Who dare to play these absolute terror games – part four

“Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City”
“Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City” was scheduled for releasing in the winter of 2011, but the person in charge of game development expressed that at present it is still in the early development, so it is likely to postpone to early 2012. In this game, the players can finally one side shoot, the other side can move, can be hidden behind the bunker. Capcom promised this game is deep and action game. The multiplayer modes include cooperation and fight: Parts of players have played 4 VS 4 multiplayer battles; in the fight will have random incident happened, including Nemesis suddenly appeared in the fighting! The forced two sides had to escape from the kill of the revenge goddess.
On May 4, 2012, “Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City” that was originally scheduled for May 18 was released in advance with patch.
“Aliens: Colonial Marines”
“Aliens: Colonial Army” game will be restored the original movie feel with the next generation of technology. Such as there will be a series of classic “Alien” weapons appearing, from pulse rifles to flamethrowers, of course, there are equipment and skills that are new added. The players will play fighting elite of the American colonial fleet. The game will have a claustrophobic environment, and realistic tracks. The players will combat with the heterotrophic nomads, so the detail degree of the game will definitely make players of originally work satisfied.
“Diablo 3”
It is not used to say more, Korea sets Diablo 3 as a horror game! In fact, “Diablo 3” cannot be really as the true sense of the horror game, but taking into account the various discord lenses in the game, we also can say it is horror game!

About “Diablo 3” equipment attack speed and share personal experience

Some studies and conclusions about the attack rate
1. The weapons have attack rate bonus is not worse than no attack speed bonus, even if the same DPS and critical injury hands crossbow which just have differences in attack rate.
2. Weapons have attack rate bonus may be better than no attack speed bonus.
3. The damage in deputy and equipment is completely limited by attack rate bonus in final damage panel. The higher the attack rate, the more the bonus, it directly leads to the master professional of deputy as far as possible choose the weapon of fast attack rate to get as much as possible the deputy damage bonus under the premise of needing to close DPS if have senior injury deputy. Both hands weapons are also similarly, just the damage of their equipment is tiny before the monster deputy.
4. How the Demon Hunter to choose the weapon and the crossbow ambition, because the weapon only has lord attributes and critical strike damage (insert hole would count for 60%-80% critical injuries, according to the economic condition), can be roughly calculated that the same DPS weapons which have more primary attribute and conversion to lord attributes. Agile income will be linear decreasing, but in the interval that a weapon can decide, almost need not calculation.

“Diablo 3” cash auction will be open on June 12th


According to the latest news, “Diablo 3” the gold auction announces the June 12th is the new opening time of the auction house, cash auction will allow the players of “Diablo 3” to earn real money through selling the rare drops in the game.
The gold auction has been opened in the game, but can only use the game currency to trade. So will you use the “Diablo 3” cash auction?
In the auction, if players use games currency to sell weapons, armor, jewelry or the unique items, blizzard will charge 15% of the profits. If you use real currency trading, no matter how much the amount of transaction is, the Blizzard will charge $1 each transaction.

If players sell gems, dye or formula such goods, whether you use the game currency or the real money, Blizzard will charge the 15% of the final transaction price.
After finishing the reality currency trading, you can choose how to charge for trade money. If you choose to turn money into battle.net account, will not charge for extra fee. If you choose to put money into foreign trade payment portal, blizzard will extra charge for the 15% of the trade money as handling fee.
So I want to say which way you choose according to your will.

The Blizzard responses and accepts the “Diablo 3” suggestions that a player says

A player of the “Diablo 3” puts forward to some improvement suggestions, Blizzard spokesman Bashiok responses and is sure of most of the suggestions.
1) As an auction user, I want an “only list the direct purchase price goods” tick box, so I don’t need to use the low efficiency search methods.
We also have such an idea! This change in patch 1.0.3 should have been ready.
2) As a player, I want to move and adjust the size of the chat box, so that I can put it on the place where I want to be.
If possible we would do so, and we now explore the method to realize the function. The problem now is that the way we deal with user interface system leads to modifying will be a tough challenge. So your question becomes when we can solve it. Recent patch may be impossible.
3) As a player, I want to let the font in chat box become big or small, so that I can make font better display in my resolution.
This change will realize in 1.0.3 patch!
4) As a player, I’d like to a way that disables the background story text in a chat box, so after dialogue, I don’t need always to turn pages.
This option already has in the game! Voice-> in a chat box shows task dialogue.
5) As a player, I want to let my former followers follow me automatically when I start to play the single player game, so I don’t have to go back to invite him.
Good idea. We will explore.
6) As an auction house user, I hope to be able to repair my items in auction, so I can sell and don’t need to entrance into the game.
We are modifying, so you can sell the damaged goods in the next patch.
7) As a blacksmith, before decomposing, I want to be able to know what level the items is, so that I can know what material it breaks down.
The problem we have discussed, but now there are no specific plans. In general, we still have some better problem need to focus on.
8) As a player, I want to let my pet or minion don’t go against invincible goals, and go to attack the weaknesses goals, so that I can kill faster.
Yes! We are exploring the way of solving this problem. Due to the problem of dealing with the monster state, it’s a little bit difficult to deal with, but it won’t be difficult.
9) As a player, I would like to hidden article experience when reach full grade, so it won’t take up unnecessary screen space.
Our user interface is not modular, so even if just want to keep those pixels also has a lot of work to do. At present, we still have some more important things to do.
10) As a player, I want the function that only I accept the friends will automatically join my game, so that I will be not surprised my good friends are not “recent player” when play game.
Well, it sounds like a reasonable request. We will explore.
11) As a player, I want to automatically switch the next best potions type after I use up my current potion in the game, so I won’t be redistribution in the long time fight.
Yes, we think potions button can become more “intelligent”. This change is in our wish list, but we also don’t know when we will put it in priority.
Do you think how the suggestions are? I will introduce more advice in next passage.

