Diablo 3 1.05 patch formally launched adding into purgatory machine

Today, “Diablo 3” v. patch has officially released in the U.S. serve, the player can land in new game version through upgrading client.
Please note: Asian serve and European serve has not yet been completed the update, if you now upgrade to the latest version will not properly land in two servers, so as not to affect your normal game!

Diablo 3 1.05 patch
1, monster power system
This is a completely new system, players can set the strength of the monster in the game by themselves. Namely, in addition to the existing ordinary, nightmare, hell, purgatory these difficulty, you can also select “Monster Power” for your game.
Note the following sentence: “You can set any monster power under any difficulty”. Monster power is not directly related to the difficulty of the game, it is monster numerical value and other reward points intensive. No matter what any difficulty of games you choose, monster strength will strengthen or weaken difficulty in your game with the way of a kind of proportional multiplication.
Monster strength can be set to 1-10, and strength level 0 in default. Therefore, in the 1.05 version, the monster has 11 levels of difficulty. Compared to the 1.04 version, 3-4 monster strength is approximately equal to the normal difficulty before. So in fact, at 1.05 version you can choose to strengthen or weaken the monster (compared to the 1.04 version) in game.
What new ways that Monster strength system will bring:
In purgatory difficulty, it will make monsters in your whole map into 63 levels. So you can beat the best equipment anywhere, and even the ordinary monsters can drop additional items!
It will bring the addition of the high value of the MF, GF, and experience; these incentives can break 300MF limit that the system set. In 10 levels difficulty, you must get the key from the key guardian.
About the monster difficulty details, please click here!

Whole analytic the armor skills in the "Halo 4" game

After the "Halo: Reach", "Halo 4" will again offer an amazing multiplayer experience, I believe the "Halo 4" won’t let you disappointed.

Halo 4
After add into the new armor ability, the tactics bag, support upgrading and the armor custom function even including new cooperative game model–Spartan mission, the "Halo 4" will allow you to experience the best multiplayer experience on Xbox 360 platform.
Promote bag
The official calls this "M805X" push package mobile accelerated system in aim to assist the user to get the higher speed in the battle, quickly shorten the distance between the target and them and escape from danger in seconds.
Strong light shield
This "Z-90" strong light shield originally involved by the pioneers, after opening, will reject a large of photons that can form a strong shield but need consume energy; it can effectively cut off into the bullets that are shot up to the wearer, it can protect the whole body of Spartan after opening.
Prometheus optical system
Prometheus optical system is another technology that is designed by the pioneers, it can help users better distinguish the enemy position; at the same time also can faintly appear enemy who wears the optical camouflage. This short range optical system can be effective distinguish the enemy’s figure, at the same time also can detect enemy that hides in the back of the bunkers.

optical system
Holographic bait
This type of "T-27" holographic bait sometimes is referred to as the "holographic bait", it can imitate the wearer’s appearance to set up a holographic reproductions, let the enemy not know what to do, but also give the chance to wearer to launch the attacks.

About “Diablo 3” equipment attack speed and share personal experience

Some studies and conclusions about the attack rate
1. The weapons have attack rate bonus is not worse than no attack speed bonus, even if the same DPS and critical injury hands crossbow which just have differences in attack rate.
2. Weapons have attack rate bonus may be better than no attack speed bonus.
3. The damage in deputy and equipment is completely limited by attack rate bonus in final damage panel. The higher the attack rate, the more the bonus, it directly leads to the master professional of deputy as far as possible choose the weapon of fast attack rate to get as much as possible the deputy damage bonus under the premise of needing to close DPS if have senior injury deputy. Both hands weapons are also similarly, just the damage of their equipment is tiny before the monster deputy.
4. How the Demon Hunter to choose the weapon and the crossbow ambition, because the weapon only has lord attributes and critical strike damage (insert hole would count for 60%-80% critical injuries, according to the economic condition), can be roughly calculated that the same DPS weapons which have more primary attribute and conversion to lord attributes. Agile income will be linear decreasing, but in the interval that a weapon can decide, almost need not calculation.