The Pax the most popular online games for players – part two

The “PlanetSide 2”

PlanetSide 2The “PlanetSide 2” continuously takes part in the recent several sessions of PAX exhibition, but this game is closed beta, so in the exhibition site, the producer SOE didn’t mentioned of too much about new elements of this game, they published some of the data about the game from testing, of which we have learned that the game has totally completed the 8.5 billion damage to role , the 5.8 billion damage to download tools, attacking 535 million times, hit 194.6 million times, death role 6.3 million, rocket launching 2.3 million, and throwing grenades 571000.
“The War Z”

The War Z“The War Z” is as the first game that the zombie is theme, since published in July, players pay high attention to it! And recently it joined 2012 PAX game shows, and it is first appearing in large-scale exhibition, in the site, producers Hammerpoint also the first time releaseed the actual combat video game.
The “Wildstar”

WildstarThe “Wildstar” is first online game of Carbine studio, in the site this game producer Chad Moore published a new concept called “dynamic space”, and said it was a more distinctive combat system in the game. It is worth mentioning, this work will have a riddle system, and this system is similar with the scene puzzle in “Guild Wars 2” that is OBT now.
“Final Fantasy XIV- A Realm Reborn”
The new version “Final Fantasy XIV” seems to make players to again see a new classic game, of course, at show, SE company also didn’t let the players down, they opened a period of game video more than 15 minutes, let us know the game will have a large number of new professional role to join, and confirmed that the game will soon begin to test.

The Pax the most popular online games for players

The latest PAX game show, was end recently, in the exhibition, we see many new large amount of online games appearing, and get high praise from all the players, the following online games that I introduce are highly praised by players in the exhibition site.

Neverwinter OLThe “Neverwinter OL”
In the exhibition, Perfect World again was in the exhibition with the “Neverwinter OL”, the producers provided for game demo in the site, the bright spot of this game is creating this game with the seamless embedded technology, so with such rare design, the “Neverwinter OL” also received the best game title in the exhibition.

World of WarplanesThe “World of Warplanes”
As the partes secunda of “warfare” series trilogy, no matter where the “World of Warplanes” is, it can cause players of high attention, so in the PAX2012 exhibition, the game producers had published the information about the airframe upgrade of players in the game and the real physical effect that is used in the process of making work, of course, the high quality of the game must be worth looking forward for players.

RiftThe “Rift”
The “Rift” is a fantasy theme multiplayer role-playing online game setting the advantages of “Warcraft”, the “WarHammer OL” and “EverQuest”, in the game includes task copy similar with WOW, the battlefield system of the “WarHammer OL”, etc. Because of its unique dynamic world events, variety of professional orientation, grand picture performance, solid game structure and rich game content, it is received players consistently high praise!