Call of Duty 10 plot revealed

“Call of Duty 10: Ghost” developer Infinity Ward recently accepted a British game magazine interview, reveal something about the story of the game for multiplayer mode and the latest news.

My group is now able to disclose information to us is not a lot. We now know that in the game’s multiplayer aspect of each map are able to interact with the players, such as including a map of the satellite above a crash, if you can succeed (alive) arrived at the crash point, then you will You can pick up a UAV. In addition, the game will also have a lot of multiplayer mode to expand customization options allow you to dress up their roles, a large number of single-player mode from the game’s skin has now been integrated into the multiplayer mode, they can help players in battle with other players when highlight their personality.

In the game plot, “Call of Duty 10: Ghost” is not “Modern Warfare” series or the “Black Ops” series, the story continues, but more like a brand new storyline. The game is set in the United States in the near future. At that time the United States has suffered several attacks, but large-scale war broke too many times. But now we do not know who the intruder.

No one knows this “ghost squad” where they come from or who they are, only knew the air squad represents salvation and hope. Game story revolves around two brothers launched their war-ravaged in the United States grew. The game story from the first time I saw the two brothers began to ghost squad. Also note that while the players inside called “Ghost” with “Modern Warfare” series who “Ghost” in no way related, at least in terms of the role they just name it exactly the same.

“Call of Duty 10: Ghost” on November 5 will be officially on sale, which will be released first Xbox One exclusive DLC, other platforms including the Xbox360, PS3, PS4, PC.