Battlefield 4 will increase the number of scale

According to a reliable foreign news media, we learned that DICE Battlefield 4 multiplayer modes are testing, but this size will be more than 70 players. “Battlefield 4” is usually a small team of five people, this feature is very reasonable. Now there will be a multiplayer game 32 players involved, but six small team to full strength, the result will be the remaining two players. If 70 + players that support multiplayer modes, this problem will be completely resolved, so that you can replace a good maximum support 66 players multiplayer mode.

70 + in multiplayer mode one team has at least 35 players in total can be divided into seven groups, players will no longer have to be left out.

Add two players that the game will not reduce the quality and balance. Do you think DICE multiplayer modes cap raised to 70 + how, change is good or not?

Mirror War becomes popular after updating

South Korea L & K Company’s shooting RPG game “Mirror War – Holy Resurrection” Ghost Army and the creation of the update Daum intermodal platform, exploded in popularity, the number of online players is five times faster than over before.

On June 27, officially launched the new forces Ghost Army game, as is the “mirror war,” the core content of the original novel, so the evil spirits of the players also received military support and recognition.

L & K company executives said that through mass updates, game content has been enriched, the military forces of the evil spirits with a unique, challenging gameplay, allowing players to feel the combination of RPG shooting game fun.

Rift the United States new version is on-line


“Storm Corps” is the latest expansion of the “Rift (microbiology) “, and it was finally formally online today.
To celebrate the arrival of this moment, game maker Trion Worlds released the brand new video of this game, in order to celebrate the “Storm Corps” formally launched.
It is understood that the game update will make the role of the level cap to 60 this time, will add a lot of new content with sneak element into the game.
In addition, the game producer Scott said in an interview, the “Storm Corps” is a dynamic game content, and its huge content will make players feel incredibly, so they thank the players for the support of the game here.
It is a good news, players who very like this game can play well, I am looking forward to the game can be online in other servers

What games are popular for use for reference – part two

3. “LittleBigPlanetKarting”
Learn from the game: “Mario Kart”

LittleBigPlanetKarting and Mario Kart
Perhaps any Nintendo fans may be hard to imagine, and friends who don’t infrequently contact with home machine may not know. This kid with hemp cloth will soon replace in the leading position of the plumber in the entertainment racing world.
Compared with “Mario Kart”, the biggest highlight of this game is supporting for players homemade share track. In theory, this can create countless variety of track to practice your drift skills. In addition, the game has its own unique beauty.
Each prop has defensive role. Degree of difficulty and fun is also much larger than the other.
4 “Torchlight 2”
Learn from the game: “Diablo” series

Torchlight 2 and Diablo
Red Devil and its underground army trained a number of the click of a mouse warrior, but the third-generation games didn’t have much progress. Only the story line became into Demon Fuzion.
“Torchlight 2” producers are a group of former producers of “Diablo” games, the whole game looks like slow-motion of “Diablo 3”, and creative class also allows players to have more kind of magic change.
It is evidently that the Runic Games grasps the essence.
5. “Amara Kingdom”
Learn from the game: “Fable”

Amara Kingdom and Fable
Some people say, “Amara Kingdom” is a poor version of “The Elder Scrolls”, in fact, it is not appropriate to take this contrast between the two, one focuses on action, the other focuses on the RPG.
“Amara Kingdom” is more like the feeling of “Fable”, weaken the moral choice and marriage functions, has more fast-paced combat and a combination of magic and martial arts. “Fable” series is most unfortunate recently, though they are still existing!

Who dare to play these absolute terror games – part two

This is an exploration terrorist game, is developed by independent studio LunarSoftware. In the game, your task is in the space station to find the missing team. The game is full of environmental crisis, monsters and other elements, so it is absolutely a game that you can’t miss.

Dead Space 3
The “Dead Space 3”
When it comes to science fiction terrorist game, in the past ten years we have many classic.
Although the “Dead Space 2” is more like action game, and obviously
include the cooperation pattern to weaken the terrorist forces, but the “Dead Space 3” still has hopes to become the most horrible game in 2013.

The “Dementium2”
This is a terrorist survival game that was first released in 2007 in DS. It will be planned to release next year on the PC. Although DS edition game received moderate comments, they have the experience, so believe a lot of good ideas have been kept down. Hope this game can be suitable for PC, worth us waiting.
The “Metro: Last Light”
Although it had been widely reported due to artificial intelligence problems, “Metro: Last Light” still lets players experience some nervous moments. “Metro: Last Light” will be released next year, if the game developers 4AGames can be divergent thinking, such a game absolutely can let them make a fortune.

“Elder Scrolls OL” demo experience worth expecting – part three

Elder Scrolls OL

In addition, the stealing ability is the most familiar game feature of old players of the “Elder Scrolls”. Players can sneak into every household in the city, and stole all the things you can take away. Stealing ability will return in TESO. However, according to the introduction of game developers, in TESO theft will be subject to certain restrictions, not all the jars can be turned, not all the box can be opened, only some parts of them can be theft.
In the process of this experience, reporters also understood team content of TESO. It is understood that the team content of TESO is a little different from the combat system that I mentioned in the last article. When fight as a team, need many players to organize team, when face challenges, players need to adopt a different strategy, through their own rapid response and high movement speed to escape the BOSS attack. Kill BOSS also has a very generous reward.
Finally, after the end of the visit of the trip, the reporter said, he was very optimistic about the “Elder Scrolls OL”, was very optimistic about its future prospects. The
ZeniMax Online not only well paid attention to Tamriel world that players are very are very familiar, also brought back the original feeling of the “Elder Scrolls” series of games. In the future, the ZeniMax Online also will release more information about the “Elder Scrolls OL”, so we can be expected!

“Elder Scrolls OL” demo experience worth expecting – part two

Elder Scrolls OL

The following is introduced the battle mode of TESO. In TESO, battle mode is also very special, and different from the former “Elder Scrolls” series. According to the introduction of the game developers said, it is a very difficult thing that directly copies battle mode in “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim” to TESO, so they developed unique battle mode more suitable for the online environment.
In TESO battle mode, creats a new skills system. After the end of each round of fighting, the system will be based on the efficiency of your killing enemies scoring for your battle technology. For example, the monster will periodically release the charge attack, when face of this attack, the players can click the right key of the mouse to block. When attack is blocked, players can fight back in a very short time, that means the players can charge forced attack monster this time, which would cause great harm to monsters, and knock them to the ground. Attack the enemy in this way, the players will get skill points, skill points can also be used to do a lot of things.
First, after killing the monster, according to the high or low score of your battle skill, you will also gain additional experience reward. If the score is high enough, you also get the pickup box, from which you can have the game equipment. Second, skill points can be used to improve the effect of ultimate skill of the players. In addition, first ultimate skill that players get is in five levels, and in the process of rise to the full level, players can unlock the different ultimate skills. Each ultimate skill has its unique and very brilliant special effects, such as when your role is in five levels, your ultimate skill is dragon armor, after activated the skill the body of figures will be full of the spine that will cause fire damage to the enemies around the players.
In short, the TESO combat system is very powerful, fighting is a very smooth process. Even in the face of a group of enemies, you can calmly block and counterattack enemy attack, and use the skills to cause massive damage to the enemy. At the same time, you will see the fighting skill scores rising, it is indeed a very interesting feeling.