Big news–Diablo 3 gaming technology becomes one of employment conditions

If people around you see you everyday indulge in "Diablo" killing demons and accuse you of "that can’t make you find work", now you should be proud to prove to them that they are wrong. Saatchi international advertising (Saatchi, the headquarters is set up in British) Israeli branch company, is looking for such an "alternative programmer". In cooperation mode their own technology performance must make CEO Yossi Lubaton pleasant, who can enter the company.
"An employee can be as teammates, and can quickly generate creative solutions, at the same time also be relentlessly to any competitors with countermeasures", that were written in the recruitment, "the same with playing the "Diablo 3."
The company CEO Mr. Lubaton and His barbarians
"Diablo 3" was released on May 15, 2012, in the starting 24 hours, sold 3.5 million and becomes the fastest selling PC game. And from the second work of "Diablo" series, have been more than 10 years.
CEO Mr. Lubaton, is a level 60 barbarians, and has about 25000 DPS, is inviting the promising employees to make of a 30 minutes short meeting on every Wednesday of July, which included the cooperation to against demons and some personal questions to increase understanding. According to the job description, the company will invite job seekers to make similar personal interview.
In addition to the position of programmers, in Lubatu online will also provide the game awards, includes the 100 million gold coins and a saga grade weapon called "battle-mad" as a reward. Mr. Lubatu also provides his nickname and online time to welcome the interviewer to discuss together.
Whether "Diablo 3" is a suitable platform to test programmers vocational technology, but this kind of unique talent search way is worth admiring. Believe should have a lot of people meeting the conditions, ready to try, and have a battle with the CEO of Saatchi international advertising company!