Who dare to play these absolute terror games – part four

“Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City”
“Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City” was scheduled for releasing in the winter of 2011, but the person in charge of game development expressed that at present it is still in the early development, so it is likely to postpone to early 2012. In this game, the players can finally one side shoot, the other side can move, can be hidden behind the bunker. Capcom promised this game is deep and action game. The multiplayer modes include cooperation and fight: Parts of players have played 4 VS 4 multiplayer battles; in the fight will have random incident happened, including Nemesis suddenly appeared in the fighting! The forced two sides had to escape from the kill of the revenge goddess.
On May 4, 2012, “Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City” that was originally scheduled for May 18 was released in advance with patch.
“Aliens: Colonial Marines”
“Aliens: Colonial Army” game will be restored the original movie feel with the next generation of technology. Such as there will be a series of classic “Alien” weapons appearing, from pulse rifles to flamethrowers, of course, there are equipment and skills that are new added. The players will play fighting elite of the American colonial fleet. The game will have a claustrophobic environment, and realistic tracks. The players will combat with the heterotrophic nomads, so the detail degree of the game will definitely make players of originally work satisfied.
“Diablo 3”
It is not used to say more, Korea sets Diablo 3 as a horror game! In fact, “Diablo 3” cannot be really as the true sense of the horror game, but taking into account the various discord lenses in the game, we also can say it is horror game!

Whole analytic the armor skills in the "Halo 4" game

After the "Halo: Reach", "Halo 4" will again offer an amazing multiplayer experience, I believe the "Halo 4" won’t let you disappointed.

Halo 4
After add into the new armor ability, the tactics bag, support upgrading and the armor custom function even including new cooperative game model–Spartan mission, the "Halo 4" will allow you to experience the best multiplayer experience on Xbox 360 platform.
Promote bag
The official calls this "M805X" push package mobile accelerated system in aim to assist the user to get the higher speed in the battle, quickly shorten the distance between the target and them and escape from danger in seconds.
Strong light shield
This "Z-90" strong light shield originally involved by the pioneers, after opening, will reject a large of photons that can form a strong shield but need consume energy; it can effectively cut off into the bullets that are shot up to the wearer, it can protect the whole body of Spartan after opening.
Prometheus optical system
Prometheus optical system is another technology that is designed by the pioneers, it can help users better distinguish the enemy position; at the same time also can faintly appear enemy who wears the optical camouflage. This short range optical system can be effective distinguish the enemy’s figure, at the same time also can detect enemy that hides in the back of the bunkers.

optical system
Holographic bait
This type of "T-27" holographic bait sometimes is referred to as the "holographic bait", it can imitate the wearer’s appearance to set up a holographic reproductions, let the enemy not know what to do, but also give the chance to wearer to launch the attacks.