The necessary physical puzzles games in your iphone5-more fun than “Angry Birds” (part three)

3, the “World of Goo”

World of Goo
In the “World of Goo”, the object of the game is to get as many as sticky balls to enter into the next level. These sticky balls can be used to build the fortifications, bridges, shells, airship, etc, which are the tools you must use.
2, the “Aiko Island”

Aiko Island
In the “Aiko Island” game, you must have to protect the blue Aike, at the same time, eliminate the red Aike through clicking on them. If you do well, you will get reward – cookies. The game will not only make your thumb exhausted, but also will challenge your intelligence quotient.
1, the “Worms 2: Armageddon”

Worms 2 Armageddon
As the name suggests that, this game is the sequel of “Worms”. And the “Worms” is the work of Team 17about 20 years ago. In the iOS, this game can choose a variety of weapons in the game. The art designing in game has also been redesigned, in order to adapt to the ios high-end display.
Now the ten games I completely introduce, have you ever played them? If you are boring to play “Angry Birds”, might as well play the ten games, you also can get pleasure from them, and they can be played in iphone5.

The necessary physical puzzles games in your iphone5-more fun than “Angry Birds” (part two)

“Angry Birds” (part two)
“Pirates Ninjas Zombies Pandas”

Pirates Ninjas Zombies PandasThe “Pirates Ninjas Zombies Pandas” almost has everything that we like, and combine these elements perfectly. In this game, you can emit things to destroy buildings so as to eliminate the enemy unit. And it’s different from the “Anger Birds” that you need to avoid damaging the friendly force.
In the “Anger Birds”, pigs may be a bad role. In this game, the players play the role of Hambo. It is a piggy like Rambo (the leading actor of First Blood), and you need to wipe out those bad pigs. Different from the “Anger Birds”, the game is entirely based on the physical principle. You need to guide Hambo to go forward in the map, and destroy obstacles, and make yourself in a better shooting position with the help of other items.
“Saving Private Sheep”

Saving Private SheepIt looks that “Saving Private Sheep” seems to be completely copy the physical educational concept of the “Anger Birds”, but actually it will give you a completely different gaming experience. The game is very simple: you need to control a sheep legion, and emit hedgehog to beat off fox trying to eat sheep. Because the cunning fox hides in all sorts of barriers, so you need to use your intelligence, and try to destroy the walls, etc, to kill the fox. If your skills are good enough, you can even do not need to use hedgehog to save sheep.

The necessary physical puzzles games in your iphone5-more fun than “Angry Birds”

Although the “Angry Birds” is defined as the physical educational games, it is really the most popular. It is now one of the most famous games in the world, and there have been the theme toys, candy, and even the theme park of their own.
The success core of “Angry Birds” is its fascinating physical puzzle; the player needs to put the bird as “bird body bomb” to blow up pigs hiding in buildings structure, and takes back to their stolen eggs. The less birds you use, the bigger destruction it causes, the higher score you get.
In this passage, the following games we will read is similar with the “Angry Birds”, these games are very excellent. These games all can be played in the iPhone, iPod and iPad.
The “Trucks and Skulls”

Trucks and Skulls
The game is also known as “Angry Car”, the player needs to put burning nitrogen monster truck launch into a pile of laughter skull. The game takes example by the aesthetic monster truck graphics in the 90s of the last century, and very naturally realizes the humor effect.
The “Zombie Crasher”

Zombie Crasher
In the “Zombie Crasher” (and the Zombie Crasher HD edition”), players play a human survivor, players need to survive in the invasion of the zombies. In order to achieve the purpose of living, you need to keep clicking on their heads, until they explode and destroy weapons depots in order to achieve the aim of emptying zombies in map and stopping them into your room to kill you.