Who dare to play these absolute terror games

It seems that human beings specially love the thing that has strong stimulation in sensory, from all kinds of popular erotic games, we can see. But when it comes to
Sensory stimulation, compared to the terror games, it is completely weak.
Terrorist game has been hot topic that people take delight in talking about since its birth, the game screen is more and more lifelike and also let terror game more and more deep sensory stimulation. Today is Halloween; let’s look at what terrorist games all are there in these years?
Let’s look at terrorist games that will be released in 2013…

Until Dawn
“Until Dawn”
“Until Dawn” used the adolescent horror movie that was seldom used, and the “Obscure” that also tried to be used as teenagers horror movie is a very good PS2 game. But “Until Dawn” tried to follow, and the game’s plot will develop with player progress, believes that they can achieve success in 2013.
“Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs”
As a real terrorist game of the past few years, “Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs” has been captured the heart of many players. Its continuance will be released in 2013, so we are looking forward to having one real terrorist game to meet with us in 2013.
“Among the sleep”
As the first person surrealism terrorist game, the game will definitely make you scared like a child. The game is like a bold narrative machine, described an extremely horrible story. From the trailer to see, the game is still working on.

Among the sleep
Compared to other terrorist games, “Darkness” more is full of secret action and action elements, and the “Darkness” lets you have a vampire addiction. In the game, the players play a memory loss vampire, and their mission is to explore his true appearance.

What game we can play during the Halloween – StoneAge

Halloween is also known as Halloween, in the eve of Halloween. On October 31 of each year, the devil will open the door of the supernatural. Kids wear a colorful costume and wear strange masks, carrying a lantern “Jack light” to go to others’ house to obtain candy. In this distant original continent, how to complete the task of the original people and how to obtain their Halloween gift? StoneAge Carnival Halloween, brings mysterious gifts for players!

Halloween Wizard: It is Halloween. I want to plant pumpkin. Please help me find seven pumpkins stem on the island of Bora 50 years ago, even if it didn’t grow the pumpkins, will give you other incentives. As long as have pumpkin or pumpkin lights in the village heads of Mary Nasi village, Hotter village, KeErKe village, exchange the Halloween gift.
Pumpkin sculptor: Carving pumpkins is an art, and if you have a chisel, I can help you carve pumpkins into pumpkin lantern.
At 8:00 on the October 31 – at 8:00 on the November 7
Active process:
1, the players have a dialogue with NPC Halloween Wizard, get props pumpkin head.
2, after having pumpkin head in backpack, enter into heroes Island to attack Baduolanen who loves pumpkin, and Oka Los, it has a certain probability to fall pumpkin vine.
3, carrying 7 pumpkins vine to find NPC Halloween elves, you have a certain probability to exchange the pumpkin. The pumpkin Vine exchange does not limit the number of times.
Optional: Use pumpkin and graver (mall props) to exchange pumpkin lights in the NPC pumpkin sculptor, after having pumpkin lantern, have dialogue with four village heads to receive random rewards.
4, carry pumpkins or pumpkin lights to our village head to exchange reward props. You can exchange once every day. After exchange, players can get randomly rewarded.
All Neolithic players all can get Halloween gifts in the place of four village heads. Every day can exchange once.

Not to be missed Ghost Story Q Biography on the eve of Halloween

No bounding gold ingots which is controlled by yourself, makes you happy during the entire Halloween
On October 31, the closed beta test of the “Ghost Story Q Biography” is on hot starting. During the event, as long as the players daily log in can receive online awards, limited time to experience fashion, limited time to experience horse, and other surprisings are all yours! Participate in “Level Competition”, or practicing level inside the seal testing server, players have the opportunity to win the bulk golden ingot, gold ingots are non-binding, you can dominate them according to yourself! In this time, I quietly told the players: during the event must seize the time to upgrade, because of the higher level of players, the more gold bullions they get, later you are no longer afraid of buying props, pet, and equipment without money! In addition, during the event, it has the opening hours of double experience! Massive experience, gold ingots, and various props are all necessary, players hurry up to put them in the bag!
Halloween special activities staged: kill monsters to get “pumpkin”
In the world of “Ghost Story”, during the period of Halloween, it must be “haunted”! Halloween is approaching. The pumpkin monster teamed to enter into Hangzhou City! Players are not fooled by their naive and cute appearance, their purpose is to capture the city of Hangzhou, a paradise on earth, so players did not hesitate, and quickly picked up your weapons in the hands to kill a variety of pumpkin monsters! When kill the monsters to protect their home, at the same time players can also get a colorful pumpkin, holding them they can exchange for double experience time, precious VIP time and the Halloween limited edition pets kid Dodo!
Players can’t miss the hot party! In this game, we have only a problem, it is only Chinese, so we can’t understand it, even though it is an interesting game.

