Time Magazine rated Top Ten Games Guild Wars 2 becomes the unique

Recently, the U.S. “Time” magazine voted the best game of the year 2012, in which “Guild Wars 2” beat all other PC games, obtained the title of Best PC Game of the Year, “Guild Wars 2” is also the only one of the best games list top ten of network games.
The author who discusses and elects the article said, “Guild Wars 2″ dynamic events system is done very exciting, it is deserved to win the title: ” all events occured in real time, which is also given to “Guild Wars 2″ a real-world feeling, the gameplay is throughout the game world, it is very fascinated, which also makes other online games can’t reach.”

Guard Wars 2In addition, another 9 games in the list (according to ranking) includes “XENOBLADE”, “XCOM: Enemy Unknown”, “Shame”, “Assassin’s Creed”, “Papo & Yo”, “The Last Story” “little Big Planet”,  “Halo 4”, and “Torchlight 2”.
The following are the reviews of “Time” for “Guild Wars 2”:
“Guild Wars 2” is few in number of the game that may be beyond your expectations, but can break you calm life, like a meteor hit the satellite. You can call it a pinball machine of network games (“Guild Wars 2” renewed to promote the development of the online games), no matter what you do. “Guild Wars 2” allows you to keep the fun every minute. You can join the snow battle, start to look for eggs as predators, hide-and-seek with guns and  protect their homes under the attack of ice insect, save the village under the claws of the bears, and destruct the portal of Chitauri family in “Avengers”. As Bono said, regardless of your living, these dynamic events and more games are played in real-time, which make this “Guild Wars 2” like a real world, and its ubiquitous playable that you also cannot experience in other online games.