What are problems of the “Guild Wars 2” and how to solve them – part three

Trade post – we are trying to make trade station being online as soon as possible, before we randomly selected the 15% of the players to test, when our trade station system is stable enough, and can accommodate the sufficient number of transaction, we will open to all players. At present, we have completed the trade station online testing, and close the trade station function to all players so as to maintenance. Thank you all the players taking the test, you have rendered us great service.
Mail system – we found a potential behavior abuse of mail system, and temporarily closed the mail system. We will open as soon as possible. Close mail system is in order to prevent from cheaters transferring any property from players, after our mail authentication system stability, we will open the function.
Xtras – we had already started to punish xtras. We have found some mild or non – malignant xtras behavior, and will suspend the account 72 hours in the first punishment. After this xtras work, we will be strict in accordance with our original policy, permanent suspend those players who use xtras.
BBS – now our main work goal is still to remove the defect of game, and make the game stability. So in order not to make the program group being distracted by other work, we decide to open BBS after a large number of players in the early game are in steady state.