Happy is the most important – FBOnline detailed interpretation – part two

Simple operation and no pressure
The biggest characteristic of “FBOnline” is anyone can be easy to get started without pressure, a key can use shooting, dribbling, passing, fielding and other 22 kinds of handsome football skills, the game uses automatic fielding and fielding facilitation system, so players will not feel any pressure when can be able to garrison, simple operation can attack, experience the fun of football.
Fielding facilitation and automatic fielding
“FBOnline” is the first game that South Korea applied automatic fielding and fielding facilitation system.
Even if you are not familiar with character operation, as long as set automatic Fielding in the setting can be one hundred percent automatic Fielding, if want to be automatic Fielding can use fielding facilitation system (D key), to play the satisfying game.
Player card system
“FBOnline” continues to use and improves the “FBOnline” player card system, players can form their own team by collecting card, and use of annual card, such as the 2002 World Cup card, and the 1990s player card, can operate each player who has brilliant record in the history of South Korea soccer.
The first South Korea leisure football game “FBOnline” will be closed beta from on September 12th to 16th, hope to make the players will be able to feel the real happiness and football.