World of Warcraft patch 5.1 will be released courage point can upgrade equipment

Blizzard has revealed recently, the "World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandania" will have the first major content updates.
The patch 5.1 the update brings will develop story, add new task and factions, the introduction of the underground battle of capital city, and also improve the pet combat system, and allow players with courage points to upgrade equipment.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandania
Blizzard said the update marks will have more content in future.
5.1 version content exposure before
Pandaria and conquer war
Although members of the alliance and horde has been busy in exploring Pandaria mainland, Garr Rouc and Varian have been gathered the forces, prepare for endless disputes in the lost continent. Players who did task in the pandaria mainland will see both sides of the army enemy at this strange mainland, which let both sides conflict again fierce. New daily task area and prestige will be opened to riskers involved in the dispute.
Fighters’underworld gang
The increasingly popular underground fighting field in Stormwind and auge RuiMa will provide strong fighters the challenge to the most powerful of the most dangerous creatures of the opportunity in "world of warcraft". The first rule of fight is you can’t talk about fight, the second……
Improvement of pet combat
It got some UI and other aspects of improvement in pet combat system, including ascension the method you capture the quality of pet.
Upgrade items
You will be able to use the courage points to upgrade equipments you have. Continue to do task
Black prince Raggio is very interested in the conflict of the south coast of Pandaria. He will certainly provide for players with new mission, as a part method of getting legendary equipment.

TERA will open large-scale update in Europe and America server

TERAToday, the “TERA” game producer Chris Hagrid discussed the latest game update plan of “TERA” when he accepted the interview of media, and he said in the future they will add more events in the game.
Hagrid listed the autumn work plan of production team, including a series of small basic events, and large-scale events that are held in every weekend and a lot of players can participate in at the same time.
He finally also focuses the game will create more and updating content, including the regression of manufacturing task and large-scale changes against the berserker. In autumn, they will also have a big update to make a big change in enchanting system. In addition to these above updates content, En Masse Entertainment Company and Bluehole studio cooperate to develop a project, at present it is in a state of confidentiality.
Although Hagrid did not mention specific updated date, in detail talks about some event updates content, for example some new emergencies, and improve city award in the weekend event, etc.
I only want to say I haven’t heard of “TERA” news for a long time, and also I haven’t played the game, some time ago, “Tera” lost many players, hope they will win more players in future through this updating in autumn.

The “Blade and Soul” releases new copy with high falling possibility

A lot of players and the personage inside all are worried about the future prospect of “Blade and Soul”, one of the biggest reason is some update pictures in the game, if the player had been playing all the contents of the game before updating, it is hard to stop them from leaving the game, and the game’s developers NCsoft recently told players with the continuous actions, “don’t worry about the game does not have new content. Recently they announced game update content of September, and confirmed that the game will be added a new career before October.
The next ultimate copy is much-anticipated “bloody fishing port”
First of all, in September, will increase new ultimate copy “bloody fishing port” for you, the 45-level players can enter the copy, the falling property quality is higher than the current upper level copy. It takes about two hours in whole copy, totally has four BOSSES, before each BOSS there are about more than 10 small monsters needing to be cleaned up.

Blade and SoulThe relevant content about PVP and new professional
After updating the “bloody fishing port”, the game will continue to update PVP content and new occupation, the stories line is spread from the current moon plain to cyan mountains, this part of the story is much harder. PVP new system is expected to be updated in mid-September, will appear new PVP mode, and each big forces will also be improved. And about the new professional problem, NCsoft said should update a new career during October.
In addition, according to the game data displayed, the players’number playing the four copies will occupy 44% of all the players, copy demand saturation is 18%, so this game will open six people Easy model copy, to let the player get more fun.