The Pax the most popular online games by players – part three

The “Ruined”

RuinedAs a pure 3D type of DOTA game, the “Ruined” has been in dispute since published because its role modeling is like Hindu gods, but the players do not care about these, they care whether the game can attract them. At present, we have determined that the producers will officially launch this game in the first quarter of next year (about in February), so players who are looking forward to the game seem to still need to wait for a period of time.

RaiderZHunting online game “RaiderZ” is somewhat the shadow of “Monster Hunter” series game, but as a result of the work rich settings, players also pay attention to its releasing.
The biggest characteristic of this online game are no occupation, professional skills, and the monster will not drop money and complete property. Players decide the role development direction by themselves. In a fight, players win the battle through the analysis of the BOSS attack mode and through the team.
In the upgrade aspect, it’s similar with general MMORPG, but the proportion of task will be lower in game, and the game purpose of players is to resist evil force aggression its home.
In game, no professional division, but has about 300 skills and 6 kinds of skill type. Players can assign skill point to different types of skills to decide character development direction
The “Torchlight 2”

Torchlight 2The “Torchlight 2” was put off being on sale two times before, and in the exhibition, official officially confirmed the “Torchlight 2” will formally be put on sale on September 20th.


The most worth expecting ten online games on the E3 show

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo will be officially opened in the next week, with the game technology unceasing renewal and various kinds of works, online also has become one of the most popular focus. A few days ago, the media have selected the most expesting online on the E3 show.
1. “World of Warcraf: Mists of Pandaria”

"World of Warcraf: Mists of Pandaria"
“World of Warcraf: Mists of Pandaria” has been officially open years ago, so far have not sure when listed. Believe in the exhibition should be able to give players an answer.

2. “The Secret World”

 Secret World
Although the greatly appreciated “the Secret World” will be sold on July 3th and players need to wait, believe that produces will provide game demo for visiting players and open new intelligence work.
3. The “Final Fantasy XIV”

Final Fantasy XIV
Already determined the new version 2.0 video game will not show public at E3, but for the players, really need to know is whether the game will once again return to the ranks of the free game mode.
4. “the Guild Wars 2”

Guild Wars 2
So-called “killer of warcraft” “the Guild Wars 2” won the players recognized with high quality content. The game is still in beta; believe that on E3 will have more new exhibition information transfer to players.
5. “Elder Scrolls Online”

Elder Scrolls Online
“The Elder Scrolls” series game has been a high freedom, high quality masterpiece. And after the “Elder Scrolls Online” publicly, players hope it can keep the high freedom and high quality traditional, and the most expect is seeing the “Elder Scrolls Online” real style on the E3.
6. “Planeside 2”

Planeside 2
One of the FPS online masterpieces “Planeside 2”, since last year opened, it got the recognition of industry and players, in the exhibition must provide video games to reward players had been waiting for us.
7. “Neverwinter Nights OL”
Neverwinter Nights OL
Since publicly, the classic game new version attracted player’s attention! Believe the exhibition producers won’t make these game players depressed.
8. “RaiderZ”
Its development time is four years, it’s the third works of MAIET Entertainment Company; we can experience the joy of the game of action by fighting battle with numerous BOSS and monsters in vast map. This is the first time it attends the E3 games show, believe that will get players recognition.
9. “Rift”

Although the “Rift” have been officially open beta, but it doesn’t affect it to attend the E3. Believe that has new game intelligence public on the E3.
10. The “End of Nations”

End of Nations
RTS online “End of Nations” has the style of the game of “Red Alert” series, the only difference is that the player can play together with friends from all over the world.