What are good games in our fingertip world – Legend World


“Legend” series can be described as an evergreen tree of the online game, according to Reuters textual research. The game was the earliest online game to be built-in mobile end. In game version of E680g, in fact, the only change is built into this phone online game “World of Legend”. Although this is not a network game first appearing on the phone, it is the first time that vendor built-in mobile network games and focused on the introduction, which signs network games officially landed phone field.
“World Online” is a turn-class mobile phone network game, no gorgeous screen, or also non-epic, it advocated a free-spirited world, the biggest feature is to create a new personal interactive urban systems. From the beginning of non-smart phones, “the world’s online” have taken up the banner of mobile games, later period landing the PC platform by the simulator, quickly seize smart platform to become the first monthly income break millions of Android. Not long ago, this manual game crossed the manual game chronicle hardcore Log App store. If the statistics, “World Online” is very likely to become a cross-platform up, the best money-making domestic manual game.
In 2009, Rovio released “Angry Birds” game, a leisure puzzle game based on the smart phone touch screen, and thus became a global phenomenon after 2010. “Angry birds” game constantly refreshes global record of success. Game screen is cartoon and cute, full of fun, but not lack of difficulty and challenge, so for these games won high popularity in a very short time, become the most popular hot mobile game. Now you can play “Angry Birds” on any platform, if you do not believe you can find, even if it is unpopular Nokia the four digits of the series.

Raider Z will be OBT in the United States serve on the 24th of this month

Raider Z will be opened the beta of the game on the 24th of this month in Europe and the United States servers. To celebrate the arrival of this day, the official game production release a new promotional video, as well as some fine video screenshot.

Raider Z screenshot
This new promotional video of Raider Z focuses on the introduction of the city Rietz in the game. The appearance of the city looks very beautiful, but in the underground sewage treatment system of this city is hidden many kinds of evil creatures.
They might at any time pour out from the ground and seized the city. Their presence has caused a great deal of threat on this beautiful city.
The Raider Z is a free action online game. It is understood that
the game client has begun to be sold, players who buy the elite version of the client, will also receive closed beta status of “Neverwinter Night”.
In this month, in addition to “Raider Z” being OBT, also has another ten game will be opened beta, which means that in future, player will have more game to choose to play.

How to avoid the “Mass Effect 3” bad ending – part two


2. Make it into online game
When ME3 released, the Bioware company founder expressed that they are interested in making an online game in the ME universe.
Maybe Bioware was too busy recently, but for now the ME universe width and depth they created are very suitable for making a many people online RPG online game.
Of course, if Bioware do so, may have a little gambling feeling, so may be more likely to be like “Star Wars: the old republic”, becoming into “the old republic knight”. Whichever way, this plan has very huge potential.
3. Continue to write ME3
Most people have been disappointed the end of the ME3, if writers said something in the fourth part, whether the setting time or place of the ending is well. It is very simple, just like the recent DLC, is mess and has no idea, enthusiastic fan attack all ignore off.
So the future of the game will be much better, for this we can see the influence of the war between Shepard and the Reapers, still can make the file of ME3 game playing the effort.

The “Guild Wars 2” can automatically adjust the role level in world war

Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet the subordinate online game earlier publicly released about the “Guild Wars 2” world war analysis video online through its official Facebook. In the video we can full know the mechanism is how to use in the game and other related information from the game designer Matt Victor and Mike Ferguson’s mouth.
The players who enter into the world battlefield don’t need to worry about the level problem, because the system will automatically adjust role level whose level is lower than level 80, which let all the grades of player can enter in here at any time and enjoy the fun of fighting, in addition also can gain experience value award.
In the world war, has many resources camp or strategic stronghold waiting for gamers to capture, in addition, the player can help their own side to fight with the help of use all sorts of sieges or defensive weapons.
At present, they have determined the “Guild Wars 2” will be listed on August 28th, and this game will be formally opening the pressure test lasted four hours today.
Do you like playing “Guild Wars 2”? If you do, must see the video of the world war, and play the pressure test.