Diablo 3 1.05 patch formally launched adding into purgatory machine – part four

Career changes and other details
Career changes are complex and much. Players can find their career changes in the PTR patch notes.
Other detail worth your noting:
The probability of legendary items dropping is doubled.
The legendary items will show an orange beam of light to the sky, you will not fail to see legendary dropping.
The floor and corpse such the environment objects will be changed at the item level and monster level.
The storybook is no longer green, lest you excited you get the legendary suit.
In the selection screen, players can arrange the order of the hero.
In the chat window, text color is changed, and they adjust the font size, window to use is more convenient and humanization.
Added auction house event prompts function.
Rearrange flag design interface, classification also has been greatly optimized.
The time of identification of rare items is reduced to a second, but the legend article identification time is added up to 4 seconds.
Now the upper limit of overlay forged material stacked is to 500.
In the place of blacksmith, you can convert the lower level foring materials to the next level with a ratio of 10:1.
The purgatory difficulty no longer drops items below the level of iLvl58.
Rings and necklaces can now generate iLvl 63-level attributes.
Blood cells curing bonus will play effect in players syrup.
Goblin will play a sound after found a player.
Fixed much BUG, including modifying some rare/champion monsters refresh to complete the corresponding achievement for players.