The Dead Space producers may develop free DOTA classes online game

It is reported, Visceral Games game studio is famous for “Dead Space” series games currently is developing a free strategy game playing on PC platform. The game developers recently just opened a company division called Play4Free, but EA Company has been never mentioned the projects that the studio are engaged in development. At present, the Visceral Games game studio are recruitment multiple position talents for a PC action game project, required candidates have experience engaged in the development of game project, and love DOTA online multiplayer game (MOBA).

Dead Space
The first published job of Visceral Games is a global community manager. The qualification of applying for this position includes a very special requirement is that candidates “need have morbid enthusiasm to MOBA game”.
Since then, Visceral Games have the game designer position recruitment. This position requires designers have “the development experience of MOBA game and action RTS games”, and will also need to know “related knowledge of athletic field”. At present, the Visceral Games are seeking a chief multi-online map designer “having deep knowledge in multi-online game and action/shooting style game development aspects”, as well as a character original concept designer for the “coming PC action game”.
If it is existing link between these jobs, we can conclude that Visceral Games game studios have set up branch Play4Free, and are developing a free MOBA game with shoot element for PC platform. But at present it is also just guess, be looking forward the EA company can solve this puzzle in near future.


Exposure the “State of Decay” will land on PC platform

The online games the zombies is theme will compete in the next year, “State of Decay” that is produced with CryEngine3 engine by the Undead Labs studio will be landed Xbox360 and PC the two platforms, and “The War Z” will be landed PC later in this year. Today we come to see its competitor “State of Decay”.

State of DecayIt is not important that how the disaster to start, the important thing is how you will survive.
“State of Decay” is third person action game of the open world, this cruel world has no law and does not have the rule, it is same with “The War Z”, the goal is not to kill one thousand of zombies or beat other 100 players, but is survival, food, water, shelter, ammunition and others are necessary of sustaining life.
This is action game, shooting is only part
The big difference from the first person “The War Z” is that you may not destroy zombies with guns. In the game world arms and ammunition quantity you can found is very limited, so making personnel developed a set of action system, including jumping out of windows, jump on roof, etc., can also use a variety of melee combat weapons such as stick and baseball bat to combat.
As for how to fight, developers give the option to players, you can drive small trucks to roll gadabout zombies on the road, you can go into the local police station to know zombies and take various powerful weapons, and you can also sneak into the grocery store to take away all kinds of food and supplies without battle. The world is a sand board, so you can fight and survive in your own way.