2012 World of Warcraft 5.0 Halloween achievements – Headless Horseman combat

5.0 Halloween Headless Horseman combat!
During the Halloween, in addition to funny candy and Shape-change, the headless horseman will also appear, riding his ghost horses come in the secluded green of wildfire. Incidentally please open the sound of the big game, iconic laughing of the Headless Horseman will make you impressive! And use headless knight’s helmet more can sound the laughter the same with headless horseman!

Headless Horseman
The lair of the Headless Horseman is in the Scarlet Monastery, you can go to Scarlet Monastery tomb area, to find the altar of the Headless Horseman, to summon it. Remember, he only appears on Halloween, miss this festival, you have to wait until next year!
In the Halloween, in the depths of the tomb area of the Scarlet Monastery there will be appear a special Headless Horseman shrine in the form of a huge pumpkin head. Through the interaction with shrine, players can summon it from the back of the soil.
1, you who must be over level 89 can play the copy of the Headless Horseman.
2, in pumpkin head of copy can summon up the Headless Horseman.
3, the way of beating the Headless Horseman is still the same as in previous years, DPS Headless Horseman ontology, after head separation with body, it’s easy to kill it.
4, after defeating the Headless Horseman, his soul will be released, and will drop a 470 item. In the reward baggage of querier of copy can burst out a broom flying mount, you can start to play Harry Potter. Enjoy Halloween gifts now!
Note: Players do not need to run into a copy, just use random team to fight with festivals Boss. Boss only drops the ring, the rest of the article only are from the daily reward bag.