Some small intimate skills in “Diablo 3” you may not notice

Those little skill or little detail in the game you may ignore, although each is not necessarily accurate, must help you when first play the game.
1. The thief carrying gold wears white and blue clothes, general the blue is better for the fall, treasure box is also, there is a chance of treasures will be particularly bright;
2. Selling formula in the auction can be canceled at any time;
3. When search equipment in the auction, if input prices in the following “price cap”, it will automatically filter those treasure that don’t have accurate price;
4. In the auction, price of power equipment general is lower, there are five kinds of careers, only one is power, but the drop is the average;
5. Sogou input method is unable to come out select box in the game, as long as set the “full screen window” model;
6. If you are beaten to die by strong monster, your body will fly like a breaking line kite to the distance, weapons also fly and you don’t know where it is, your entourage will immediately go down, but NPC will still resist;
7. Point right key, your entourage can help him to wash the talent points, give him a good weapon, DPS can literally add on 3000;
8. The following Witch should be a 1500 years old spinster, but like ambiguity with the paladin, also don’t dislike rogue flirt, if your character is a female characters, the witch even envy your dress and figure;
9. Equipment attribute generated is confirmed in the moment of the boss dropping the equipment, whether you change clothes and bath, or petals washing, and identification only help you be out from your dream into a reality;
10. Weapons have direct damage and added elements damage (such as toxins, and fire, and so on), but when calculating DPS, it is equally, choose which kind of weapon, depend on your opinions;
11. The first act has a lot of hate fatty, before die, they will exposé, and then come out many small snakes, the strange monsters sometimes will help you to kill the small monster around your figure;
12. Until now, Leah’s father doesn’t appear, can guess let Leah’s mother conceive should be the diablo person form, or even the boss of the next expansion;
13. If die too long time, when need to resurrection will continue several minutes, this time return to the town for a while, and can continue to fight;
14. All the role of an account can share a locker, it means that if there are many things that your locker can’t hold them, can build a few small role as the warehouse, and it is also very convenient to take things.

How to quickly upgrade the levels during 50-60 in “Diablo 3”

I found that the battle is quite difficult in hell model the same with a lot of ordinary players, so we have to choice to repeat refresh monster in order to upgrade figures to 60 levels quickly. This method need often to newly enter into the game, so it’s not suitable to use while waiting in line.
When I was in 51 levels, bought a weapon with a little savings, and then found:
I studied all the tasks, found an upgrade holy land, where can easily upgrade to 60 levels.
1: choose the second small task of chapter 2 in hell model: on the way to Aukanasi.
2: choose the second task among them: lieutenant Watts.
3: enter the game, transmit to task locations, and make a dialogue with lieutenant and receive the quests, then enter into a cellar near it. Go to the edge of the cage, gather the monsters and kill them, then save person. After NPC running out, wait 5 seconds, go out of the cellar. Kill all the outside monsters, the mission is accomplished. Players will get 5oooo points experience award and 1230 gold coins.
4: leave the game and repeat the first step.

Diablo 3
You can do it once in 90 seconds, add monsters experience, upgrade will be very fast, and the monster is common, there is no security problem.
Tip: don’t try to this method when many people are in game, a small back may be waiting in line.
1. Strongly recommend to come again after 54 levels, because there is shield skill in there, all above 35% damage will be less.
2. If lazy or weak to this place, let senior friends give you a map.
3. My skills are two output skill, snake and arcane ball, and other used to saving life. The two skills output is enough. You are good at using you weapon is very important.
4. Repeat to refresh monsters can’t drop good equipment, I totally refresh 20 times and only have 3 or 4 gold equipments, but drops more gems, gold, precious stones (have triangle and square), and blacksmith’s drawings, and often have the small monsters drop money and don’t strike back.
Some suggestions are from internet, hope that can help you.

A man sudden death because of playing “Diablo 3” game three days

Diablo 3

According to the media reports, a man named Russell Sherry, was found at home on Monday died of heart attack, before his death, it is said that he had fought for the “Diablo 3” for 3 days. Russell also became the first “sacrifice” players since “Diablo 3” was released.
It is reported that sherry is 32 years old and is a home guy. He does not love doing sports at ordinary times. In order to play “Diablo 3” that he expected for a long time, last Friday, specially asked for leave and even played this game three days at home. Until on Monday, colleagues and the landlord found something wrong and visited him, they found that sherry has been dead for a heart attack.
The data shows, “Diablo 3” has become the highest sales game on the first day and first week in the PC game history. Many players are crazy for it, on the forum, there are also countless players themselves claim they ask to leave in order to play games on the net, even some players alienates girlfriends because of “Diablo 3”, and so on. But at the same time also want to remind everybody to pay attention to health. Although this is just an extreme, in order to avoid such thing happen again, the player should pay attention to control the reasonable game time. After all, in real life, death will not be resurrection like in the game.
A celebrity has said life has only once, why not does something meaningful?