Zombie war Pay props system exposure to denial-of-money players

Zombie war

Recently, Hammerpoint was exposure to the media “zombie war” paid props system.
First of all, in the game will not sell high-powered weapons and props. Money players can lose hope. Secondly, in the game, most of the props are on sale need to use the in-game virtual currency to buy, and virtual currency can’t be bought with real world money, players must search and earn in the game. When you start the game, you cannot buy anything.
In addition, in the game also has a “gold coin”. Players can get it in the game and can also buy them. The props that players use all the gold to buy are clothing, image and so on, in addition to can enhance the visual effects, so you cannot get any advantage. There are some rare props found in the game world, and never will appear on store shelves.
The sale of props in the game, includes the type of ammunition, food, drinks, bandages, tools, clothing, appearance, and medicines. According to demo staff revealed, the greater number of bullets and bandages, the more you will obtain huge advantage.

Do you know the Ten classic game BOSS – part two

Terranigma2. SFC in Terranigma the final BOSS darkness Gaia
The BOSS design really makes people surprised; actually it is the elder of the Protagonist village, he asked the leading role to begin the adventure journey. In the course of the game, it cheats countless, even I was also cheated by this role, until it stopped in front of me, and prevented me from crossing, I just suddenly understood, can’t help admiring the powerful game producer.

Langrisser 23. MD in “Langrisser 2” the final BOSS Barnhart
“Langrisser” series are my favorite, the second generation of MD version I like best, its figure is nearly perfect. As the final BOSS Barnhart, is proved his worth with strong, common levels A70 D45 have been quite strong. And in hidden levels, the 99 A and 72 D improve its strength to the peak. Control blade, and kill darkness prince, has the identity of the emperor born in mercenary, all mean it is a true king!

ZeroOnline4. All kinds of ZeroOnline series Christoph gullan makuzoto
Believe that all the people are not strange about the man, perfect incarnation, first strongman of ZeroOnline, various aspects are outstanding, and his machine is as the destruction of god. Before the mighty shrink back gun, everything is so tininess. In a word, he gives us the deep impression.

Do you know the Ten classic game BOSS

When talking about “BOSS”, our players won’t be unfamiliar with them, in the present games, almost all have BOSS, BOSS existence is to boycott the pace of the player (in fact their mission is to be KO by the players, although they are always domineering). It is hard to imagine, what it would be like if a game doesn’t have BOSS. Whenever players do all their strength to kill BOSS, the sense of achievement of killing Boss is incomparable to kill some other monster. So say, BOSS is indispensable.
BOSS is generally designed very strong and cool by fabricator, even if they are concealed in the enemy’s army, the player can easily recognize them: because they look proud and outstanding, gorgeous armor, high strength damage, and huge body, they are outstanding and despise the player, but the result of them is the same: defeated. This is their mission as a BOSS.
Only their failure can prove the power of main character. So, the BOSS is worthy of respect. When players step on the body of the BOSS to go forward, whether we should be filled with deep esteem for their selfless dedication?
The following list out 10 BOSS which make me quite impression in game career .

Contra1. FC in “Contra” the first level BOSS
Put the BOSS existed in the first place, because it is first BOSS I encounter in game career. Since then, I have this concept of “BOSS”. The BOSS is extremely weak, players can easily seckill it, absolutely can be selected the 10 weakest BOSS in game history.

Ten classic zombie games in history Resident Evil is leading – part three

Biohazard Code Veronica

The “Biohazard Code Veronica”
It is not orthodox sequel but better to than orthodox sequel.
This game was once regarded as the most excellent one in the “Resident Evil” series, whether picture or the story is nearly perfect, is really good work.
In the game, players will act the familiar two leading role Claire and Chris, and will be struggling to survive in an overseas island. The story describes Clare is in order to search for missing brother Chris, when Claire went into Paris institute of Umbrella company to survey but was arrested and sent to the island. At same time, when Claire tried to escape from island, the island suddenly happened on variation. Due to the mysterious organization taking biological weapons into the island, the facilities in island almost completely destroyed and trapped in the great confusion. In addition, in this game, Westcott who was mystery in life and death will appear in the game.
The “Plants Vs Zombies”
You don’t misread, leisure game can also enter this list. And, if you put it as simple leisure game, it would be a mistake.
Terrible zombie will invade into your home, and your only defense way is your planting plants. Armed your 49 species of plants, and switched their different functions, such as cherry bomb or tough cannibalism flowers, which will be more rapidly and effectively blocking zombie during the invasion of the road. Different enemy and different playing constitute five different game modes, and the sunset, heavy fog and swimming pool and other obstacles that increase its challenging difficulty, so the game fun is endless.
Game totally has five kinds of mode, including adventure mode, little game mode, puzzle mode, survival mode and garden mode, as many as 50 adventure mode scenarios, from day to night, from the roof to the swimming pool, scene is variety. The game has 26 kinds of different zombie enemy, including zombie driver driving car, the game is more challenging. 49 kinds of powerful plants different from each other, and can collect coins to buy pet snail and other optional items.

“Monster Puppet” will be more interesting than “Fruit Ninja”

Fruit NinjaAccording to the news from internet, recently British Prime Minister Cameron was accused of wasting a lot of time playing “Fruit Ninja” game, you can see the popularity of “Fruit Ninja”, this kind of touch screen game has been popular all over the country, and it is sign of touch screen mobile games. It’s so popular that there are large imitators of this game; the “Monster Puppet” is also a touch screen game, which is doing very well and has innovation.
At first glance, the “Monster Puppet” picture is not very outstanding, but whether 3D background or bouncing monsters are very good, if see screenshot, you may think that the puppet model is a little rough, but actually when puppet are beating at high speed, you can’t see anything flaws, the performance of the puppet is still good on the picture.
The game not only use hand slide, at the same time, there are still quite a few items can be used to overrun the puppet, such as guns and electricity, gun is used by click, But electricity would need to use double fingers refers to connect into line to cause damage to the monster, each weapon can upgrades, except for the original mop (knife), others have the bullet restrictions. And most of the puppet not instantly dies once, you need to constantly stroke, but constantly stroke is easy to touch the negative influence props of game, so the limited number of items is to use, or not? Monster Puppet
The game in the imitation “Fruit Ninja”, at the same time has a lot of innovations, and the picture of the game and music quality also are very good, the whole game quality is guaranteed, if you tired of playing “Fruit Ninja” might as well try to challenge this game, the game uses the pass style design of puzzle games, maybe you prefer to play it. In a word, it’s also an interesting game.