Shaiya new version Unlimited temple system

This name 3D fantasy online game “Shaiya” the world has always been to bring players are rich and diverse feel. Both gorgeous cool top equipment, skills or aesthetic shock effect, can give players a variety of surprises. And a variety of unique game content and gameplay, is to attract the majority of players attention. Recently, with the Tailuo Si’s second invasion, “Shaiya” The new version of the “decisive battle Stan Marlborough” will debut the new system, and many other wonderful temple unlimited content will be presented one by one to the majority of players.

After the steel before the calendar after the invasion, the goddess of players to defend easily withstood Tailuo Si, but only cunning Tailuo Si in order to divert attention of the players designed conspiracy, the actual intention is to invade Stan Burrough. With Tailuo Si second invasion, Stan Burrough occupied, in order to defend the goddess of light of the Alliance and anger Union camps in order to regain Stan Burrough with Tailuo Si launched a fierce battle.

With the emergence of a new plot new maps, games specially designed “infinite Temple” system, in order to allow light / angry camps better with Tailuo Si confrontation, in order to the light / angry camps combat capability. Players want to enter an infinite temple system, you must obtain admission volume “Yi Taian audit.” Players reach level 15, you can place the corresponding day in the appropriate NPC to receive a “Yitai’s core” tasks, to be obtained after the completion of the task that corresponds with their level of “Yi Taian audit” ticket to one, or players can also can eliminate battlefield Tailuo Si obtained, the higher the level of the battlefield, “Yi Taian audit” phase is higher. Enter an infinite temple, each stage of a total of eight kinds of scenes, random appearance, the target is to complete each stage of the clearance. Clearance obtained after mysterious props Theo Mart unlimited boxes or boxes of weapons and so on.

Visual shock, wonderful experience! Different styles of fantasy landscapes, cleverly designed mission systems, each of which can give players a new gameplay experience! 3D classic fantasy work, “Shaiya” The new version of the “decisive battle Stan Scarborough” is about to hit, quickly ready to join the world of this mysterious adventure!

Zombie war Pay props system exposure to denial-of-money players

Zombie war

Recently, Hammerpoint was exposure to the media “zombie war” paid props system.
First of all, in the game will not sell high-powered weapons and props. Money players can lose hope. Secondly, in the game, most of the props are on sale need to use the in-game virtual currency to buy, and virtual currency can’t be bought with real world money, players must search and earn in the game. When you start the game, you cannot buy anything.
In addition, in the game also has a “gold coin”. Players can get it in the game and can also buy them. The props that players use all the gold to buy are clothing, image and so on, in addition to can enhance the visual effects, so you cannot get any advantage. There are some rare props found in the game world, and never will appear on store shelves.
The sale of props in the game, includes the type of ammunition, food, drinks, bandages, tools, clothing, appearance, and medicines. According to demo staff revealed, the greater number of bullets and bandages, the more you will obtain huge advantage.

"Guild Wars 2"–detail explanation of the economic system

"Guild Wars 2" has announced it will be listed operation in the late of August this year; the players will end the nearly five years of waiting. Compared to the "Guild Wars", the "Guild Wars 2" has many changes, can say it is a new game, and this game is doomed to once be again innovation network game industry.

Guild Wars 2
The following will explain economic system in the game through the internal mechanism; hope it can be helpful for players.
The economic system in "Guild Wars 2" is very diverse, has a lot of money, each currency has a different effect:
(1) 1 silver coin = 100 copper coins
(2) 1 gold = 100 silver coins = 10000 copper coins
Whether the props will impact the "Guild Wars 2" economic system
First of all, you have to have the standard copper coin, silver coin, and gold coin concept. "Guild Wars 2" will not have monetary bottlenecks the same as in "Guild Wars", you can have as possible as much money, because gold, silver, and copper coin can exchange, it won’t appear so high price equipment and goods. The ways can get monetary including:
(1) completing events
(2) picking up the dead enemy bodies 
(3) selling equipment to the NPC 
(4) bargaining transaction with other players
(5) finishing the task

Guild Wars 2
More important, the game also has new concept "Karma" system. You can obtain Karma through many ways; you can obtain the ultimate equipment that is difficult to buy using the money by using the Karma. So, the Karma is worth getting.
The ways gets Karma include: 
(1) complete events and tasks 
(2) help other players to finish the personal story 
(3) accomplish a specific task in your personal story
In addition, there is another currency "micro trading shop money". This kind of currency is called "gem". Players can buy it using the cash; also can use the game currency to exchange.
Based on the stable chain economic system, and currency and precious stones can exchange in the game, players can do not have to worry about happening on inflation.
Yes, in many ways, particularly in economic, the "Guild Wars" is a failure. But ArenaNet got the previous lesson, and made great improvement on the "Guild Wars 2", so players need not be too much worried about the "Guild Wars 2" economic system crashes in the future.