Why the "Diablo 3" can obtain sales miracles–analysis the reasons (part two)

New trade and charge system
Before "Diablo 3" released, although constantly released the completed game content, for most of the players who haven’t experienced the demo, the content was still little, they can’t completely understand the contents. However the shock that products bring is far less than the games operation mode reform the blizzard announced, "Diablo 3" cancels LAN model, must be the whole networking. At the same time blizzard also formulates the specific charges model–CDKEY sales and cash auction house charging handing fee to operate, surely, which immediately caused media and players heated debate after the announcement.
Although blizzard is not the first in the game, to create cash auction house to charge of handing fee, it also focuses the attention of the global. On the one hand players worry about will cause the unfair phenomena after introducing the cash deal, but on the other hand, many players hope to be able to earn some through this system. Controversial charging system also true draws the part of players to try the "novel" operation mode, which makes "Diablo 3" again add a lot of topics.
The effort of Media
Certainly, many game media would like to miss the very high popular "Diablo 3", when face this super masterpiece, how to get the newest information needs every media to think. In order to attract the "Diablo 3" potential users, the medias not only spend a lot of time in the Game Zoon, but also try to become the other resources into the resources they use.
In a word, in the effort of medias,  the attention of "Diablo 3" is more and more high.