Have played ten most classic stealth games in the history – part five

2. “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater”

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Its stories and operability is beyond the former two orthodox sequels, it is called the best masterpiece of “Metal Gear Solid” (“MGS”) series in the history, but in the view of the angle, majority of players criticized it. There is a very high praised in action, scenes and roles like movie.
This game was added into new “living system”, and the core system of the game. Players can see the role physical condition, eat freshly food that can be caught just (food will be corruption with the PS2 system time past), but there are some players criticizing the function “very troublesome”, on the other hand, also has praising sound. The game really performs CQC skills, like really sneaking to combat, at the same time expressively reflects the theme of “Outdoor Survival”.
1 “Batman: Arkham City”

Batman: Arkham City
By far it is the best animation adaptation game, also is the best superhero game, “Batman: Arkham City” is such a successful sequel.
“Batman: Arkham City” is still based on the atmosphere of “Arkham Asylum”, but this time the story is happen in Arkham City – Gotham city where has heavily guarded prison and put in prison a large number of thugs. And new work also has dubbing squad that many stars joined as well as the extreme cruelty villain in the Batman, and improve and strengthen the characteristics of game, make players have the ultimate gaming experience like “Batman: The Dark Knight” in general.
Numerous exciting villains, including clown, frozen, penguins, and so on. Perfect fighting, the impeccable stealth elements are all worth playing.