Raider Z will be OBT in the United States serve on the 24th of this month

Raider Z will be opened the beta of the game on the 24th of this month in Europe and the United States servers. To celebrate the arrival of this day, the official game production release a new promotional video, as well as some fine video screenshot.

Raider Z screenshot
This new promotional video of Raider Z focuses on the introduction of the city Rietz in the game. The appearance of the city looks very beautiful, but in the underground sewage treatment system of this city is hidden many kinds of evil creatures.
They might at any time pour out from the ground and seized the city. Their presence has caused a great deal of threat on this beautiful city.
The Raider Z is a free action online game. It is understood that
the game client has begun to be sold, players who buy the elite version of the client, will also receive closed beta status of “Neverwinter Night”.
In this month, in addition to “Raider Z” being OBT, also has another ten game will be opened beta, which means that in future, player will have more game to choose to play.

Star Wars OL players will be subject to a number of restrictions

Recently, BioWare game companies released a promotional video for a “Star Wars: The Old Republic”, introduced after the game transformation of free online games in future, what changes it will make in the game.
In addition to some well-known free functions that players are familiar will be added to the game. “Star Wars: The Old Republic” would limit players to create characters. It is understood that the game after the transformation of the free online game, the races that the player only can be free to play include: human, mechanical Terran and Zabrak.

the Cartel Market
In addition, previous renewal players of “Star Wars: The Old Republic” will get many benefits, BioWare will not only reward the players used to renew some special title, but also give them goin that they can be used to purchase props in the micro-transaction store. “Star Wars: The Old Republic” micro-transaction store is called the Cartel Market, the promotional video of the game also introduced all of the items sold in the store.

The Dead Space producers may develop free DOTA classes online game

It is reported, Visceral Games game studio is famous for “Dead Space” series games currently is developing a free strategy game playing on PC platform. The game developers recently just opened a company division called Play4Free, but EA Company has been never mentioned the projects that the studio are engaged in development. At present, the Visceral Games game studio are recruitment multiple position talents for a PC action game project, required candidates have experience engaged in the development of game project, and love DOTA online multiplayer game (MOBA).

Dead Space
The first published job of Visceral Games is a global community manager. The qualification of applying for this position includes a very special requirement is that candidates “need have morbid enthusiasm to MOBA game”.
Since then, Visceral Games have the game designer position recruitment. This position requires designers have “the development experience of MOBA game and action RTS games”, and will also need to know “related knowledge of athletic field”. At present, the Visceral Games are seeking a chief multi-online map designer “having deep knowledge in multi-online game and action/shooting style game development aspects”, as well as a character original concept designer for the “coming PC action game”.
If it is existing link between these jobs, we can conclude that Visceral Games game studios have set up branch Play4Free, and are developing a free MOBA game with shoot element for PC platform. But at present it is also just guess, be looking forward the EA company can solve this puzzle in near future.

Good news – The Secret World can be free to play three days

The Sevret WorldAlthough the “Secret World” gets about 200000 of the sales volume after putting on sale, and also has a relatively stable players group, this result is still far less than the expected of producers, Funcom stock is also falling.
Under the situation, Funcom also begins to adopt some ways to attract more players, recently they declared all new user can enter the game and free experience game three days, in this three days if players finish 30 task can be free to play another two days and obtain 1200 game mall currency, these mall currency was worth about $10. In addition, if the players can cross the first copy in the free time, can obtain a unique ring, this ring will provide additional experience addition for the players.
The CEO in Funcom before still said in recent an interview they are considering making game transformation to free, perhaps it is a start that the activity free playing three day they released.

World of warcraft mobile phone remote functions free releases to player

We can say World of Warcraft is a classic game, because it creates a real world, this world we live in full of difficult and dangerous.
Do you still complain that playing the game on mobile phone is not convenient? Now there is good news for mobile phone service users who use mobile phone to play “World of Warcraft”. “World of Warcraft” distance functions, including mobile auction house and guild chat, are free for all players from today. Certainly, remote service still needs the well intelligent mobile phone.

remote functionsThe introduction of remote auction house
Blizzard and Apple Company, release remote auction system in the iPhone mobile phones and the game heroes list, so now even if you are not be online, also can easily know the market quotation.
Now you can use the remote auction house through iPhone and any computers have the browser. I must admit I am a little worried about the system that will be abused by players, but I’m sure blizzard employees must have added the preventive measures.
Originally blizzard planned to buy and sell goods cost $2.99 per month by using remote auction system after the beta testing.
Can you think it is good  news?

Buy the “Rift” the expansion will free get the originated content

Trion Worlds are preparing for the next large expansion pack “Storm Legion” of “Rift”, in order to the benefit of players, new players buy the client of the new expansion will free get all content of the previous versions of the “Rife” game.

the new expansion pack
The “Storm Legion” expansion pack that players buy will include all game content of the original version of the “Rift”, and players can only spend money on buying the expansion pack but can get all this, this also can say it  is a kind of strategy that this company attracts new players to the game.
In addition, Trion Worlds also prepared some favorable activity for the old players–buying the new expansion will get discount. So, the old players cost only part of the money, can experience the new game content, the higher character level, better handicrafts manufacturing content, and new talent.

the new expansion pack
It’s good news for the players who like playing this game. I believe in the future, the number of the players playing the “Rift” will be more and more.