Not to be missed Ghost Story Q Biography on the eve of Halloween

Ghost Story Q Biography

October 31 of “Ghost Story Q Biography” closing Beta test and the mysterious strange Halloween both are hot incoming! This season, on the eve of the grand occasion, in “Ghost Story Q biography” the Hyakki dispatched and held hot party with Halloween “ghost”! On the eve of Halloween, many activities will begin,  participate in the late fall hot party, to win large quantities golden gold bullions! In addition, players can enjoy the purchase but does not bind the gold bullions, so how disposable is decided by yourself!
Danced with ghost, “Ghost story Q Biography” invites you to participate in a hot party
“Ghost story Q Biography “is a world full of ghost, here gathered in hundreds of ghosts, shuttling back and forth, every day stages “Halloween” activities, such as “Ghost Story”, “kid reborn” and so on, the fun is lasting.  Halloween is coming, in “Ghost Story Q Biography”, Terran, evil kind, and the leading role ghost family sincerely invites players to take part in the hot party of the Halloween! Dances with devils, at the same time have happiness and wealth and income, do the highest beneficiaries to do a variety of activities!