Not to be missed Ghost Story Q Biography on the eve of Halloween

Ghost Story Q Biography

October 31 of “Ghost Story Q Biography” closing Beta test and the mysterious strange Halloween both are hot incoming! This season, on the eve of the grand occasion, in “Ghost Story Q biography” the Hyakki dispatched and held hot party with Halloween “ghost”! On the eve of Halloween, many activities will begin,  participate in the late fall hot party, to win large quantities golden gold bullions! In addition, players can enjoy the purchase but does not bind the gold bullions, so how disposable is decided by yourself!
Danced with ghost, “Ghost story Q Biography” invites you to participate in a hot party
“Ghost story Q Biography “is a world full of ghost, here gathered in hundreds of ghosts, shuttling back and forth, every day stages “Halloween” activities, such as “Ghost Story”, “kid reborn” and so on, the fun is lasting.  Halloween is coming, in “Ghost Story Q Biography”, Terran, evil kind, and the leading role ghost family sincerely invites players to take part in the hot party of the Halloween! Dances with devils, at the same time have happiness and wealth and income, do the highest beneficiaries to do a variety of activities!

2012 World of Warcraft 5.0 Halloween achievements – Headless Horseman combat

5.0 Halloween Headless Horseman combat!
During the Halloween, in addition to funny candy and Shape-change, the headless horseman will also appear, riding his ghost horses come in the secluded green of wildfire. Incidentally please open the sound of the big game, iconic laughing of the Headless Horseman will make you impressive! And use headless knight’s helmet more can sound the laughter the same with headless horseman!

Headless Horseman
The lair of the Headless Horseman is in the Scarlet Monastery, you can go to Scarlet Monastery tomb area, to find the altar of the Headless Horseman, to summon it. Remember, he only appears on Halloween, miss this festival, you have to wait until next year!
In the Halloween, in the depths of the tomb area of the Scarlet Monastery there will be appear a special Headless Horseman shrine in the form of a huge pumpkin head. Through the interaction with shrine, players can summon it from the back of the soil.
1, you who must be over level 89 can play the copy of the Headless Horseman.
2, in pumpkin head of copy can summon up the Headless Horseman.
3, the way of beating the Headless Horseman is still the same as in previous years, DPS Headless Horseman ontology, after head separation with body, it’s easy to kill it.
4, after defeating the Headless Horseman, his soul will be released, and will drop a 470 item. In the reward baggage of querier of copy can burst out a broom flying mount, you can start to play Harry Potter. Enjoy Halloween gifts now!
Note: Players do not need to run into a copy, just use random team to fight with festivals Boss. Boss only drops the ring, the rest of the article only are from the daily reward bag.

Massive new content Guild Wars 2 released Halloween promotional video

November 1th of each year is the our tradition of “Spirit Festival” – Halloween. The major game companies all see this holiday as a good opportunity to attract players, holding the various forms of interesting activities in the game before November 1. Arenanet game studio is no exception, in the eve of Halloween this year, they prepare the activities called “Mad King Shadow” for the players of “Guild Wars”.

Halloween wallpaper
Here, the mad king, in “Guild Wars 2”, is a tyranny king ruled a country. 500 years ago, the tyrant was killed by his people. At that time, the people in this country, under the rule of the mad king, suffered a great deal of pain. It is said that the people were in order to let off the accumulation of anger over the years to decompose the body of the king. The king’s soul was banished to the underground hades. However, a specific day of the year, his soul will return to earth, and that is Halloween.

Halloween wallpaper
The celebration of “Mad King Shadow” of the “Guild Wars 2” continues from October 22 to November 5. In the first four days of October 22, 26, 28 and 31, 2009, will bring additional surprise for the players.  Arenanet released a promotional video of Halloween activities for the majority of players, and Halloween-related games the original painting and wallpaper.

2012 Halloween pumpkin carving contest officially began

Blizzard has released the 2012 Halloween pumpkin carving contest news:

pumpkin carving contest
Halloween has finally arrived, and we have ready for “directly access to the heart of the festival”. If you are keen to pick up a knife to chop, cut, scratch and stab something, and then you may be pleased to learn that, since October 11, the Blizzard of 2012 Halloween pumpkin-carving contest has officially begun! Take out of your magic axe, Spectral Blade, chitin claws and other imaginative tool to create unparalleled pumpkin lights as Blizzard theme. If you are not yet unclear the concept of unparalleled, you can check out winners of last year to get some inspiration.
We will select 10 of the most dazzling pumpkin as winners, and each will receive a”World of Warcraft Monopoly” Collector’s Edition!
Do not delay, do it immediately! The ninth pumpkin carving contest will be end on October 29, so please be sure to read the contest rules and qualifications in event page, and directly act on.
Do you take part in the Halloween pumpkin carving contest of last year? If not, can join in this contest, I always think happy is the most important!