GTA5 will be on sale on March 26 in 2013


Is it right that “GTA5” is the highly anticipated game of the entire game industry? R Star has not been able to announce the Listing Date during the past few months. At last only determined the time in the spring of 2013, did not finalize the specific date. Today, in shopping site of Amazon has finally been released to the exact date of “GTA5”, on March 26, 2013, which looks earlier than we expected. Although Amazon often releases random Listing date of masterpiece before officially announced, but in general is the end of next year, such as at 31 December 2013, so this time is unusual.

email screenshots
Amazon has just updated its GTA5 list. Note that this form does not directly reflect the Listing Date, players who have reservations today will receive the Listing Date. You can see the email screenshots above. According to the cause of the next day of receiving, the actual date can be speculated on 26th.
Imagine that “GTA4” was listed in April 2008, and R Star promised to put on sale GTA5 in the spring of next year, this period can almost be determined the true date of listing.
Certainly, at present office has not been officially confirmed. But players may have known in their heart, and should have probably prepared to wait for the listing. GTA5 should be the first to visit the host platform, and it is not yet known whether the PC version will be simultaneously released.


The GTA5 ten predict Refresh Rockstar sales – part four

4. Annual edition will be issued.
Generally, the game won the grand prize and is very hot –sale in the world will be issued annual edition. Actually it is quite easy, such as “Dead Island”, the game is pretty good, but it is not the best in a year.
In fact, GTA5 can be released the annual edition after on sale. People will again buy it because of the high-quality of the annual edition, so their sales figures will certainly look better.
And Rockstar the multinational corporation likes money, which makes the matter even more likely to come true.
3 Will also be full of controversy.
We all know, when each GTA work appears, there will be groups of opponents. It is almost inevitable, the voices of opposition will occur again. They write letter, post blog and so on to critique this evil game how to teach people to crime. But, you know, Rockstar have been used to.

2 At least have one first-line star dubbing.
Over the years many celebrities dubbed to Rockstar games, especially the GTA series. When professional actors participate in the game, you will feel very good dramatic effect, and you will attract the fans of the star.
In my opinion, Rockstar will certainly keep this fine tradition. Especially considering that GTA5 will be set in LA, it is the headquarters of the stars, so we will certainly hear the sound of the stars.
1 will certainly be great.
Are you the fan of GTA? I like every GTA. So I think that the next game will be great. I can confirm plot will certainly be very attractive, which we also see in the picture of trailer.