What games are popular for use for reference

Innovation is always the important factor that most attract players, and now more and more valuable, but it doesn’t mean that the not innovative game will certainly fail. Sometimes take example by existing elements of success, is also not a bad idea.
The next several games, are successful “use for reference” typical examples. They take their expertise to make their own style. As long as you are not the same with the game code of someone else.
1. “League of Legends”
Learn from the game: “DotA”

League of Legends and DotA
It is not to be said, this problem has already caused countless hatred, and sparked numerous debates.
“League of Legends” players now increase with thousands. The core and casual players are all attracted. The same the three road maps, the same champion concept and team are greater than the individual style of the game. All are from the classic Warcraft Map Dota.
However, LoL game relays on the features of easy to get started and fresh and bright screen, simple operation to attract a large number of players: each hero has more skills, more cooling time, and less the tug of war.
2. “Sleeping Dogs”
Learn from the game: “Batman: Arkham City”, “GTA4”

Sleeping Dogs and Batman: Arkham City
When United Front games were in the development of this background on Hong Kong action crime game, certainly like shopping at the supermarket, one side is walking, the other side pick all the essence of the game system.
The producer said: in “True Crime” series, we do too many open world and task as the leading games, why not try that unarmed combat? Introduced the system of “Arkham Asylum” counterattack, better put into the shopping cart! ‘
Fortunately, the game uses for reference other games, but very successful, fight is more close to reality, it is unique.

The Dead Space producers may develop free DOTA classes online game

It is reported, Visceral Games game studio is famous for “Dead Space” series games currently is developing a free strategy game playing on PC platform. The game developers recently just opened a company division called Play4Free, but EA Company has been never mentioned the projects that the studio are engaged in development. At present, the Visceral Games game studio are recruitment multiple position talents for a PC action game project, required candidates have experience engaged in the development of game project, and love DOTA online multiplayer game (MOBA).

Dead Space
The first published job of Visceral Games is a global community manager. The qualification of applying for this position includes a very special requirement is that candidates “need have morbid enthusiasm to MOBA game”.
Since then, Visceral Games have the game designer position recruitment. This position requires designers have “the development experience of MOBA game and action RTS games”, and will also need to know “related knowledge of athletic field”. At present, the Visceral Games are seeking a chief multi-online map designer “having deep knowledge in multi-online game and action/shooting style game development aspects”, as well as a character original concept designer for the “coming PC action game”.
If it is existing link between these jobs, we can conclude that Visceral Games game studios have set up branch Play4Free, and are developing a free MOBA game with shoot element for PC platform. But at present it is also just guess, be looking forward the EA company can solve this puzzle in near future.

Dota trademark dispute between the Valve and Blizzard


According to foreign media reports, months of DotA trademark dispute has now ended, Valve and Blizzard come to an agreement on using DotA trademark: Valve will continue using the name DOTA in commercial publicity activities, new Dota2 will not be affected in any way. But Blizzard can only use dota name on the “War craft 3” and “Star Craft 2” MOD which made by the game player. This also makes the official works Blizzard DOTA which Blizzard released before will be renamed Blizzard All-Star.
Dota is short for DefenseoftheAncients, derived from the user making a “Warcraft3” MOD. In 2010, Valve officially disclosed Dota2 development plan, attracted considerable media attention. IceFrog Dota who was the Dota maps of the original designer also was disclosed to join Valve Dota2.
Blizzard has indicated in the past that, given the Vavle without any previous Dota related products, the use of Dota2 trademark is extremely an inappropriate behavior. Earlier in 2012, “Warcraft3” producer had filed a trademark application, hoped to prevent the Valve to use the Dota trademark.
But Blizzard may also have to abide by the related blizzard trademark protection act. We have reason to believe that the competition of foreign game manufacturers for the trademark DOTA will get worse in the future.