Have played ten most classic stealth games in the history – part two

8. “Mark of Ninja”

Mark of Ninja
This work has so saying for the 2D version of “Ninja Gaiden”. The production company Klei had once successfully developed “Flashers”.
The game is very rosy. Klei really want to creat a ninja game, instead of just a game taking ninja as the protagonist. You feel you are a secret assassin. From game mechanics to the game background, from the style to the action, all show, you are a ninja. Lurking in the shadow is the theme of the game. You can choose different routes, and can also take different response when encounter enemies, certainly every rout has its disadvantage and disadvantage. The developer said theoretically, it is possible to not kill a person to bypass level.
7. “Hitman 4: Blood Money”

Hitman 4: Blood Money
It has no idea that the hitman series also need a certain amount of effort to be improved on this list before the appearance of the hitman 5. “Hitman 4” is considered quite good works.
Compared to the previous three works, “Blood Money” has new breakthrough in playing, not only the “Code 47” role has major change, game freedom and action elements of the game have changed dramatically, and even in the previous three works, a hitman career instinct – “assassination” the definition in the true sense is not executed to the end, in the new work it really shows in the “notoriety system”, the following will the introduce to you.
The first is the familiar bald hitman “Code 47”, in the new work is not only a hitman, also is “hunter-killer”, it seems that with the increase of the popularity, the production team will want to attract players by some new tricks, in “Rainbow Six: Lockdown”, the No. six member is no longer a “hunter”, “hunt”, but becomes “prey”, so begin self-help action.

Ten classic zombie games in history Resident Evil is leading

The Walking Dead
“The Walking Dead”
The game is the most innovative, is been on sale according to “season”.
“The Walking Dead” no longer put Rick Grimes for leading role, followed the “reunited with family” task route, the game story will follow an escaped prisoner – Lee Everett under the guardianship of police helplessly encounter zombies. Everett’s partner is a seven-year-old girl Clementine, according to the Telltale revealed that the small girl will play the role similar to Everett moral guide people in the journey.
It is different from Rick Grimes who fought his way in the original work, the leading role will do the exact opposite, killed all the way, so in some places or critical moment, they should meet the role of TV series such as Lilly and Glenn.

Day - Z
The “Day – Z”
This is not a new independent game, is just a homemade MOD of the “Armed Assault 2”, but this MOD caused a storm once released on the Internet.
The background of “Day – Z” is the main island of black Russian in the “Armed Assault 2” the original version. This is a 225 square kilometers of the coastal region, from the mountain, the field to the urban and rural areas, in the game all have, basically equivalent to a miniature east Europe country. The weather is random variation, and will affect the player’s action. Around the world, however, the virus and plague lead to most human becoming into zombies, players will play survivors, what they need to do is to survive in Russia.

Ten classic zombie games in history Resident Evil is leading – part four

Dead Rising

The “Dead Rising”
Cutting grass game in zombie world, the “Dead Rising” is shown.
Zombies and shopping mall, the two things are combined together perfectly. Parts of the open scene in game more improve the game of the realism. Although the subsequent works also brings a lot of new and interesting elements, only the “Dead Rising 1” can be called on the works advance whole era. Many of the secret and classic zombie stories together are created the grand terrorist game.

Dead Island
The “Dead Island”
The game first attracted the eyes of players is depended on its trailer. The trailer of “Dead Island” was shot very aestheticism and grieved, which has attracted the eyes of many players, although at last the game is not so good in players’imagination.
The game takes place in a tropical paradise isolated island of Papua New Guinea, the player will play the one of them who will have on holiday here. Due to the global plague and abuse of genetic, lead to the people in island becoming into zombies, players in the game must be as far as possible to escape the zombie chase, and try every possible method to survive. In addition, the player will also slowly explore the secrets of the island with development of the plot.

Ten classic zombie games in history Resident Evil is leading

These games should be real high-quality goods in zombie works, the “Resident Evil”, ” Left 4 Dead”, “GRave Defense”, “Dead Space” and so on, they all became classic of generation in such works.
Here’s the ten best zombie theme games in the history, remember that you must protect yourself when play them!
“Resident Evil 2”

Resident Evil 2It is so-called peak work of “Resident Evil” series, is also a kind of survival terrorist game quality.
On September 29, 1998, new police officer Leon went to work in police station of Raccoon city. But, after entrance to the city, he encountered the zombies that have been infected the T virus. At the same time, S.T.A.R.S. player Chris sister Claire, in order to find the lost brother also came to the Raccoon city, and also met zombies, therefore, two people erroneously met.
After the meeting, the two people planned to go to Raccoon city police station together, but on the journey suffered a car accident, two people were separated by the fire disaster that was caused by oil tank truck explosion. Two people on both sides of the flame promised: they respectively found the way to the police station, and then meet there, then, the double story line began…
“House of the Dead: Overkill”
Mechanical dialogue and voice always make some terrorist themes second-rate movie failure, but “House of the Dead: Overkill” fortunately has not such the fate.
The scene in the game is closed, and game content is endless gunfight, quality is also slightly out of date and seems to be deliberately close to classic type of zombies games. But the whole mechanism still is more attractive, and easy to be remembered.