GT Game of the Year announced – XCOM becomes the best

Well-known industry media Gametrailers has officially announced the best selection of the year 2012, the most important awards for Game of the Year Edition gave a strategy masterpiece “XCOM: Enemy Unknown”, which is very unexpected, but people more feel speechless is the game the occupied of all HD platforms, including PC, Xbox360, PS3 are all best, the best PS3 is unexpectedly the “Journey”, “Halo 4” is absent Xbox360 best game nominations, which make people surprised.

XCOM Enemy Unknown

Game of the Year: “XCOM: Enemy Unknown”
You may be shocked, but a lot of work this year has a little problem, the game is the only game that GT editors are all consensus, the perfect interactive options, the tension of the story, a sophisticated system design, endless fun of the game, the quality of the game will not be affected by the time, new and exciting, depth connotation.
Nominated works:
“Assassin’s Creed 3”
“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”
“Mass Effect 3”
Best PS3 Game: “XCOM: Enemy Unknown”
Although host machine is not very appropriate for this strategy works, but this game perfectly brought the PC popular type into the PS3 platform, so the strategy works also is attracted, at the same time the perfect game quality is very satisfied.
Nominated works:
Assassin’s Creed 3
“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”
“Mass Effect 3”
Best Xbox360 Game: “XCOM: Enemy Unknown”
Although there are many excellent works, but cannot be beyond this game, perfect strategy gameplay, as well as deep connotation interactive choices, if let you select a number of works, then certainly there will be the game.
Nominated works:
“Assassin’s Creed 3”
“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”
“Mass Effect 3”
Best PC Game: “XCOM: Enemy Unknown”
2K once again demonstrated classic series perfect quality, the enhanced game design once again confirms the status of the original works, besides, it is very interesting to explore deep connotation elements.
Nominated works:
“Assassin’s Creed 3”
“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”
“Guild Wars 2 (reservation)
“Mass Effect 3”

Ten kinds of method to avoid the “Mass Effect 3” bad ending – part four

7. Flexible professional design
In ME, the occupation is outstanding and effective, if you have to change a profession, can only restart a character, and may be depressed. If it can be designed into more flexible and free skill configuration, and allow the player to choose skills by themselves, and then become a mashup profession. Consequently, in the online battle, players can cooperate better through the skill set.
8. More romantic elements
In ME, the love across race is a little strange, and love only needs to choose the right answer, basic always say some sweet words you can success. I didn’t mean to extend love into 10 hours of content, but now it is so simple that players think it insults the player’s intelligence quotient (IQ).
9. Causality
Why was the ending of ME3 made players disappointed, when you chose in two former work, but you actually did not feel, are you angry? Many games, like ME all superficial have multi-line narrative, when the final high tide comes, should let players see their choice to the influence of the game.
For the game design, must be very headache, but can’t just palter. After the ME3, Bioware has proved to us, hope they can step on later.
10. More dialogue options
In the ME3, the dissatisfaction is having too little dialogue an option, often a choice is not given to you. The remedial method is also very simple, add more things, and don’t impose your own moral into the game. Let the players feel that there is indeed difference if choices.

Ten kinds of method to avoid the “Mass Effect 3” bad ending – part three

4. Cooperation to campaign
When I know ME3 have online function, I was very pleased, so it is very happy that fight against Reaper to save the Milky Way with friends together. But it is pity that the plot doesn’t develop so, the final outcome is four people against groups of enemies as far as possible, and if you earn some points, which can also affect single game, those players who don’t like to play multiplayer game are not well. Hope next time they can seriously do this part of online.
5. More vague moral choice
The joy of the modern game is they slowly join in moral system, you will have different results your good deeds and malignant. Although ME also have great dialogue selection system, dialogue has a lot of options, but when it comes to the moral, it only has good and evil.
But the design of good and evil value lets the choice of players become simple, and often only adheres to choose one. Sometimes players won’t think to choose which one, only care about whether can get good and evil points. About this, Bioware is a little failure.
6. Have many kinds of methods to complete the task
If you don’t like violence but like more convincing, ME no further considered non-violent solution, or you save ammunition by stealth. If you feel so good, the leading role of the fourth part of ME can be considered the spy personnel like Snake, although there are weapons but most of the time you need stealth and twist off the enemy’s neck.
So the game mechanism is needed big change, but the degree of freedom will be increased greatly.

How to avoid the “Mass Effect 3” bad ending

According to the news from internet, when the “Mass Effect 3” finally issued in the March of this year, we are all overjoyed, but many people are disappointed with its bad ending after playing, we condemn the end was too false and too bad. Spent so much time and effort in the game world, all players found that the final ending only has one choice, just choose a style, and wait for the ending.

ME3The reaction of the fans is very fierce, they doubt Bioware changed the end. Then they had to post DLC to clarify, but the fans still took the former things to heart. “Mass Effect 3” that is just released will cause another controversy, many people doubt whether the fourth department was able to correct these problems, and let us believe Bioware once again?
Here we provide 10 ways to make up for the regret of the last 10 minutes that the “Mass Effect 3” caused, and add some fresh blood, let us forget the former problem.
1. New leading role
Although Commander Shepard is very popular in game series, no matter how the ending, players can’t help falling in love with him, his story is nearly perfect, maybe it is the time to change newer. Although Mike Gamble hint that had better preserve the ME3 file, but can’t suggest that the Shepard will also appear in the next work.
It is a key that a new role has no relation with Shepard, may be a junior noncommissioned officer and so on, and it will be in the whole new trilogy, will be slowly promoted in the war of galaxy. Certainly, Shepard appears sometimes is also good, but had better not grab limelight.