The “Half-Life 3” will be on sale next year with the open world

Recently, the “Half-Life” series games once again are paid great attention to by players. The first is Valve last week launched “Half-Life: black hills” the remake version, let the players will be able to once again aftertaste the classic.

Half-Life 3Now, also there are rumors shown, this series of orthodox sequel “Half-Life” will be officially announced in the late next year and go on sale.
According to the foreign media said in this article, they obtained the news from Valve internal anonymous people, so it is absolutely reliable. In addition, the “Half-Life” will also be directly landed the new generation of family game mainframe platform.
In addition, the report also mentioned some of the content about the overall set of “Half-Life” game, in which the highlights is it will adopt the open world similar with the ‚ÄúRadiation” and “the Elder Scrolls” series, and has a variety of feeder task waiting for players to try. And if these changes are true, this would mean “Half-Life” will give up traditional FPS game intrinsic mode, more add RPG elements, in order to the content of the game more rich. But whether this change is successful, still have to wait for the game official listing and need players to make the final evaluation.