changed the algorithm of crowd-control skills. Perhaps, Blizzard has another stratagem but not published.

Exposure ten important changes in “Resident Evil 6”

The “Resident Evil 6” is unlike any former works before, first look at it you will feel quite familiar, but in fact if you play it, you will feel very different. Compared with previous game, in the game contains a large amount of innovation, trimming and expand, at the beginning you may not see. Take time to play, you will understand and see exactly what important change in new work.

Resident Evil 61. More fluent and intense
Although is very much like with the “Resident Evil 4″on the surface, the core game process of the “Resident Evil 6″ is large different from the previous work. Not returning to the before traditional and slow rhythm, new game created new terrorist experience.
Seen from the surface, it’s still the third person shoulder angle, but control feel is more directing and move feeling, for this, involved a lot of changes.
2. The characters are more real and more vulnerable
In the “Resident Evil 4&5”, although using more modern double rocker operation, you still feel you control a flesh tanks, movement is slow and rigid. But in the “Resident Evil 6”, the leading role was injected with DNA of Nathan Drake, which lets the role and angle control more independent, reaction is sensitive and fast, in whole we will feel smooth much. Don’t be happy too early, though the leading role is agile much, the price is accuracy and stability. It is more like a real person, not mobile battery.
If run too fast in the room full of f obstacles and corpse, Leon is very easy to be stumbled and hit. If one foot is fierce to step on the corpse body, inertia will directly knock down you. Even if like Chris the meat mountain is more likely to be knocked out. New feel is completely different, role is more vulnerable.