What differences between DOTA2 and the DOTA – part two

4, store-bought
It can be said that it is the biggest change in DOTA2, all items are unified into a fixed interface for players to select. It is similar with the League of Legends (LOL), but not identical. The left key can only be used to choose equipment. The right key is used to buy. New players must keep in mind at this point to avoid madly clicking, left key but cannot buy things.
And in DOTA2, also is joined the “quick purchase”, such as the Townteleport the necessary prop can be dragged to the top of the lower right corner of your items, to set up “quick purchase” to save time.
5, the image of the model
We have to say, the hero model change is the most impact changes of rhythm and feel, but after all DOTA2 is not DOTA, many models can not be the same with original works, despite DOTA2 tried to restore model actions, surge and other details into DOTA feeling, However, in the actual game, we will still not get used to the feeling. The most obvious changes are the hero turn, change of volume size, and attacking ballistic curve which is very easy to impact of the operation.
The above differences, in addition to larger changes in store, others look subtle changes, but the more this small difference, the more easy to make the players who just exchange just DOTA to DOTA2 is not used to, leading to play disorders. Players who want to familiarize the DOTA2 must psychologically prepare.


"The Secret World" will be opened on June 29th

Today "The Secret World" will be listed; the game did a lot of the news propaganda in the Internet. First was the game of the creative director Ragnar Tornquist accepted the media interviews. He talked about the current Settings of the game, and the adjustment before them finally opening the game.
The game website Gamespot released a new propaganda video would last six minutes, in which shows a few big scene of the game, including the Savage Coast, Transylvania, and Egypt.
In addition, Funcom also updated some really important news about the game releasing time in the official BBS. First of all, those players who purchase the game can officially land game servers at noon on June 29th in the eastern time of United States. However, the players who purchase the game much earlier can also "much earlier " land into server than other players, as well as those who buy "Grand Master" game package.
Finally, Funcom decided to reduce the monthly fees of the game in order to enable it to be the same with "the unification price standards of European", the price is 11.49 Euros (include VAT).

The Secret World
It’s a good news, isn’t it? Let us be looking forward to its opening.