“Monster Puppet” will be more interesting than “Fruit Ninja”

Fruit NinjaAccording to the news from internet, recently British Prime Minister Cameron was accused of wasting a lot of time playing “Fruit Ninja” game, you can see the popularity of “Fruit Ninja”, this kind of touch screen game has been popular all over the country, and it is sign of touch screen mobile games. It’s so popular that there are large imitators of this game; the “Monster Puppet” is also a touch screen game, which is doing very well and has innovation.
At first glance, the “Monster Puppet” picture is not very outstanding, but whether 3D background or bouncing monsters are very good, if see screenshot, you may think that the puppet model is a little rough, but actually when puppet are beating at high speed, you can’t see anything flaws, the performance of the puppet is still good on the picture.
The game not only use hand slide, at the same time, there are still quite a few items can be used to overrun the puppet, such as guns and electricity, gun is used by click, But electricity would need to use double fingers refers to connect into line to cause damage to the monster, each weapon can upgrades, except for the original mop (knife), others have the bullet restrictions. And most of the puppet not instantly dies once, you need to constantly stroke, but constantly stroke is easy to touch the negative influence props of game, so the limited number of items is to use, or not? Monster Puppet
The game in the imitation “Fruit Ninja”, at the same time has a lot of innovations, and the picture of the game and music quality also are very good, the whole game quality is guaranteed, if you tired of playing “Fruit Ninja” might as well try to challenge this game, the game uses the pass style design of puzzle games, maybe you prefer to play it. In a word, it’s also an interesting game.